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Easy Holiday Entertainment Tips

The holiday season is drawing closer. Are you are prepared to be the ideal host for a large get-together? The way to a successful party is planning, planning, and more planning! Here are some holiday entertaining tips to captivate your guests:

1. Send the invitations

Invitations ought to give your visitors information.  Suitable clothing, driving directions, and date and time. Nowadays, it’s easy to send invitations electronically with an Evite.  Or you can still go traditional and mail an invitation card.

2. Decide on a theme

It can be a holiday theme like Halloween, Christmas, or New Year.  Or it can be built around a holiday locale (Santa’s Workshop, Times Square, a circus, a farm, etc.) or even around a food like, chocolate, desserts, or BBQ.

3. Decorate

The tabletop setting and centerpiece should standout and draw the eye of partygoers. It is truly the primary thing that people gander at other than the lighting and the general atmosphere when they stroll in. A bouquet of flowers, an arrangement of candles, or a posting the night’s menu are some basic approaches to set a mood.

4. Plan the menu

This is the most difficult. If you are having a potluck, prepare to add some side dishes to accompany the potluck dishes your guests will bring. For example, mixed greens, bread, cheese, or desserts. If you are cooking the entire dinner it is best to stick to what you know and have cooked before.  If you want to try out a new dish for the party, consider having a “practice supper” for your family try out the dish the prior week. This way, you’ll still have time to tweak the recipe before the actual party.

5. Try cooking with your guests

If you enjoy cooking and entertaining at the same time, try hosting a cooking party and invite your guests to share in the preparation and the conversation.  Plan enough space for both you and your guests to maneuver and prepare drinks and snacks for your guests while cooking and then strike up the conversation!

6. Get the room(s) prepared

Clean and decorate the rooms where party guests will gather – put out additional napkins on end tables, set out snacks or treats, have enough seating for everybody if guests would like to sit, or clear out any unnecessary furniture or clutter if guests are to be standing.  Make sure you have plenty trash bins available. You can also add some classy touches like lit candles and mints in the bathrooms.

7. Put together a music play list

Music is an easy way to set the mood for the party.  Pick out some tunes and make sure that it fits in with the overall theme of the party.  Also, pay attention to the volume.  If you’re just wanting the music to play in the background as filler, make sure the volume is turned down enough so that guests can hear each other.  Otherwise, turn the music up if you want the music to play over the conversations and have it be the first thing guests hear when they arrive.

8. The day of the get-together can get stressful

Plan ahead on the day of your party to avoid extra stress.  Things that could be prepared early should already be completed.  The last hour or so before the party should be reserved for such things as buying perishables like ice or last minute items or shortages.

9. Make your meals festive, not fussy

Holiday and Christmas party menus need not be seven-course haute cuisine to be scrumptious. Rather than slaving throughout the day over a French leg of sheep recipe, use simple recipes that has fewer ingredients but still fits into your party’s theme.

10. Embrace the imperfections

Without a doubt, a party that goes off without a hitch sounds awesome. But before you stress yourself out trying to achieve perfection, remember that the point of the party is to enjoy other people’s company and that no party goes off completely as planned.  Instead of making yourself insane, understand that issues will come up during the party and address each issue the best you can.  Don’t let the problems diminish your enjoyment.

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