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Easy Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Being a girl, it is kind of impossible to not get tempted by makeup. We all love to highlight our most beautiful features and tone down the ones that we are not so proud of. Apart from makeup, wearing designer glasses also make us look completely different.

It doesn’t matter if you wear expensive or cheap glasses, if they’re not right for your face type they could be really unflattering for your image. Instead of having to stick to one boring type of frame you can use some contour to give your face a different shape and fit your glasses. You can make your jawline seem narrower and make your cheekbones stand out so you can wear anything from squared frames to round glasses comfortably.

However, many women complain that makeup and glasses don’t do well together or they often feel like their eyes are hiding behind the frame. If you are one of them, keep reading to find out some great makeup tips:

1. Don’t Wear too Much Foundation

You should do good base makeup and try to keep the foundation light and thin. Be extra careful on the areas where your frames will touch your face. You can give the final touch up with a setting powder to secure your makeup in place.

2. Dont Forget to Apply Concealer 

If you don’t want your glasses to put your under-eye bags into focus, putting on a little bit of concealer won’t hurt. Mix a warm yellow tone concealer with a dab of eye cream and bend it well under your eyes. Fix it with a compact powder of the same shade as the concealer.

3. Pick the Right Kind of Eyeliner

Eye makeup is essential when wearing glasses. Do not use a jet black eyeliner as it doesn’t look too good. You can go for brown or burgundy instead and make sure your eyeliner is as thick as your frame. 

If you have tortoiseshell designer glasses, decorate your eyes with warm shade eyeliners. You can also use glitter eyeliner to give a shimmery effect to your eyes.

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4. Groom Your Eyebrows

In terms of eye makeup, we are not saying that you fill them in or change their shape. But, if you have any stray hair around your eyebrows, the magnifying lens will only magnify them. So, what you need is to always keep them in shape or have a pair of tweezers handy to pluck out the stray hair. Also, make sure your eyebrows are thick if you wear a thick frame or it would look like you have no eyebrows at all.

5. Keep the Makeup Light

This is for when you have transparent glasses on your face. Since the entire aim of these designer glasses is to make you look elegant and simple, you probably don’t want to break the vibe with an over-the-top makeup look.

6. Give Volume to Your Eyelashes

If you don’t want your lashes to touch your lenses every time you close or open your eyes, you should skip on the mascara, but that doesn’t mean you should skip all eye makeup. Instead, curl your lashes to make them stand out and keep them from hitting the lenses. 

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7. Choose Flattering Eye Makeup Colors

Some women believe that there’s no point in wearing eye makeup like eyeshadow when they use glasses all day long. We think that eyeshadow is not only acceptable but it could also be very flattering if you know which colors to pick. Always go for bright and neutral tones that are lighter than your skin tone to make your eyes pop and stand out even behind the glasses.

8. Do Some Eye Contouring

Contouring is one of the hottest makeup techniques which consists of applying light and shadow in order to improve the appearance, shape and direction of your features. Using contouring in several tones you can darken the crease of your brow bone in order to make your eyes look bigger, and apply some highlighter in the inner corner of the eye to make them stand out. 

9. Use Your Lips to Your Benefit

Just because your glasses are covering the upper side of your face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the lower half of it. If you have very discreet glasses you can use a bright and colorful lip gloss, however if you wear shiny and original glasses you must stick to neutral lip colors. 

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10. Wear the Right Mascara Color

If you’re wearing either bulky black  cheap glasses or brown frames, it’s important that you know that the color of your eyelashes could affect the way your eyes look while wearing glasses. Most women think there’s only black mascara, but in fact there are many brown tones similar to your hair color that could help you achieve a more natural appearance that adds less “weight” or volume to your eyes while wearing glasses.

These makeup tips are only to tell the basics of applying makeup with cheap glasses or expensive, designer frames. You must not take these as hard and fast rules to follow every time you are getting ready for a party or a special occasion.

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