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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies to Drive Organic Traffic

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. Today, about 90% of young people use social media to communicate with brands. In the near future, social media will become the basic marketing strategies for all target markets. Whether you are starting your first social media event or an event that you’ve been participating in for many years, there is always something that you can learn in order to improve your marketing strategies. 

There are various marketing strategies that marketers and entrepreneurs adapt in order to drive organic traffic to their sites. Competition is increasing every day making it even tougher for every person to stand out. However, you can achieve your goals only if you adhere to the trending and effective social media techniques.

This guide provides up-to-date resources to help you make the most of social campaigns at every key stage of design and implementation.

Plot Your Marketing Strategies

If you don’t have strategies to implement, your content won’t have much impact in this case. Set a limit on the amount of posts you send daily. This number should be adjustable when needed, but as long as there is a number you need to reach on a daily basis, it will be a target you can reach during the day.

Investigate how often your competitors post messages and do a research on the industry to determine the daily numbers for each social media channel. You need to be active, but being overly active will not get you anything.

Know Your Target Audience

Our most precious treasure is time. You must use your time and energy correctly. In order to determine the right social media channels for you, you should analyze your target audience well and find out which social media channels they use, how and when. For you to know your target audience on social media better, you must:

  • Analyze the character of your potential customers
  • Start by researching which social media channels you should focus on – the most used social media channels
  • Interact with your target audience and try to understand
  • Analyze the best time for your target audience.

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Improve Your Performance with Post Targeting

It is true that the organic reach of posts displayed on Facebook has decreased. You can reach your target audience with Facebook post ads, which have become almost mandatory to use in this environment.

However, for each post that is entered without advertising, you can separate the right target audiences with the Divide and Conquer view, and present the content that will attract and interact with each audience and do the best in the current situation. This situation seems inevitable, especially in the framework of the new algorithm.

For each post to be published on Facebook, a distinction can be made on the basis of age, gender, interest, location, languages, and relationship status and education level.

Optionally, a target audience restriction can be determined by excluding certain groups from the entire audience on the basis of age, gender, location and language. A post can be written in multiple languages. In this way, as the interaction of your message to focused audiences is high, it will be possible for new people to see organically.

Produce Social Media Content to Create Engagement

It is a fact that social media content is critical to your social media marketing strategies. If you are a social media-marketing expert, or have an effort in this direction, you should know very well what content planning you should follow and be aware of the key steps that you should not skip.

First of all, it is useful to create content that matches your brand identity. Here’s the thing: You need to strike the balance between purely targeted content and content that smells too advertised. Statistics show that 41% of social media users unfollow a brand for sharing irrelevant content.

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Creation of a Wikipedia Page to Gain Traffic

You may have heard about Wikipedia page. It is one of the biggest resources that can drive organic traffic to your site. Wikipedia page creation is a difficult task and requires an expert approach. There are certain rules and policies that Wikipedia itself governs. If a person fails to adhere to such rules, his Wiki page most probably is going to be removed from the site. If you wish to utilize such a page to get traffic on your site, you must get in touch with professionals.

Messaging Trend is Coming

Marketing research suggests that channels like Messenger and WhatsApp will attract more attention and will even become the most valuable channel in the marketing world in the next few years. We can understand this by looking at how much we use the WhatsApp application, with which we even do our job interviews. Although it has not yet made a serious difference in marketing efforts, it is clear that it will gain serious power in the near future.

SEO with Social Media

Social media also helps you increase your traffic and rise to the top with its contribution to search engine optimization. Factors, such as the website links you add to your posts on social media channels, your followers sharing your posts and the number of your followers are perceived positively by Google and benefit you in organic ranking.

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Improve Customer Service

Trust is lost if a visitor comments on something you shared on Facebook or Twitter and doesn’t get any response. Due to a lack of communication, potential customers get stuck in your competitors’ network and if they answer the question, they attract the customer to their side. On the other hand, if you give a really good response with proper timing, this client will appreciate the interest your brand has shown. 

You should ensure that negative returns reach you as well as positive feedback. You have to be patient and respectful in the face of negative reviews. Since your attitude towards these criticisms will reveal the attitude you will show to your customers, you can consider this as an opportunity.


Now that you know the effective social media marketing techniques that you can implement in order to drive traffic, adhering to these will definitely get you somewhere.

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