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Fireplace Ideas that Delight

More often than not, you’ll hear the fireplace is called the heart of a home. It’s that part of the room that always brings about an aura of coziness, and it can really transform the atmosphere. When you’ve got a beautiful fireplace you can dress it up with ordinary materials to capture the same energy and provide a stunning focal point in your house. Let’s find out more about this and look at some fireplace decor ideas.

Fill the Space with Some Logs

Those who look at the fireplace often expect some materials to be in there burning. Put in some logs to create the feeling of a warm setting. It can work wonders, and, psychologically, it will give that aura a regular fireplace has.

An Organic Look

Along with logs, you can also go for chopped up pieces of wood. This is an organic approach, similar to the previous one, but it gives a much more natural tone. These pieces can even be filled to the brim so that it looks like the fireplace is oozing out with nature.

Fake Stacked up Logs

The rustic look of chopped wooden logs is brilliant, but it is a hassle to recreate at times. There are many hardware stores and outlets that will sell fake logs that make for a plain and realistic impression of the outdoors. Stack them up in the fireplace, and you’ll never have to worry about them disintegrating — it makes cleaning very easy!

Tiered Candles

You can still have some flame with tiered candles. These will be placed in the fireplace and can be lit safely – just ensure that you don’t have children or animals close to them. A top tip is to put your candles in the freezer the day before using them to prolong their life.

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Ornate Fire Screens

You wouldn’t believe how pretty a safety accessory can be. A true piece of art! Rustic, simple, and effective. We would recommend going around antique shops to find one that suits the style of your home or alternatively you could make your own.

Firebox Look

Keep things simple and dramatic in an engaging way. If you can put a firebox in your fireplace and give it a rustic paint makeover, you’ll be laughing at how effective it will look. Truly unique fireplace decor tip!

White Paint

A lick of white paint means business. It’s that modern and classic look that helps an old fireplace stand out from the crowd. The living room decor with a fireplace can all go together if you’ve got a neutral shade to balance everything out. White adds some oomph in a subtle way — an unexpected, stylish, and soothing tone that brings life to any room and fireplace design.


Create a mini garden adding some quirky houseplants. It will help keep things alive and kicking. This inside fireplace decor tip will bring bright colors into any room, quite literally! We would recommend some easy to grow varieties that don’t require much light, such as cacti or ferns.

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Retiling is another of those fireplace ideas that can help an old fireplace turn into a modern fireplace decor. You could even do the opposite and make the room look a bit older. A little contrast is good and imparts a classy atmosphere. Liven things up!

All Black

Brick and modern monochromatic decor don’t always go together. The contrast sometimes won’t work with the rest of the room. In this case, painting all black can really work wonders. If you’ve got a black fireplace, this can make the old spirit of bricks appear more discreet. If you want it to look shabbier and more understated, consider painting it this way.

Fake it till You Make It

A great thing to do is to cover it up with a classic black screen. This will add so much character and a beautiful facade. It works really well in a country-inspired living room — one that resembles a townhouse. Give it a try!

Mini Library

Books always impart a sophisticated and elegant look. By adding many of them, you can create beautiful non-working fireplace decor. Books will certainly create a rustic and aged look, plus you can pick up some cheap ones from charity shops just about anywhere. You won’t have to read them, but simply stack them, and the place will speak for itself.

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Bring the Mantlepiece in

Many fireplace ideas involve the mantelpiece. What do we mean by bringing fireplace mantel in? Fireplace wall decor can start with the empty space. Put whatever you would usually have on the mantlepiece — photos, ornaments, and the like. You won’t believe the difference it can make to the whole room with this fireplace design tip.

We hope that you can get some great ideas from these tips on both modern and rustic fireplace mantel decor. If you ever get stuck with what to do and wonder how to decorate a fireplace, just get creative and play with our suggestions. You’ll be surprised just how incredible you can make this seemingly dull part of a room.

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