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Free Online Video Downloader- Catch Video from Any Site!

Looking for the best tips and tricks to download videos from any website? Well, you are in luck today as we are going to tell you about the top ten online video downloaders which will help you download the best content as well as your favorites in minutes and, sometimes, in seconds.

Just make sure your internet connection is fast and stable to ensure your movies are downloaded without interruptions. The speed test experts at Speedcheck recommend download speeds of minimum 5 Mbps or higher for that.

“Vdownloaders,” as they are called, can help you to catch videos from any website and are capable of downloading them as well. They are usually URL (Universal Record Locator is the acronym for a web site’s address) video downloaders. These URL video downloaders can easily help you find your favorite videos and download them as they can track the addresses easily. In other words, many of these are web sites where you paste in the URL for the video you are interested in and then they automatically download media content for offline viewing and storing. Here is a list of the top online video downloaders and their features!


It is said to be one of the best online video downloaders! This is arguable because there are many different choices and different likings towards interfaces however, it is among the most popular! The SaveFrom allows you to download videos from multiple channels with the help of accompanying URLs. The top channels from which you can download videos are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Tik Tok, and all of these are trending on social media these days!

In addition, it can download from different platforms, and the downloader also helps you download videos in different formats. You can easily download a video in MP4 or 4K; whatever you like! This video downloader has a web extension as well that you can use in your web browser and you can easily copy URLs from the video page and paste them there. The extension will then download the video with your configured settings!


Now, this is a tool that you will enjoy for video finding and downloading! The video downloader helps you to download videos in different formats from different platforms. The top ones are:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The downloader tool has a web extension as well, and you can use it to enter your selected video’s URL. Not only this, the tool is said to be one of the most brilliant video finders if we talk about it on the basis of keyword search. If you want to find a video and don’t know the name of it, then you can enter any keyword related to the video and it will find your video and help you download it!


The y2mate, as its name already tells us, has something to do with YouTube. This tool is said to be the best partner for a user who loves to download videos from YouTube. Now, most of us know that you cannot download all the videos from YouTube directly through the platform, and those videos that are downloadable can’t be used without the YouTube application. This problem can easily be solved with the y2mate as it can easily download any video from YouTube and it can also set your favorite or desired format for downloading.

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The Searchenginereports, or SER, is said to be the most popular site for bloggers who are in search of using SEO friendly tools to make their content appealing and unique. The site has a diversity of services and has many tools for its users which can help deal with the most common problems on the internet. The site also provides services such as a video downloader, and you can use it to download videos from different platforms like daily motion, YouTube etc.


The Smallseotools is yet another site that is very famous for bloggers looking for good content writing tools but it is also famous for providing other quality services like video downloading. Smallseotools has one of the best free video downloader available on the web. The tool does not require any user to register; rather, you just have to navigate the tool and enter the URL or the keywords.

The flaws with the tool which users most complain about are that it cannot download videos from YouTube using a URL and it has very frequent ad placements!

Video Grabber

A Video Grabber is also a powerful tool for video downloading. With this tool not only can you download videos, but you can also get a list of the top trending videos online on different platforms. This video downloader can also easily grab videos and convert them into audio files. The tool has an amazing feature that is loved by all its users which is, it can easily record your computer or mobile screen. Although it is a web-based tool, it has some other features that you will surely love!

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Youtube Mp4

Although this tool is not as famous as the other top tools on the list, still we consider it to be top of the line as it has some very amazing features.

  • The tool is very simple to use!
  • It supports different formats and is said to be the best for Mp4 downloads.
  • It is the top URL video downloader for YouTube videos.
  • No ad placements
  • The tool is completely free, and there are no hidden payments involved!

Note: Please bear in mind when downloading online content that you must use it for private purposes only and the user is obliged to check respective rights concerning the content. Also, you, as the user, bear full responsibility for all actions related to the data transmitted by these tools above. These services do not grant any rights to the contents, as they only act as a technical service provider.

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