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Get Ready for September Netflix Binging

While September is fast approaching, all eyes on the set of several new titles to be released on Netflix which is guaranteed to add hundreds of new movies and TV shows for the upcoming month. Kicking off the month of releases, Netflix has titles for everyone, in multiple genres.


  • With releases such as Gangs of New York and Pulp Fiction on September 1st, dramatic (and sometimes violent) classics are finally making their debut on the popular streaming site.
  • Also releasing on the 1st is the cult classic Jaws From the first Jaws to the cheesier 4th Jaws, the shark attacks have begun again.
  • City of God. This film received high reviews for its take on two brothers separated by the dangers of Rio de Janeiro. The struggle for survival is thrilling and addicting.
  • Dead Poets Society is the perfect combination of intelligence and style and showcases the late Robin Williams in a dramatic role.
  • Instead of watching the awful Jaws: The Revenge, sink your teeth into Deep Blue Sea, the thrilling shark tale that will have you gasping for more.
  • Requiem for a Dream is a guaranteed to be memorable for anyone who has ever been through or victimized by drug addiction. This drama will have you clinging to the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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TV Shows

Throughout the month you can expect your favorite television shows to stream new seasons. Hit television series such as The Walking Dead and Portlandia upload their seventh seasons on September 8. Whether it be surviving the zombie apocalypse or the streets of Portland, Oregon, these television shows have extremely high ratings which no doubt have many people waiting in anticipation of such long waited releases. Other TV show releases will satiate fans of The Blacklist and BoJack Horseman and have them ready to binge. New arrivals include:

  • Vincent N Roxxy, a gritty crime tale of love and sorrow on the road with a punk rock star and a small town nobody.
  • Graduation is a story of survival for one doctor and his college daughter after an attack threatens her scholarship for college.
  • Dark Matter Season Three promises to deliver more action and scary violence.
  • Facing Darkness is a drama documentary that focuses on the Ebola epidemic that swept through Africa in 2013.
  • Gotham returns with season three, promising more chaos as James Gordon tries desperately to protect the streets of Gotham City.

Netflix Originals

Netflix is well-known for their original material. Netflix original movies and television shows have had a large impact on pop culture and are extremely popular. In September, a few originals are back with more to be unveiled.

Shows such as the violent, blood thirsty drama Narcos and the comedy spinoff Fuller House will be releasing new seasons. Both have gained critical and viewer praise. Also new from Netflix in September are original movies and television shows such as:

  • Our Souls at Night follow the aftermath of two neighborly widows whom begin a romance for the ages.
  • First They Killed My Father has Angelina Jolie returning to the director’s chair with this thriller set to release on September 15th.
  • Jerry Before Seinfeld Season One is a new Netflix original show that will have audiences laughing with small spurts of Jerry’s comedy.
  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father Season One is a new comedy documentary about a father and son on the road.
  • Night School is an upcoming documentary about the struggles of low end economic America’s fight for survival in the classroom.
  • The Confession Tapes is a new Netflix original series that focuses on the events of Princess Diana.


The Netflix original series Veggie Tales: In The City is returns with season two. The new Netflix original series The Magic School Bus Rides Again premiering in September as well. Disney is also releasing several popular movies in September with Pocahontas, Mulan, Hercules, and the brand new live action Beauty and The Beast starring Emma Watson. The kiddos (and even parents) will have plenty of children’s programming to enjoy in September.

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