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Great Gift Ideas for a Newborn

You have been invited to an expecting mother’s baby shower. With your invitation comes excitement about sharing a special day with a person you care about, and some anxiety about buying the perfect baby gift. When you browse through the listed registry, your anxiety worsens, because there are so many products to choose from. You want to find that one perfect gift, out of all the gifts for newborns out there but, you don’t know where to start. We understand that this task is intimidating, which is why we created a short list of great ideas for baby gifts!

  1. Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are always great choices for baby gifts, both for new and experienced parents. Having a well-made and high-quality baby monitor will help give all parents at least some peace of mind about their newborn’s safety. Surprisingly, quite a few baby monitors on the market now have built-in cameras that can stream directly to a paired smartphone, along with great audio capabilities, to help ensure a newborn’s safety and well-being.

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  1. Mommy Bag

What parent would not be excited to receive a new mommy bag at their baby shower? A great mommy bag is a must-have for expecting parents and is a gift that will always be greatly appreciated. When looking for the perfect mommy bag to give to an expecting mother you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Make sure there are an abundance of pockets that are deep enough to fit various baby supplies such as diapers, baby wipes, extra sets of clothes, bottles, formula, bottle nipples, snacks, and toys.
  • Make sure the bag is easy to carry
  • Try to find a bag that is easy to clean, because it will get really dirty, very quickly.
  1. Musical Night Light

Another great gift for a newborn is a musical nightlight that plays lullabies when it is turned on. Night lights are a must for a nursery, as they provide adequate lighting to carry out late night diaper changes and feedings. Babies also sleep the best when they have peaceful, quiet, and soft background noise, like lullabies that play continuously while they slumber. So, finding a musical night light that plays various lullabies is truly one of the best newborn gifts to receive.

  1. Baby Humidifier

Newborns have extremely sensitive bodies that are prone to drying out, especially during the winter months when the air is at its driest. Humidifiers are a must for a nursery, as they help keep the air moist and pure, shielding a newborn from chapped lips and dry, tender skin. Using a humidifier to moisten the air will keep a baby happy, healthy, and free from dry skin. Learn more about which model may be the best choice for you before spending a significant amount of money

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  1. Newborn Kit

A newborn baby kit is an inventive gift idea for a baby shower. This kit is comprised of several essential baby supplies that expecting parents desperately need for their new arrival. While you can choose to stock your personal newborn kit gift in any way you see fit, here are a few must-have supplies that your kit should have:

  • Diapers and diaper cream
  • Baby wipes
  • Lotion
  • Baby soap and shampoo
  • Soft towels
  • Nail clippers
  • Baby thermometer and mucus sucker
  • First aid kit

These are just a few examples of essential baby supplies that expecting parents need for their new arrival. As stated earlier, feel free to stock your kit with any number of these supplies to make great gifts for newborns.

  1. Baby bottles

An obvious gift idea for an upcoming baby shower, baby bottles of all sizes will be well-received by any expecting family. Since baby bottles generally come in two sizes: small (4-5 oz.) and large (around 8, 9, or 10 oz.), you should try to find bottles in both sizes to accommodate a rapidly growing newborn.

  1. Blanket

A blanket is a necessity for any family and will always be appreciated as a gift. A blanket can be used as a wrap to swaddle a baby and also makes a perfect nighttime companion for toddlers and small children. It should be stressed, however, that an infant should not sleep with a blanket until they are at least 12 months old.  When looking for a blanket as a gift for newborns, you should look for a wool, cotton, or cashmere blanket, as they are usually made with organic materials that will not irritate a baby’s delicate skin.

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  1. Bibs

Bibs are an essential for any new parent, which makes them perfect gifts for a baby shower. Bibs usually come in two separate types, one for eating and one for drooling. A bib that is designed to be worn while a baby is feeding will be much larger than a drooling bib and usually will have a small bucket at the bottom of the bib to catch any dropped food. Feeding bibs will cover a baby’s entire torso, to keep its clothes and area clean. A drool bib, on the other hand, is designed solely for soaking up a newborn’s drool, to keep their clothes clean and dry. These bibs usually do not cover the entire torso, because they aren’t catching food, but will generally cover the neck and upper chest.

  1. Pacifier

When looking for a pacifier to give to a newborn, you should be aware that there two different sizes that they come in, “newborn” or “infant” and 6-18 mos. The newborn or infant size pacifiers are much smaller and less thick than the 6-18 mos. sizes. Most would recommend buying mostly smaller sized pacifiers as a gift for a baby shower, along with one or two of the bigger sized pacifiers.

  1. Teething Toys

Great Gift Ideas for a Newborn 1

Teething toys are a true necessity for a growing baby. When teething, a baby’s gums will be very tender and painful, leading to an unhappy infant and an exhausted parent. Teething toys are great for massaging tender gums and helping alleviate some of the pain that an infant is experiencing. Not all teething toys stack up to this challenging job, however, as some will create more problems such as gagging your newborn. The Baby Elefun Teething Toy, on the other hand, does stack up to the competition with is patented round shape, designed with an open space in the middle which allows the infant to:

  • Grasp the toy well and reduces the number of drops
  • Easily manipulate the toy to fit the baby’s needs
  • Chew on the toy regardless of how an Infant holds it and without gagging themselves
  • Reach the back teeth and gums with the trunk of the toy.

With this special design, the Elefun Teething Toy will help soothe an aching baby’s gums, providing happiness to the whole family, and allowing parents to get the much-needed rest, they deserve.

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In conclusion, there are a plethora of products to bring to your next baby shower that make perfect gifts for newborns, but you should not be anxious when thinking about the best newborn gifts. Remember that you can never go wrong with buying the essential supplies, such as a mommy bag or a newborn kit, and they will always be appreciated. Pacifiers, night lights, and the Elefun Teething Toy, are some of the best newborn gifts’ ideas. Don’t forget that finding the best gift for a baby shower should, and will be, a pleasant and exciting experience.

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