Guest Post Guidelines

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Before you submit a guest post to BiggieTips, please read these guidelines to ensure that your post is approved.

* Check out our BiggieTips topics and articles to get an idea of what kind of articles we publish here and avoid same content submission.

* Content MUST include How-To Tips which will benefit people and lead them to a smarter and easier life.

* Topics include: Tips and tricks for Home, Lifestyle, Health, Technology, Travel, Business and Entertainment.

* Article should be a minimum of 1000 words and should cover the topic in detail.

* Article should be submitted with at least 1 image that related to the topic.

* Article must be written in English with proper grammar.

* Any article that you submit and we agree to publish will be owned by BiggieTips.

* Copied articles and copyright violations will result in the deletion of all of your posts and you will be banned immediately.

* Guest posts should have any URLs that links to a product or service page REMOVED. If these must be included, then it will be considered as a sponsored post which will be charged $30/URL.

* Please submit to with 2-3 sentences to briefly introduce the article.

 Benefits For You

* A dedicated Author Page with a nofollow link linked back to your website, blog, or other social media.

* Your posts published on BiggieTips Homepage if the articles are of good quality and you are a REGULAR quality guest author.