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Hacks for Successful Dating When You Are Over 55

Senior dating should be relished. No matter your age, there is happiness to be savored in the dating scene. Take a chance and be meticulous. Over 60 percent of seniors say that they make better choices now as compared to younger counterparts. Many seniors link up with their partners through friends and family while the others prefer online dating sites. The key tips for 55+ daters

* Do not bond over previous baggage

Baggage bonding means going into deep personal histories at a very early date. Beginning a date with poor comparisons about ex-spouses isn’t very positive for either dating partners. Stay clear from these topics seeing as it doesn’t help by talking about them. If there is need to talk about them, it shouldn’t be at during the first date. Store them until you have known each other better.

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* Keep yourself relaxed

Dating is great fun and a source of intimacy no matter how old or young you are. As much as it seems difficult to plan to date after so many years, don’t get stressed out. First of all, relax. Don’t hesitate or get panicky. Do what you feel comfortable with and do not set any expectations.

* Don’t call him if he doesn’t call you

This point applies more so to the senior women. Yes, he had promised to call you after that special date. The experience was unforgettable, and you would love to see him again but don’t call him if he hadn’t called you back when he promised. Much more than women, men know who and what they want. If he meant to call, he will not forget to call if he meant it.

* Lovemaking is not the main agenda

As much as senior lovers would want to get in the sack after feeling a mutual bond with each other, the last thing they want is harkening back the one night stands and short relationships of their 20s. The main reason for dating at 55 years and older is for good companionship and a life partner. Conversations that are shared should include mutual wants and needs. A matured grown-up woman or man will respect and appreciate this relationship.

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* Talk about common interests

Seniors must be aware that speaking solely about their own interests can easily bore the other person and they need to find common ground for the interaction to be fruitful. First, find your common interests and then talk about them to make each other comfortable. Forget your past events and talk about new things that can be shared with your new partner.

* Decide on the destination

There are plenty of venues to go out on dates. Options such as the local park, theater, a fine café or a sporting event. You can also visit different locations all day and at the end have lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant.

* Check out three things you admire about your date

Take notice on how they introduce their kids into the conversation, their smiles, behaviors, or their fashion sense. Focus on the pros and keep asking for more positives from the other partner. Starting with the positives keeps the partner open to reveal more of their real selves, but starting with the negatives makes them more defensive and conservative, hiding their true nature.

* Stay young-at-heart

Never give up in holding hands or saying “I love you” no matter how old you get. Be playful with each other and do whatever juvenile acts you enjoy.  If you think young and stay young at heart, there will be no dull moment between you.

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* Manage the conversation and be attentive

Make sure the conversation does not divert to uncomfortable topics. The partners should take chances to talk about themselves in meaningful ways too. If there is nothing they remember about you, you risk not having a chance for a second date. The best is brought out if you are charming, happy and open. Furthermore, it guarantees that both of you will have a very good time. There is always something valuable to learn from every date.

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