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Home Organizing Hacks to Get You Through the Year

Home organizing can be a difficult job. I guess that’s why one of the most prominent New Year’s resolutions is ‘to get more organized.’ With all the activities that we do in our homes every day, it is very hard to keep anything in place. The untidiness can be stressing. So, how do we get through this? Well, worry not. I am here to give you organizing tips and hacks that will not only keep your home tidy but also make help you fall in love with your space again.

1. Use the overhead space in your garage or shed

Most garages and sheds do not have ceilings. You can put the space that is created by the lack of a ceiling into good use by creating storage racks. Support these racks on the exposed rafters. Use them to store stuff that you not frequently require such as Christmas decorations.

2. Let tension rods reduce the stress for you

Tension rods are great especially if you have limited space. Introduce tension rods in your kitchen cabinets to hold utensils that fall over such as plates and lids in place. You can also use them in your under sink cabinet to hold the detergents and spray bottles.

3. Use tic tac packs to de-clutter your kitchen cabinets

One of the things that takes up the most space in your kitchen is big containers of spices that are almost empty. Empty these spices into tiny tic tac packs and free up the space for something more useful.

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4. Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are perfect for keeping your drawers as neat as when you organized them. They stop stuff from mixing which is what is necessary to prevent the mess. An excellent hack is to convert your old clipboards into drawer dividers.

5. Shower rings will get your scarfs organized

You know how you never know where to put your scarfs in your closet hence they end up everywhere around your house? Shower rings are what you need to do the trick for you. Put several of these rings around a hanger and tie the scarfs around them. The hanger will not only hold many of your scarfs, but it will also help your scarfs blend in perfectly with other clothes in your closet.

6.Use the space behind the doors

Whether it is the barn door, under sink cabinet door or the main house door, you can put it to better use. Introduce selves behind these doors to hold that stuff that has been previously lying around.

7. Organize your panties using cut PVC pipes

I can bet that your panties’ drawer is the most disorganized drawer in your closet. Sections of PVC pipes will help you out with this. Fold your panties neatly, place them into these pipes then arrange the pipes in your panties’ drawer. To make it even more fun and colourful, paint the PVC pipe sections in bright colours. You will not only be able to find your panties faster but will also keep your drawer organized.

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8. File your fridge

You know how a filing system helps to keep your office organized? You can borrow some of these organization principles for your refrigerator too. Pack your fridge bags with stuff in a way that the bag can be put upright in your fridge or freezer. Next, label it and date it then put it into the fridge like you would put a file in a filing cabinet. It will be easier to retrieve these bags, and it will also create more space for you in the fridge.

9. Label your wires using bread tags

Use tags that are used to seal your bread to help you identify wires for different appliances. Attach the tags to the base of the wire near the jack pin. This will help you to avoid unplugging the wrong appliances or spending too much time identifying which wire is for which appliance.

10. Tape wires to furniture

Wires are an even bigger nuisance when they are running all throughout your floor. A good home organizing hack is to tape them along and under your furniture to reduce the exposure. However, make sure that you follow the basic safety rules when doing this.

There you have it, folks! These are the home organizing ideas that will get you through this year and many others to come. Happy organizing!

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