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How can CBD Make Your Life Better?

In a world filled with synthetic remedies for all types of health conditions, even the most insignificant ones, there’s bound to be people looking for natural remedies to help aid in certain treatments. CBD, which is actually short for Cannabidiol, is an oil made from an extraction from the cannabis plant. Even though CBD comes from marijuana plants, it doesn’t create a “high” effect because, unlike THC (another extract from cannabis), this oil is not psychoactive. It is this lack of “high” effect that makes CBD so appealing for people who want their health benefits without them having their mental state altered. Let’s take a closer look at how CBD can make your life significantly better.

It helps you sleep better

As experts state, a bad night of sleep, or even insomnia, can be caused by mild to severe mental health disorders such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress, certain medications that alter the sleep-wake cycles, chronic physical conditions, caffeine in the organism and even environmental factors such as noises at night, brightly lit rooms and even an uncomfortable bed. For most of these causes, CBD can greatly help reduce anxiety, thus inducing a good night’s’ sleep. It’s also been proved that CBD can regulate the REM cycle and promote a good sleeping routine. Without a doubt, this compound is part of the best gummies for sleep.

Promotes heart health and low blood pressure

CBD not only has the power and ability to interact with a person’s neurological system, it can also bring many great benefits to their heart and circulatory system. A high blood pressure can promote the risk of heart conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and metabolic syndrome. Recent studies have linked CBD to a reduced resting blood pressure, and even in states of stress people under CBD effects show a smaller increase in their blood pressure. This surprising effect might be caused by the anxiety-reducing properties of CBD, which can act by responding directly on the blood pressure levels on the body. In addition to this, CBD can reduce the oxidative stress and inflammation in cells, regularly associated with heart disease.

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Good for your brain

One of the most important discoveries regarding CBD and its effects on the human body, is this component’s ability to have an affect directly on the endocannabinoid system, as well as other brain signaling systems, which can trigger certain neurological disorders. By looking at a receptor in the brain, known as CB1, scientists have learned that CBD could help people with diverse neurodegenerative disorders, which are some diseases that cause the brain and nerves to deteriorate over the course of time. With this investigation, specialists are studying the potential benefits of CBD to treat conditions such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s and strokes.

Reduces arthritis pain

Even though arthritis is a condition of the bones and joints that currently has no cure or way of being stopped, CBD has been showing amazing results on patients who suffer from it. The right combination of CBD and THC (another cannabinoid extract) is very effective at treating pain related to arthritis. In fact, CBD has shown such great results that it not only controls pain in the worst scenarios for arthritis, it also helps in movement-involved pain, pain at rest and sleeping time of patients, significantly improving their quality of life.

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Aid in fighting addictions

Yet it’s still in experimental phases but, CBD has been shown to help modify the brain’s circuits that relate to substance codependency. Let’s keep in mind that this experimental treatment has shown good results only with certain types of addiction. For example, CBD showed very little improvement when it comes to opioid addiction. However, this compound appeared very effective during the withdrawal phase in abuse of cocaine, methamphetamine and other psychostimulant drugs. Although it needs further investigation, it’s also been suggested that CBD could aid in nicotine withdrawal.

Controls muscle spasms

Multiple sclerosis not only comes with great pain for people who suffer from this condition, another symptom (one that probably bothers patients the most) are muscle spasms. These are sudden, involuntary and sometimes violent movements of the muscle that strike people at any time and can leave them in pain or put them at risk because of their in adverted nature. CBD extract has shown to be a very effective way to reduce muscle spasms by up to 75% in people with MS who showed to be resistant to most medications. People with MS who take CBD can walk and move around with significantly less spasms.

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Alternative treatment against epilepsy

Although research is still in the very early stages, it’s already been proven by devoted patients that CBD is the perfect alternative treatment for epilepsy. An oral dose of 2 to 5 mg of CBD, added to the regular anti-epilepsy medication, has showed a significant reduction in the number of seizures a patient experiences over the course of a month. Not only are the results very promising – because they could mean a final solution or control against this ailment -, CBD has also shown very little, to no, significant side effects on the patient. 

It’s great and safe for pets

If you thought only humans could benefit from the amazing effects of CBD, think again. Over the last few years the pet product industry has seen a major increase in CBD-based products that can be administered by different channels. Nowadays there are creams, ointments, shampoos, dog biscuits and even oils for dogs and cats with a CBD formula with very different purposes. In small amounts CBD is well tolerated by pets, being processed by their liver just the way it does in humans. A little CBD can aid pets with epilepsy, post-operative pain and osteoarthritis.

As you can see, CBD is a wonderous, natural element extracted from cannabis, or marijuana, that can significantly make people’s (and pet’s) lives better. It’s important that people get rid of the stigma and start to trust the benefits of CBD.

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