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How Do Women Feel About Bachelor Parties

Or the better question is – how much do women worry about bachelor nights to begin with? If you were to ask any blushing bride-to-be, there is a possibility that she will express some concern about her fiancée’s upcoming bachelor party. It does not matter if your future husband is going on a popular bachelor adventure in Valencia, Krakow, or Prague or just heading down to the local pub with his entourage of friends – such celebrations have a reputation of getting out of hand. In case you feel the same way, here are some concerns you could discuss with your man to ensure that your final matrimonial days pass smoothly for the both of you.

What is he going to be up to that night?

Bachelor nights can easily get out of control as some men mistake it as an excuse for debauchery and binge-drinking. This isn’t pointed to the groom-to-be per se but every individual in the group. Most men who go on stag nights have a protocol to adhere to and love to have a few surprises in store. A surprise could be anything from a nice steak dinner to hiding sex toys and products in the most indiscreet of places.

Of course, guys are supposed to have immense unadulterated, manly fun these days. As long as there is an emergency brake should things start going too far, it’s all good. So, talk to him casually about his expectations for his bachelor party. See how he feels about the whole evening. If you feel from that conversation that you need to intervene – do it. Trust your man but trust your gut feeling, too.

Is he going to be unfaithful to me?

Honestly, the thing that women worry also about is if their fiancée is going to be unfaithful to them. It is likely that some of his friends are going to try to lead him into temptation on his last night of freedom. This can cause a lot of discomfort and speculation. It is best to address your man with this concern beforehand rather than to leave everything hanging, even if you are cool with it.

But how often do men stray on their bachelor night? In fact, surveys say that men nowadays avoid infidelity quite adamantly. The fantasy of a one-night stand before marriage is no longer a thing that happens during a bachelor party. They simply see no point of losing it all for a handful of superficial pleasures. Most couples have to pay for their own weddings, and straying could mean a substantial financial loss, too.

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Is he going to get wasted?

Your fiancée’s drinking excursions are perhaps the most worrisome thing of all. For years, men have turned up somewhat bleary-eyed and exhausted from their stag do’s. You need him fully concentrated and ready for the big day so talk to him about not going too overboard with alcohol. It can take days to recuperate and weddings are, after all, a huge responsibility not just to your vows but to your family and guests as well. At least make sure he eats and drinks plenty of water when he goes on one of his pub crawls.

Who will be attending his bachelor night?

Let’s face it, bachelor nights these days don’t necessarily take place in your hometown or even in your own country. Instead, stags go to Europe or somewhere exotic to enjoy their final bachelor days. And who is going to be at his bachelor night may be your final major concern.

You could find yourself worrying about parties with strippers, or heaven forbid escorts. Does it happen? Yes, it does happen, but far less frequently than you may think. Although there could be hired strippers or escorts on his bachelor night, chances are he will rather let his friends enjoy themselves than to get in on the “intense” action himself.

What do women think about bachelor nights?

In general, most women are happy to put the potential issues surrounding stag nights behind them. Why? Well, what did you get up to on your bachelorette night? Not all ladies opt for a quiet night of pampering at the spa with their friends. Many women party just as much as men do – some even more. It is highly likely that both of you will have been a little bit “naughty” so maybe it’s best to just cut each other some slack.

Why not join the fray?

There are no exact rules as to how these celebrations are supposed to look like anyway. Bottom line is: it is all up to people’s creativity and imagination, isn’t it? That is why sometimes the guest list doesn’t just include men but women also. There are even cases where both the bachelor and the bachelorette are present together during such celebrations. Typically called Stag and Doe nights, this evening can be a fantastic soiree for the pair where they can celebrate their future marriage surrounded by everyone they hold dear.

The 21st century is breaking all sorts of barriers and these milestone events are not exempt. If you trust your man, your mind should be at ease whatever the case. But why not get in on the action and show men you can stand shoulder to shoulder with their proclivity for parties and excitement. In fact, some women are more hardcore in that field than some men would like to admit.

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Who wouldn’t like to enjoy their final night of freedom anyway? Women might worry more about what their future husbands get up to during their bachelor party, but that doesn’t mean men don’t share their concerns if tables were to turn. Maybe that uncertainty is just an overture before you embark on the next big adventure in your life – your marriage. Think of it as a test of trust, if you will. After all, a lot of effort has already been put into your relationship and wedding day. If you can’t get through one night or holiday of bachelor/bachelorette fun, why go through all the trouble of getting married in the first place?

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