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How to Achieve Weight Loss in 30 Days

Getting your perfect body doesnt have to be a long process. If you follow these 15 tips closely you’ll see weight loss in 30 days and watch your body transform.

1. Start a Ketogenic Diet

The body usually looks towards carbohydrates to use and store for its energy, but when there are no carbs around the body needs to look towards other sources of energy, and this is where fat burning kicks in. 

When the body burns its fat stores, it enters a natural metabolic state known as ketosis. When youre in a ketogenic diet, you can burn fat easily and increase your efficiency in burning belly fat. As long as you limit the number of carbohydrates you eat, you can achieve ketosis and have your body burning all of your fat reserves away.

When youre on a very low carb diet, you will want to get 60% of your calories from healthy fat, 20% should come from good quality protein and good fruit and vegetables while avoiding any starchy and sugary varieties. 

Doing Ketogenic Diet is also safe for overweight people. Why not get started now? 

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2. Do Aerobic Exercise

Belly fat can be easily removed by aerobic exercise. It will help burn calories faster than you think and will also reduce your stress levels. Various studies show that aerobic exercise reduces belly fat, without even having to follow a healthy diet.

By following a moderate or high-intensity aerobic workout plan, you will experience weight loss and better stress management. If you are just getting started with aerobic exercise, then you can consider giving running, riding an exercise bike, jogging or brisk walking a try at least three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.

3. Eat Plenty of Lean Protein

Lean protein in your diet will help you lose weight. When youre eating enough protein, your body will be higher in appetite-suppressing hormones, which will help you keep those cravings to overeat at bay. A breakfast that has higher amounts of protein keeps you full and energized all day long. It ultimately helps you eat less during the day as it cuts down your cravings.

In addition to this, getting enough protein means that your metabolism will be higher, resulting in more calories burned during the day. Lean proteins can be found in meats like skinless chicken, skinless turkey, certain lean cuts of beef or pork, and even vegetables and grains! Broccoli, potatoes, lentils, black beans, cauliflower, and spinach are all great non-meat sources of protein.

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4. Wear Fitted Clothes

This really helps you to keep your weight in control and to keep your body in shape. We often wear loose-fitting clothing which makes us feel comfortable and not realize it when our body is getting out of shape. 

5. Drink Water Before Your Meals

One study indicated that drinking water a half hour before eating your meal increases weight loss by 44% over 3 months. Partially filling up your stomach with water reduces space for healthy food during your meal.

6. Start Walking More

Walking will give you a stronger heart and bones, it helps lower your blood pressure and ease your stress, and help you drop more pounds than youd imagine. Avoid looking at your feet while walking, try to brace your core and maintain good posture by pulling your belly button in the direction of your spin and tighten your glutes to help push you forward. If you are unable to walk outside due to bad weather, an exercise bike is also a good way to do it.

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7. Reduce Your Stress Levels 

For many, excess weight gain can be caused by higher stress levels. When you experience stress, it can lead to high blood pressure because of the influx of cortisol being produced. Cortisol is a stress hormone, meaning it is produced in periods of high stress. Many studies show that visceral fat increases due to stress levels and high blood pressure. 

8. Consume Less Sodium

The average adult on a healthy diet should seek to consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day, yet most people consume at least 3,400 mg of sodium every day! This added sodium does more than affect your health: it can cause you to retain pounds of excess water and make losing weight more difficult. 

9. Try More Fruit and Vegetable Recipes

Looking to shed a couple of pounds and look gorgeously lean? Well, healthy eating and maximum nutrition through meals rich in fruits and vegetables will keep the pounds at bay. Greens and fruits will have you feeling healthy, energetic, and looking great!

The fiber found in fruits is essential if you want to improve health, yet most people dont get nearly enough fiber per day. Fiber also helps you lose weight by filling you up, which will reduce the chances that youll overeat during or after mealtimes.

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10. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

While drinking small amounts of alcohol such as red wine might offer health benefits, drinking too much alcohol will harm your waistline and health. Since alcohol turns into carbohydrates and most liquors have a lot of sugar, you should avoid it in excess. 

11. Track Your Calories 

If youve been following plenty of healthy tips but you find yourself still not losing weight, you will want to consider tracking your calories with a calorie tracking app. This will help you get a better idea of what you are actually eating and, if necessary, make the appropriate changes to your diet so that you will lose weight.

12. Eat Less Sugar

Added sugar causes various chronic diseases and causes weight gain when consumed in excess. The liver turns added sugar into fat which increases the levels of visceral fat. If you’ll eat sugar try to make it naturally like the one that comes in fruits, and leave processed sugars behind.

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13. Dont Eat Too Fast 

Take your time and eat slowly. Eating slowly helps activate weight-reducing hormones. Eating very fast can actually make you eat more than you planned to. Chew every bite and enjoy your healthy food. 

14. Replace Junk Food and Unhealthy Snacks

One of the primary culprits for weight gain and poor diets is unhealthy snacks and foods, so when you want to lose weight, you’ll need to attack this source of poor nutrition. The best way to cut out unhealthy snacks isn’t to simply remove them from your diet: it’s to replace them with something healthy! This will help you avoid feeling deprived, which can lead to binge-eating behaviors down the line.

15. Drink Tea and Coffee

This is one nice tip for your coffee or tea lovers. As caffeine boosts your metabolism by 3-11%, it’s best to have coffee or tea twice or even three times a day. Black coffee is simply the best way to feel energized and it really does decrease cravings.

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Now you know that losing weight requires no more than a healthy diet, doing some exercise such as exercise bikes and staying away from bad habits such as alcohol, sugar and even stress. Ready to drop those pounds? 

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