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How to Achieve Your Relationship Goals Forever

They say nothing beats the feeling of being in love. And while this is true, having a happy and loving relationship can sometimes be a challenge or a real full-time job. You have to keep the spark alive, be smart about how you argue and make your partner feel special all the time. If you want to know the best relationship advice to make things better, dont miss out this list. 

How to Achieve Your Relationship Goals Forever

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1. Never Tell Them Something They can’t Change

The best relationship advice is that you should not be honest about everything. Not everything you complain about to your partner will be solved and complaints should not always be brutal to him or her. If you truly love them you will sacrifice some of these situations and it will bother you in a minor way.

2. Plan Dates without Distractions

Make a plan to avoid all distractions so that you and your date can be free to enjoy your delicious meal and each others company. Distractions could range from kids to technology. So, if you have kids, arrange to have a sitter watch them away from home well in advance. Apart from that, turn off your phones. You may be tempted to surf the internet or pick calls if they are switched on. The television, and radio should also be put away. Once all the distractions are put away, you can focus on having a romantic evening and reach your relationship goals. 

3. Practice Make-up Sex

Make-up sex has been studied by many psychologists and other relationship advice experts. They found that it is actually one of the best sexual experiences or relationship goals you can have in a relationship. It works for most couples and can end any harsh feelings and unresolved tension pretty quickly.

Experts believe that the intensity of make-up sex, which is what makes it so great in the first place, stems from the sharp switch of intense emotions like anger or frustration to arousal, which is appropriately named arousal transfer”. Fortunately, arousal transfer doesnt only stem from negative emotions such as anger during a fight, it can also be seen in situations of intense happiness. However, the concept of arousal transfer is considered to be what makes make-up sex the best sex there is.

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4. Groom for Yourself and Your Partner

Some of the most common reasons why people say they dont feel the same desire for their partners is because of their physical appearance. Sure, the love is still there, and it has more to do with their emotional and intellectual compatibility but being attracted to your partner will always be crucial to keeping the spark alive. After kids come into the picture, its common that mom and dad gain a little weight that is hard to lose or theres not always time to look their best when theyre both busy changing diapers or feeding the baby. To rekindle the romance, take the time to groom yourself so you remember how sexy you can be. Getting a new haircut, exercise, or waxing are a solid relationship advice that takes very little of your time but can make a great difference in desire and having hot sex.

5. Keep Minor Relationship Doubts to Yourself

Everyone has a relationship doubt even if their relationships may be long, or new ones. You will find yourself questioning about minor issues which may make you rethink your relationship status. If it is your first time feeling this you dont have to rush the news to your partner. This is because it will raise insecurity levels and painful feelings in your partner which may compromise your relationship. Most times you should learn to process your feelings unless things get bigger and stronger and then you can share them with your partner.

6. Always Set the Mood for Romantic Dates

Love is a two-way street, so you need to make sure youre ready for a great night in too. If the timing has signs of not being convenient, reschedule immediately. Set some time aside to shower after slaving away by the stove. Apply liberal amounts of lotion afterwards to ensure your skin is also soft and touchable for later that night. Its important to wash away the fumes from standing over the heat of the sizzling pans. You also wouldnt want to pick a day that one or both of you may be feeling stressed out or tense.

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7. Tease Each other Outside of the Bedroom

If you feel like you sex has become just another thing to cross off your list of tasks, you need to stop seeing it as a bedroom activity” and change things to live real relationship goals. Just because you cant have sex right there and then doesnt mean you cant give yourselves a little compliment or token of their desire and appreciation. If youre at work and youre feeling particularly kinky, sneak a moment and send your spouse a naughty picture; send them texts telling them what you wish you could do to them right now or give some gentle teasing caresses when youre making dinner. All of this will make your partner feel wanted and will reflect when you finally get to have sex.

8. Always Pick Your Battles

While this tip wont help you makeup with your lover quickly, it can help you prevent a fight in the first place. Instead of fighting over every little thing that you disagree with your partner over, you should instead try to choose your battles. If you arent sure what we mean by this phrase, we are essentially meaning that you should choose to start an argument over topics that actually matter, instead of the little things.

For example, instead of arguing over the way your partner loads the dishwasher, save the fight for a much larger disagreement, such as finances or raising your child. Picking fights over little disagreements can add fuel to the fire when you do have a large fight and can lead to a big fight over a trivial thing that doesnt matter in the long run.

As you can see, there are many things to keep in mind when youre in a stable and happy relationship. Make time for fun and enjoyable times but also be alert so youll know how to respond when dark times come your way. 

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