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How to Be Noticed at a Party

Parties are a fun social gathering activity. However, like in all social activities, there are people that will take the attention of the entire group. The remaining others will simply go with the flow set by these “leading” actors. At first glance, this division might seem to come naturally, but it is not like that. There are certain behaviors that can influence how much you are noticed. In this article, we will point out some things you can do that will help be stand out at a party.


Your appearance is the first presentation to other people. Personal hygiene is the first step to be considered. Take a shower. Do not forget to use deodorant! It is important to know the right amount of perfume. You don’t want to be noticed at a party because of your scent so don’t overdo it!


Change from your usual every day look. Changes always attract attention. You can change your hair style or your clothes, but be careful not to exaggerate. Keep it simple and choose the ones that you feel comfortable with!

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It is important to know the type of party you are going to and adapt your look to it. You cannot go to a casual birthday party with the same look you would go to a special cocktail event. Dress accordingly!


Some psychologists say this is the first step that helps make you ge and divides the lead actors in the group from the others. Remember to be confident and bright. Humor is always a good way to show that you are approachable and sincere. Since it is the presentation, humor needs to be subtle, especially with people you may not know.


According to psychologists, the position each participant takes in a social gathering defines the group’s focus of attention. Place yourself in the center and invite the other members around you!


Staying in the center position during the entire party is not the right option. It is important to move and continuously interact with every party member. Do not be afraid to start a conversation. Get people’s attention by asking them questions or by talking about their favorite topics. When you do not know, simply ask them about their interests and go from there!

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This may seem simple and self-explanatory, but there are some important steps that are often skipped. When you are in a conversation, look at the person in the eye! Show them that they have your attention. When you are listening, gesticulate and talk to them even just to agree.


Attention is always directed to the person talking in a social conversation. Do not be afraid to share your stories! Be concise and add humor, but do not exaggerate! Try to control your voice and use the right pacing. This is a difficult ability that can only be learned with experience, but it will make you the group’s storyteller. It will leave a lasting impression!


Let your actions do the talking! Do something unexpected and original. Ask a person to dance! Do a strange dance move or invite people to drink! Anything goes. Remember to not overdo it!

Show Your Emotions

A confident person is not afraid to laugh loudly or get angry. Do not be afraid to show your best laugh! This is not a step that can be forced. Do not try to dilute your emotions. Show them openly!

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Enjoy the Party

Do not forget that you are at a party. Have a good time with your friends. Be open-minded and try new things. In these types of gatherings, the attention goes to the person making the most of their time.

Be Yourself

This final step is not only about acting natural and confident. It is important to understand that all the above tips will not work if you tried to instantly forced them upon yourself. Work on them! Make them your own little by little!

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