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How to Change Your Kids’ Behavior Issues With Exercises

Kids constantly develop and evolve in order to become adults. In the process of changing and growing, it’s pretty common that kids might experience some child behavior issues that can affect the way they behave around other children, adults or even when they’re on their own. Since behavioral issues can appear in your children’s development and prevent them from growing healthy physically or psychologically, there are some exercises you can have your kids practice in order for them to improve their behavior. Keep reading and find out which exercise is ideal for your child.

Tennis or Badminton for Hyperactive Children

Several studies conducted have come to the conclusion that children who suffer from hyperactive syndrome could greatly benefit from a medium to high-intensity aerobic activity. Aerobic exercises are those which increase your heartbeat, make you breathe faster, get you panting and increase your blood flow. High-intensity aerobic exercises could be safely practiced during anything from 30 to 60 minutes. Hyperactive child behavior could improve by playing games like tennis or badminton because the one-on-one action leaves them no free time so they have to focus and continue chasing the ball back and forth. 

Basketball for Overly Impulsive Children

Overly impulsive children have a hard time controlling their physical movements. They move around constantly almost without thinking and they don’t think twice before acting out and, sometimes they come out as aggressive because of the suddenness of their movements. When children play basketball, children need to pay attention to their opponent’s movements and adjust their own, controlling their own bodies and increasing their throwing accuracy. All of these types of movements call for impulse suppression, which is exactly what overly impulsive children need. Another activity that could work for this type of child behavior is inline skating. 

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Baseball for Distracted Children

Distracted children often run around paying attention to whatever is right in front of them and not to their surroundings, much else to other people. Distracted children are not ideal for playing board games because they keep forgetting when it is their turn or about the rules of the game. You might think that classic sports such as football or basketball are ideal for children who distract easily, but the combination of strength and rules might not be ideal for their minds.

The best sport a distracted kid can play is baseball, because the rules reduce to 3 players in the field and have a very simple set of steps to perform for each role. Baseball is quite simple compared to other sports and a distracted kid only needs to focus on one task and will feel accomplishment more easily. 

Biking for Impatient Children 

Some kids are impatient by nature, they just don’t see the importance of waiting around for their turn or for something to happen to them. Since all kids seem to love bicycles, you can use this opportunity to turn this activity into an exercise for your kid, something that’ll give them a sense of freedom, independence and pride. The first thing your kid will learn from riding a bike is patience, discipline and self-esteem. Kids can also learn safety and endurance from biking, without counting the physical benefits. 

Football for Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) 

Children who suffer from ADHD have lots of child behavior trouble when it comes to focusing on one task. In addition to this, some of them might also suffer from a little hyperactivity. This results in kids who can’t concentrate and who also move around like crazy not paying attention to whatever surrounds them. Performing an exhausting and extenuating exercise such as football, these type of kids will concentrate easily aside from having fun and having a goal to pursue.

The main concern with ADHD children is that they sometimes don’t have the right physical fitness, but if they do  then football is ideal, otherwise you can start with a shorter training that doesn’t overtire your kid. 

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Gymnastics for Fearful Children 

Gymnastics is one of the most popular Olympic sports that has been gaining popularity among small children over the past few years. Fearful children are not adventurous and don’t try new things, often because they might experience anxiety and worry about what might happen. The best benefit of gymnastics is that they learn to lose fear and become stronger over time without being in a fearful environment and the can perform on their own depending on their own abilities. 

Billiards for Slow Learning Children

Sometimes, whether you like it or not, you may have a kid that has some difficulty trying to learn and adapt to new things and teachings in their life. Slow learning children will have a hard time trying to keep up with the rules of a sport, and might even be physically impaired to perform them as correctly as others, that’s why billiards is a highly recommended exercise for them. This is a fast-paced activity that calls for a fast response from the kids, which is suitable for slow-learning children who might need to step up and be a little faster than usual. If your children aren’t used to billiards, you can start by throwing and catching a frisbee first. 

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Swimming for Very Angry Children

Some kids experience rage outbursts or deal with very explosive episodes of anger that they sometimes don’t know how to control. For children who have poor emotional control and don’t know how to handle negative feelings correctly, swimming is a highly recommended exercise.

It is said that the encapsulation of water helps child behavior by emotional regulation as much as a low to medium intensity aerobic exercise. Since swimming involves a lot of breathing exercises, this can also help kids regulate negative feelings. Water is known as one of the main factors that can instantly boost your mood and relax the mind and body. Other activities that could work for angry children are yoga, jogging or rope skipping. 

Now that you know some of the most recommended activities for all sorts of children, it’s time you identify the characteristics of your kids and learn how to improve child behavior by teaching them to play different sorts of sports or exercises. 

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