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How to Choose a Pet Hotel

Due to the demands of life, travelling away from home is sometimes inevitable. This is why as a pet owner you need to know how to choose the best boarding places for your dog or cat. There are various factors that pet owners needs to consider while choosing a pet hotel. This article is going to explore what you should consider when choosing a pet hotel.

1. Vaccination

The health of your dog or cat comes first before anything else. This is why the first inquiry you need to make is about vaccination services. Always ensure that the pet boarding facility is well equipped in terms of vaccination from Bordetella. This consideration makes sure that your dog or cat is safe while you are away.

2. Physical Layout of the Hotel

The next thing to do is to check the physical layout of the hotel. A good hotel for your dog or cat to board is the one which has indoor and outdoor runs. This is necessary because your pet will need to run outside from time to time. It is also necessary because the indoor/outdoor runways will help protect the dog or cat from heat and cold. A good pet boarding facility should be able to provide shades in outdoor walkways in place with snow. Where there is extreme cold, the facility must have an adequate heating system. This is because small, elderly or short-haired dogs and cats are easily affected by cooler temperatures.

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3. Disinfection of the Facility

A good pet hotel should be disinfected daily and must also have adequate ventilation. This ensures that the flow of air is adequate and any odor is discouraged. To ascertain this, a pet owner must ask for a short tour inside the facility. A good dog boarding facility must also have comfortable places for the dog to lie down. This can be any raised and well spread place which can provide the dog a good space to lie down. You must also evaluate the general cleanliness of the dog hotel and ascertain the comfort of other pets.

4. Interaction and Supervision

All pets need physical and mental stimulation in the day. While choosing a good boarding facility for your dog or cat, consider whether they have engaging activities. The activities to check for include playtime, food puzzles, and walks. In case your pet is used to people, inquire if the facility could allow interaction of your pet with the staff. Ask the staff if interaction between the staff and the pets is part of the services offered.

5. Night Staffing

In many facilities, each dog is enclosed in a kennel and left alone until morning. This may not be a serious consideration for pets who do not have special needs. However, there could medical emergencies or any other emergency which staff attention. And so it is good to choose a facility which has night staff attending to the pets. To know whether a facility has these services, the pet owner must ask about it. The same case applies to cats.

6. Ascertain Whether Cats Are Housed Differently from Dogs

If you have been keeping pets for some time, you know the issue between cats and dogs. Dogs will always bully and at times harm cats and so it is not safe to keep them together. Before you choose the best for your dog or cat, ensure that you ascertain about separation.

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7. Other Services

A good facility should other services such as grooming, bathing, and training. If you want your dog or cat to have a good stay, ask for these services. This will be an added advantage in case your pet has no experience in these aspects. To ascertain whether the hotel has such additional services, it is good to make an inquiry.

The factors discussed above are fundamental in choosing a good pet hotel. All pet hotels are not the same and maybe you may not be able to consider all these factors, but the cardinal rule for choosing the best pet hotel for your dog or cat is by visiting the hotel. This will help you in ascertaining whether the services which you consider essential are available. Your dog or cat deserves the best.  Follow the above considerations and all will be well for your pets while you are away.

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