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How To Create Your Brand Story for Content Marketing?

Content marketing plays a major role in the success of any brand campaign. Stories are the oldest way to communicate with other people. Brands now know the importance of storytelling to gain the trust of their customers. Purpose-driven brands are getting more sales because these brands are solving some major problems faced by their users.

Different brands are using this type of brand strategy to do advertisements. A brand story is a message you want to deliver to people. This does not mean brands have to tell people about their foundation or history, it simply means companies use storytelling as a way of communication.

Now that you know the importance of a brand story, here are 9 tips to know how to write an engaging brand story.

1. Research Your Competitor’s Brand Story

Research is very critical in writing any story. For writing a brand story, you must know what your competitors are selling and what their brand strategy is. Then you can tell a differentiating feature of your business.

2. Start by Telling Your Aim

Tell your audience about the mission and aim of your business. Use simple words and tell them what is the problem that you are solving thanks to your brand. The origin of the story should be engaging enough for your viewer.

The commencement of the brand story should include the issue consumers are facing. In the next part of your story, talk about the solution you are providing in your products. For example, now people are avoiding animal-made products and food. Different brands started to do business with organic products and vegan food.

The first tip to writing an amazing and unique brand story is the identification of the problem. After identifying the problem, convey the solution to your clients or consumer.

3. Make it Personal

Humans are emotional. People can easily relate to the story that gives them the desire and motivation to achieve great success. It’s more effective if you discuss your struggle phase to set up the narrative.

Your brand story should have the ability to engage your audience, so much that, after reading your brand story or watching a video about your story, the client will want to know more about your brand.

It’s not compulsory to write in detail about your business and tell your readers about your brand through studies and client testimonials. You just have to give the client an idea of what you are selling.

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4. Add Interesting Pictures

Pictures are necessary for any engaging brand story because they help in retaining information better. To make people understand your brand idea, always use compelling images. The picture makes your story livelier and delivers the message you want to give to your potential client.

Many brands are selling what you serve. So, how do people know that your brand is different from all other brands? Simply by your brand story. To make the brand story relevant, start to build the trust of your customer by marketing to them the idea behind your brand.

For example, if you sell beauty products, tell your customer your products are organic and chemical-free. You can also tell them about the ways you extract organic material for your brands.

Your story must be able to tell your what is the motivation behind running this business. If the aim of writing a brand story is that you want to earn money, then you are doing it in the wrong way. First, your story should be able to take the audience’s attention to your product, then you will be able to make sales.

5. Take Some Initiative in Your Brand Story

According to many studies, people get attracted to companies that want to make the world a better place. Many brands give social services after customers buy their products.

For example, some brands promise their customers they will plant a tree after every purchase of a product. Bring some social change after selling your every product. This initiative can be anything like giving 2 % of your revenue to some foster care. Give 5% of your sales to a cancer hospital or some other cause.

Keep in mind that your initiative should be authentic. It should not be some marketing stunt. Companies are built on the audience’s trust, so only announce what you can deliver.

6. Tell Your Future Goals

Every company is formed by the founder, which usually picks the team around him. Your brand strategy should revolve around the founder. How did this person think about the idea? What struggle did they face in the journey of building that company? What are the future goals of the brand? 

You should answer all these questions in your brand story in a way that motivates your audience to buy your products. 

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7. Do Not Make Your Brand Story Perfect, Make it Unique

No one is perfect in this world. Everyone makes mistakes, so avoid advertising your brand as immaculate. Perfection sometimes comes with shallowness. Customers evade involvement in shallow marketing tactics. Write a memorable brand story, but also tell the mistakes you made while starting the business, and how you avoided them in future stances.

8. Connect with Your Target Customers

The brand story makes a loyal customer base for your business. Identify your audience and notice how they can connect with your business. Avoid emphasizing on features of your product. Sell the purpose, not the products. You can sell your purpose by writing a compelling, unique, and effective brand story.

9. Add a Subtle Introduction to Your Product

 Your brand strategy must be based on purpose but in the end, it should focus on discussing how you made the company and what are your future goals. Remember that the brand story should be different from the product description.

Tell your potential customers about your best-selling products and how they are incorporated into your brand image. Inform your customers how your products are transforming the life of your clients. Client testimonials can be an important aspect of your brand story.

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Telling a story about a brand is a process that takes time. The brand story also plays a part a great part in content marketing. Follow all these tips, while writing stories about your brand. Your creative and unique story can help you in lead generation, just make sure you are selling a purpose, not the product.

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