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How to Do a Unique Logo Design

When you have a strong logo to speak for your company, it can work to your advantage. Besides the visual representation and graphical elements, it is your identity. When you’re telling your brand’s story, the logo is what’ll interestingly set the stage. Like any other work, designing a logo requires special skills. For a logo to be successful, you need practice, experience, and a wide range of knowledge as well.

Logos can impact a customer’s brand perception and the overall attitude towards a product. In a world full of brand logos, even a child can recognize various logos and tell what a company sells by looking at its brand mark. A logo not only illustrates your brand’s identity but also, separates you from your competition. If you’re starting a new business or redesigning your brand’s visual identity, here are some killer tips to help you.

1. Unique and Clever

This is what many brands struggle with, never try to fit in the box, instead, stand out. Your logo will distinguish you from your competitors, therefore, the idea must be unique and clever. You should focus on creating a logo design that is not already available out there. You can always take inspiration from well-known brands but avoid following their steps.

Therefore, create a unique and out-of-the-box design. Don’t limit yourself so, think creatively.

2. Balanced and Flexible

This is one important tip that you must remember when designing a logo. Create a balanced combination between simple and quirky. Your logo must be simple but not too hard to understand. After all, you don’t want consumers to sit, stare, and analyze what your logo is about.

Use simple text and present it with a twist. Some good examples are FedEx and Amazon. Both of them have a simple logo design, yet memorable.

3. Strong First Impression

Your logo is what will introduce your brand to the public. You have one chance to make it right. So, make sure it counts. A successful logo will attract people and invite them to learn more about your brand. Besides, a good first impression will create a potential customer base.

So, make sure to utilize that one chance correctly and establish ownership over the product you sell or the service you provide. Besides, hire a logo maker with expertise and skills of a professional.

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4. Right Use of Color

A logo maker understands the color theory and can use it for their benefit. There are a few color rules that you must remember. If you’re focusing on a warm tone, use colors such as red, orange, yellow, etc. However, don’t use color combinations that are too harsh on the eye. Playing with individual colors is also a good idea. Most brands are recognizable by their unique color.

No matter what you choose, it should match the overall tone and feel of the brand.

5. Make it Memorable

Since logos are a point of identification, the audience will use them to recognize your brand. In an ideal situation, customers should see your logo and be able to identify what your company does. Besides, the sight of your logo must make them feel good.

That is possible when you have an aesthetically pleasing logo. It will make users recall all the positive elements of your brand that your brand name alone might not.

6. Understand the Brand

A logo is not only an image but an introduction to your brand. Your logo will reach a maximum audience therefore, keep in mind these 6 logo design myths. Make sure you have the correct concept of the brand’s ideology and values.

Do a thorough research and create a visually pleasing image that explains your brand.

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7. Brand Loyalty

As your brand grows, your logo will become more familiar to the customers. This familiarity creates the feeling that your brand is trustworthy and accessible. When users trust your brand, they’re more likely to choose your product over others.

Once customers start liking your brand, they’ll seek you out again and again. Moreover, your logo is what they’ll see first.

8. Recognition

The whole point of creating a logo is your brand’s recognition. The main goal is to see the logo and instantly call the brand to mind. For example, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, are some famous brands that you can recognize within a blink.

With the right color, font, style, and design, you can also create a logo that is easily recognizable by everyone.

9. Best Logo Makers in 2021

Thinking about where to turn to when you don’t have the resources for a professional logo design? Don’t worry, because here are the best online logo generators with free templates and downloads as well.

  • Hatchful

Hatchful, powered by Shopify, is the best free logo maker available today. From picking a theme to editing, to customization, this tool will guide you all the way. The best thing is that it is beginner-friendly. So, use your creativity and design a unique logo for your brand today.

  • LogoMakr

This is yet another advanced tool with a collection of over 1 million graphics. At LogoMakr, you can also see a series of tutorials and videos for guidance. Crafting a unique and memorable logo is easy as it has a variety of tools, themes, and fonts.

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A logo is far more than typing a name and placing it in the square. Instead, you need the proper techniques as well as experience to create a successful logo. After all, it can impact your brand’s perception, purchase decisions, and overall attitude.

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