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How to Get Great Deals on Air Fares and Villas

More and more people are opting to invest in experiences as opposed to investing in property. They want to make pleasant memories with their friends and loved ones. And with more and more countries opening their arms wide to welcome tourists, the opportunities for incredible new experiences are abundant. One thing you surely don’t want to do is burn a hole in your pocket while going on a vacation. This will both affect your expenses for the next month and the savings for the next round of travel. That is why this article specifically talks about saving money on flight and villas. Read on to get some useful tips:

1. Flight Tickets: How Flexible are You

What you spend on flight tickets ends up deciding how much you are left with for a holiday. So, having to end up with a good deal on a flight booking is a must, and that goes without saying. And, the farther you are traveling from your country, the greater the cushion of time you need to have. Flexibility is the trump card when it comes to getting great deals on a flight booking. Booking in advance always helps when planning a budget travel. Google Flight is undoubtedly an excellent place to look to get the hang of the flight prices against the dates you want to travel. However, some of the discounted fares and cheap flights don’t appear on booking sites. That is why having a smart booking strategy certainly helps. Worry not, here are the steps to get there:

  • Look for Nearby Airports

Both for departure and arrival, you are going to have airports within 200 miles of your home city, which you can travel to and from, respectively. This will make your travel cheaper because of the real estate of that particular airport in that particular region of the county. Now, if you are traveling to say Europe, you are going to want the travel expense from the city you land to the actual destination to be affordable. Enter train travel, and you are already heaving a sigh of relief. Summing up, use Google flight or other search engines to choose an alternate departure and landing airport, check the train fares from the alternate landing point to the actual one, arrive at the optimal flight charge.

  • Dates on which Fares are Lowest

Of course, having cheaper fares means compromising on some parameters like the date of travel. If you plan your budget travel ahead, as you should, you will have the option to have a different set of dates for the vacation. If you have this cushion of time available, you can easily get an affordable airfare.

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2. Villas: Consider the Country

The prices vary from country to country. If you’d like to book a villa in Bali, you’re going to pay less than you would for a villa in the South of France. When you’re making a decision to book a villa, and you’d like to save money, it’s always wise to examine the costs that are specific to each country. You’ll also want to consider the city within each country. If you book one of the Puerto Vallarta villas, you might be able to save more money than if you booked a villa in Cancun. Thoroughly research the city and the country in order to get the most bang for your buck

3. Pick the Right Time of Year

August tends to be a month that tons of people go on vacation. As a result, the prices for hotels and other vacation-related expenses go up. Additionally, there are plenty of people who love to go on vacation during the winter months. The key is to see when the prices are the lowest during the year in order to get the best budget travel costs. This is a significant reason why it’s best to plan your vacation a year in advance.

It’s also wise to take note of when you need to book the vacation to get the cheapest deal. It’s not enough to know the time of year. Take it a step further to know when to take advantage of that particular price. A great example involves Hawaii. There are many strategists who suggest booking a Hawaiian vacation at the end of August if you’d like to travel during the winter. Apparently, studies suggest that it is the ideal time to book a Hawaiian winter vacation.

4. Use Credit Card Points

If you’re really disciplined about making sure you pay back what you owe at the end of each month, it’s a great idea to use credit cards in order to earn points that can be used to book your villa. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. Instead of using your debit card to pay for everything, use your credit card. Over time, you’ll earn a significant amount of points that you’ll be able to specifically use for traveling expenses like your lodging. Do your research to find credit cards that allow you to earn points. Always remember to be disciplined with paying back what you owe so that you’re not paying interest or any extra late fees.

5. Try Online Marketplaces

One of the most beautiful things about the internet is that you can research anything to find the best option that suits you. There are so many online marketplaces that offer different types of accommodations. If you’d like to book Puerto Vallarta villas through an official hotel website, you can do that. Alternatively, you can find sites where individuals rent out their villas to guests at various rates. You can opt to barter or negotiate different rates or ask for certain amenities to be included in your price. It’s all about customizing an experience that you desire. With online marketplaces, you’ll have space to research and curate an experience that accurately reflects what you want.

6. Do Not Involve Travel Agents

While this seems like a no brainer for people who have been traveling around, it is definitely something that newbies should remember. Going to a travel agent means extra time to research for a good agency, arrive at the place, look for a good agent, speak to the agent about your concerns, all of which could have been used for research by yourself. Also, you would do better without donating them that commission, which you could use to buy something nice during the vacation and benefit from your cheap flight.

Pay attention to various reviews on different marketplace websites so that you can get a good idea of what to expect as well.

While all of this definitely seems like a lot to remember and do, it’s not like a headache the moment you start seeing results on your computer screen. And it is always sweeter the moment you set foot in the place you really, really want to be.

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