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How to Get the Best Price when Selling Your House

Determining the Value of Your Home: A Comprehensive Overview

Your home value primarily depends on what willing buyers will pay for your home, however buyers don’t all want the same thing. For instance, one family may look for location factors such as workplace or schools while another focuses on the condition of the home. To deal with multiple factors, you will want to avail the services of a professional real estate agent who can ensure you get the most money out of your home with very few headaches along the way. Click here for more information.

  1. Neighborhood

One major indicator of your home’s value is the auction price of other homes in your locality, especially those that are sold lately. These analogous homes are frequently known as comps. Whether it’s a home evaluation, relative market analysis, or open-door assessment, most realtors depend on comps to evaluate your home value.

  1. Location

How evaluators figure out how much value to assign depends significantly on the location of the house. Here are the three common indicators that people look for in houses for sale:

  • Employment prospects
  • The quality of local educational institutes
  • Closeness to entertainment, shopping facilities, and recreational hubs

These factors considerably influence why some districts command steep prices. Also, a location in close proximity to utility lines, highways and public conveyance can influence a home’s overall value. When it comes to measuring the value of a home, location plays a very important role in comparison to the condition and size of the house.

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  1. Age and Condition

Usually, new homes appraise at a high value. The reason is because the critical parts of the house; such as plumbing, appliances, the roof, and electrical circuits are new and therefore they are less likely to break. For instance, if a roof comes with a 20-year warranty, it generates savings for the buyer over the upcoming two decades in comparison to an older home. Many buyers are willing to pay the most for a move-in ready home. Accordingly, they want to negotiate upkeeps to prevent any major expenses following the sale.

  1. Upgrades and Updates

When you want to know what your home is worth, updates and upgrades add value to your home, particularly in old homes that may have old-fashioned features. Bear in mind not all home improvement projects are created equally. The influence of an upgrade differs based on the market. For instance, a finished basement is more likely to be 5 times more valuable compared to an old one that requires maintenance. Besides, some upgrades, such as a pool, or wood floors, typically have a high value and they tend to have a bigger increase in their worth.

  1. Economic Indicators

The wider economy frequently influences a person’s ability to buy or sell a home. For instance, in slow economic conditions, the housing market can struggle significantly. In a wage growth or employment decline, fewer people may be able to afford a home or, there may be very little opportunity to relocate to more prospects. It’s imperative to keep up with the present status of home sales and home price recognition in your area, particularly when you assess the best time to sell your house.

How Realtors Can Help You?

  1. Price the Home Accurately

Pricing a home precisely is one of the most important factors. Experienced real estate agents price every home using their expertise and understanding of the market considering comparable sales. Comprehensively understanding how to price a home is one of the best agent’s skill. Sellers prefer agents who sell homes for close to the original listing price. Also, the best real estate agents have a good reputation for pricing homes accurately and don’t violate any code of ethics that are supposed to be followed.

  1. Comparative Market Analysis

When you want a clear overview of your home value, a real estate agent will do a comparative market analysis of houses for sale. They will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the home and market and figure out the estimated value. Knowing exactly your home’s value will let you decide what you can afford and how to price your home in the best way possible.

  1. Market the Property

Professional realtors make use of most available marketing channels to draw traffic and promote their properties for sale. These social media channels primarily include Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and others to spread the word. These online platforms help in selling the clients’ property for the best money.

  1. Negotiate

The best agents will run the extra mile to fight hard to negotiate the best terms. They make sure to put up the most sense for their clients. Everything in real estate contracts is negotiable to counteroffer with a value that favors the client. These negotiation skills are important to get the job done right.

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  1. Communicate Properly

A seller is eager to know the status of progress. A well-reputed real estate agent will update you regularly regarding the customers’ feedback and everything that may concern them. Even if there aren’t any offers, staying in touch allows a seller to know that the work is being carried out and it is worth paying for.

  1. Agents Know What to Look For

If you are a seller, you will probably have an idea what you are expecting for your home but is this a reasonable price? You cannot really be sure about it unless, and until, you are able to identify the comparable sales that verify if you are in the right range. Real estate agents do in-depth comparative market analysis of houses for sale as we have already mentioned above.

Further, an agent can hand over well-researched, up-to-date, and dependable data regarding the district’s demographics, educational institutes, crime rates and other crucial factors. It’s very time-consuming if you do this research on all these factors on your own, particularly if you don’t know where to start.


Selling a home can be very challenging but when you have the best agent who takes care of every little detail, the burden can be significantly eased. We hope you are now familiar with all the important factors that influence your house’s value and what you can expect from a real estate agent when selling a house.

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