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How to Get Your Mobile App More Visible and Have More Downloads

Users have many options for mobile shopping, entertainment, health, productivity, finances, and other services, with approximately 4 million applications available in the Appstore and the Play Store. You may be wondering how to persuade your target users to choose your app over the many others available. It’s a major challenge that many people are facing today. As more mobile applications hit the market, it’s more important than ever for business owners and marketers to develop effective strategies tailored to their mobile apps.

All it takes is a little advancement for your application to become more noticeable and for more people to find and use it. So, how can you differentiate your app in an increasingly crowded market? Let’s first understand why apps become essential for today’s business, and then we will get into the strategies on how to increase app downloads and make them more visible in the market.

Primary Reason Why Your Business Requires a Mobile App

  • Make a marketing channel that is both direct and individualized
  • Always be visible to customers
  • Establish a direct marketing channel
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Quickly and easily connect with your customers
  • Make a marketing channel that is both direct and individualized
  • Increase the level of customer engagement
  • Provide better customer service on time
  • Get Useful Consumer Insights

Top Techniques and Strategies to Get the First 100,000 Downloads for Your App

1. Make Use of an App Icon that is Attractive

How to Get Your Mobile App More Visible and Have More Downloads- Make use of an App Icon That is Attractive

Your app’s icon forms a potential user’s first impression of it. That is why it’s crucial to pay attention to the way it’s designed. When done correctly, it impacts user behavior and can help increase downloads.

Your app icon communicates your app’s brand identity. As a result, it should accurately reflect what your app does and stands for. Like any other useful piece of design, your app icon should strike a balance between flashy and simple. It should also be as uncomplicated as possible.

2. Make Use of Popups

How to Get Your Mobile App More Visible and Have More Downloads- Make Use of Popups

Popups are powerful tools for promoting your apps to visitors. For example, using them can help you increase your download rate by 40%

Why would you want to pass up such an opportunity? We understand that popups are inconvenient. It only occurs when the popup is designed and timed incorrectly.

3. Make an App Description that is Clear and Concise

Though not as important as the title or keywords in terms of search ranking, the description of your app is an important factor in determining whether or not a user will download it once he has found it. When you place your app on google play store app download make sure you write effective copy to ensure that the purpose of your app is clear. Also, don’t forget to mention the most important benefits your app provides to users, such as making their lives easier or alleviating specific pain points.

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4. Take Advantage of Mobile Communication Channels

Another strategy to boost your app visibility is via their mobile devices. Mobile-specific channels allow you to send a targeted message to your users at the perfect time. Whether via in-app messaging or push notifications.

Consider directing them to a recently released feature or providing tips in a difficult-to-navigate section of the app. To help you market your app, you can use in-app messaging and push notifications to encourage current users to share it on social media, refer a friend, or leave feedback in the app store. These are great ways to keep users interested in your app and promote it, giving it the boost it needs to go viral.

5. Prioritize ASO – Keywords to Increase App Downloads

“App store optimization (ASO) is an app store marketing tactic and approach that focuses on enhancing the app to accurately follow the app store’s guidelines and keep improving the app’s ranking on specific keywords for better search visibility and organic download numbers.”

The app’s main keyword or keyword phrases are the foundation of ASO. It entails determining what users are looking for and then using those specific keywords in the content of your app page to increase visibility and encourage users to download it.

One of the most effective ways to get your app in front of app users is app store optimization (ASO). Nevertheless, it stays one of the most difficult tasks for app developers and marketers.

How to Get Your Mobile App More Visible and Have More Downloads- Prioritize ASO

 6. Social Media Promotion

First, create a one-of-a-kind social media marketing campaign that will go viral online. Next, create a content marketing strategy for your users looking for solutions to their problems on the internet. If your app can assist in resolving these issues, it will serve as an excellent lead generation channel for your medical app.

As an example, you can create a strong SMM strategy for your healthcare app to ensure it is well-presented across various digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter).

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7. Make Changes Based on New Analytics Data

Once a campaign is up and running, you’ll want to evaluate its effectiveness and optimize accordingly. To calculate lifetime customer value, use the SDK to track installed and in-app conversions (and update your estimate in the first step). Google Analytics can also assist you in identifying and optimizing your best users.

8. Reconnect with Existing Customers

How to Get Your Mobile App More Visible and Have More Downloads- Reconnect With Existing Customers

 If your initial users abandon your app, it is doomed. Deep linking for search is an effective app install strategy because it allows brands to direct users to relevant pages within apps. Different ad formats allow you to direct traffic to pages only within the app or both the app and the mobile site. Display re-engagement works slightly differently, necessitating the development of specific messaging based on user activities and the creation of remarketing lists accordingly. Set up custom deep links to the important items from here.

9. Measuring, Adjusting and Improving

Marketing is a continuous measurement, learning, experimentation, and improvement cycle. Define your KPIs and your strategy and path to achieving them.

Start measuring everything that matters after that:

  • How many people visit your app’s page?
  • What is the rate of conversion? (CVR)

CVR marketing is a type of advertising that aims to increase how customers complete specific tasks or conversions. The conversion rate, or conversion ratio, is abbreviated as CVR. Conversions occur when a customer completes a task, makes a purchase, signs up for a service, or performs any other action that the company considers a conversion. 

  • How much does it cost to install? (CPI)

Cost Per Install, or CPI for short, is a CPA campaign for apps. It’s a brand-new pricing model specifically designed to track smartphone app installations.

CPI is calculated by dividing an advertiser’s ad spend by the campaign’s total number of app installs. A person gets an estimate of how much it will cost to acquire a single user.

  • What is your marketing campaign’s return on investment?

The most straightforward method of calculating a marketing campaign’s ROI is to include it in the overall business line calculation. Take the business or product line’s sales growth, subtract the marketing costs, and divide by the marketing cost. For example, a Custom food delivery app that cost $12,000 to develop. If it generates $20,000, your return on investment will be 80%

You can tell what works and what doesn’t by measuring everything. Then, after you’ve established your position, you can begin experimenting.

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Final Thought

“A successful strategy backs every successful app”.

You can make your app available on google play store app download but if you don’t make any effort to promote your app, it will remain trapped and not be downloaded, no matter how good-looking or functional.

It doesn’t have to be as difficult for you as it is for many others to increase app downloads. In addition, you might not even need to spend any money to reach your download goal.

If you use some of the strategies mentioned above we’ve shared, you’ll be well on your way to 100k app downloads in no time.

When implementing these strategies, keep your target audience’s interest in mind. As a result, your app will maintain its market relevance.

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