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How to Have a Breakfast Like a Local in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia, and also part of the ASEAN community. It has great 7,107 islands and welcoming people as well. The Philippines is also known for its natural resources and beautiful and breathtaking tourists spots that everyone loves. Travelers go to the Philippines to explore and backpack in different cities and towns.

The cuisine in The Philippines country is also undeniably mouthwatering, to the point that you will find yourself munching from time to time. But if there’s a great meal that you can eat in the Philippines, that would be breakfast. There are so many variants of breakfast food that are being served in the Philippines, and if you are planning to go there and you want to eat like a local, see the list below:


How To Have A Breakfast Like A Local in The Philippines-1Tapsilog is probably the most famous breakfast in the Philippines. Tapsilog is basically cured beef partnered with one egg, and is usually paired with garlic rice. While that may sound simple, wait until you’ve tasted the food for yourself. There are also other type of “silog” that you can try aside from Tapsilog. There are Bangsilog (bangus or milkfish + egg), Longsilog (longganisa or sweet sausage + egg), Chicksilog (chicken + egg) and many more. Filipinos love to pair their dishes with egg and garlic rice for breakfast and it is definitely a must try if you visit the Philippines.

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How To Have A Breakfast Like A Local in The Philippines-2Tuyo is a dried salted fish that tastes really good, especially if paired with an egg and a garlic rice. In the Philippines, the people are drawn to the taste of dried salted fishes. That is why they incorporated Tuyo in a Filipino breakfast. Everyone in the Philippines know what Tuyo tastes like and if you are curious to know, you better go and visit the Philippines! Don’t forget to dip your Tuyo in vinegar before devouring.

Daing With Egg        

How To Have A Breakfast Like A Local in The Philippines-3Daing is like Tuyo, but the main difference is that it is less salty and more crunchy. Daing is basically a fish that was dried under the sun for a couple of hours, and in some cases, the fishes are left in the heat for several days to bring out its saltiness, just like what is being done in Tuyo. Daing is one of the go-to breakfast meals in the Philippines.


How To Have A Breakfast Like A Local in The Philippines-4If you love chocolate porridge then you will definitely love Champorado! Champorado is basically a combination of sticky rice and local cocoa that you can mix with either powdered milk or evaporated milk. You can even try putting condensed milk in for additional sweetness, but be careful with sweets, as the porridge itself is already sweet and chocolatey. Champorado is a great way to start your day so that you will be filled with energy, and you will feel full for the whole day.

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Pandesal At Kape

How To Have A Breakfast Like A Local in The Philippines-5This is the simplest but most popular breakfast in the Philippines. Pandesal at Kape is basically bread and coffee, which is usually the breakfast of almost all countries in theworld. But the thing with the Filipinos is the fact that they would have to dip their whole bread in the coffee before munching it. And take note, it’s not just a normal bread. Pandesal is a bread that you can buy from peddling vendors that yell every morning in a neighborhood, and you would have to wait for the vendors to pass by near your house so that you would be able to buy some.

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