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How to Have Enjoyable Sex during Pregnancy

With a clean bill of health and tons of advice from your OB/GYN, sex during pregnancy is a green light. Intercourse is safe for both the mother and baby. There is a mucus plug in the cervix and amniotic fluid in the uterus to protect your baby from infection. The uterus also has muscles strong enough to withstand shock from intercourse.

The experience will have to change, however, since the underpinnings of the baby bump and the mother’s comfort are to be factored in. Pregnancy sex is hobbled by the tawdry reality that you have to make a compromise for it to be a mutual feeling. The sex positions have to be adapted to make things as comfortable as possible for the mother.

As you progress through the trimesters, the positions have to remain innovative and adventurous. In the first trimester, for instance, ladies are well lubricated and experience a surge in hormones. As a consequence, the libido is heightened, and anything can go in this period.

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The following positions can make for a mind-blowing experience of pregnancy sex all year round:

  • You on Top

    In a sitting position, facing your partner, you will be in control. This position allows you to control the depth of penetration and reduces pressure on your belly. This position makes for a more intimate experience as caressing your breasts and finding your soft spots is easy.

  • Spooning

    It is a “lazy” position where you lie side by side his belly kissing your back. It offers a less stressful laid back experience with penetration being comfortable and shallow. You can use pregnancy pillows to change posture and increase penetration.

  • Doggy Style

    This is the most comfortable position for the belly. It is a way to spice things up without being overly exotic. You can use a few pillows to support the belly and pelvis and reduce pressure on the knees. You can also try this on the couch and use the arms as a support.

  • Edge of the Bed/Couch

    Since the missionary position will put pressure on the belly, the side of the bed serves to modify the missionary. With your knees folded prop up your hips and arch your back with a pillow for comfort. This position makes for a heightened degree of penetration.

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What is safe and not safe for pregnancy sex?

The rules here lean towards how comfortable the mother. There is no guide for what positions to avoid but deep penetration tends to bring discomfort especially during the third trimester. Oral sex is entirely okay for all trimesters. The only condition is your partner never blow air into the vagina as it might cause an embolism. Anal sex is also okay for, but you should practice hygiene and wash up/change condoms before going from the anus to vagina to prevent the transfer of fecal bacteria. A lot of lubrication should be used to prevent hemorrhaging which might put the baby at risk.

Does sexual drive decrease during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the release of hormones is heightened. Blood flow to the reproductive organs is also increased. This might cause increased sensitivity of the breasts and the vagina. The increased blood flow may also cause an engorgement of the genitalia and hence deliver a more intense feeling. The mucus of the cervix can also serve to increase lubrication. During the second trimester also dubbed the honeymoon phase, there is increased libido. Your sex spots also tend to be more sensitive.

What to do to spice up pregnancy sex?

In case your sexual drive plummets you can always spice it up and bring sexy back. There is a plethora of maternal lingerie that will turn that bump into something of an attraction. You can also try other methods of arousal like using a vibrator or a dildo to get things off. Be open to suggestions from your partner and keep things active.
Having an orgasm is neither illegal nor dangerous. The contractions synonymous with orgasms are very short and will not affect the uterine wall.


It is imperative to understand that bodies are different and the experiences might differ. While some may experience increased libido, others may experience diminished sex drive. The individual levels of comfort also come to play as some may be more adventurous and acrobatic, and some prefer a more relaxed approach to the same. You should not attempt to have sex if your partner has an STD or a history of an STD when you have Placenta Previa, experience vaginal bleeding or have a shallow cervix.

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