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How to Incorporate Email Marketing and Instagram for Your Brand

The trend of using email and social media marketing is increasing dramatically, and there are lots of reasons behind it. They both can be effective for your business, and you can also use them together to get the best outcomes. If you are still confused about how to put them together, then you don’t need to worry because it is very simple. You don’t need to make a lot of effort when it comes to the integration of email and social media marketing. Before you start using these marketing channels together, you should choose the best social media platform. Some people are using Facebook and Twitter, whereas others prefer Instagram.

You should always choose the platform that is more the trend these days. Instagram is one of the top best social media platforms that help to promote a business effectively. If you know all about the different features of Instagram, then you shouldn’t wait any longer to create an account. With the help of building a business account on Instagram, you can provide a platform for your email subscribers for their convenience. With the help of Instagram, they can easily communicate with you and come to know about your latest deals and offers.

Email marketing is fast, as well as budget-friendly, so you don’t need to think too much when using it because it will automatically make your brand more visible and reach your target audience. Firstly, you need you need to make a great brand strategy. Nowadays, people check their emails regularly, and it is also the main reason why most people choose the option of email marketing instead of the other channels. By using social media marketing with email campaigns, you can extend the reach of your emails and get some additional benefits. To learn how to integrate email marketing and Instagram marketing, you should read on.

1. Add an Instagram Icon in Emails

If you want to put Instagram and email marketing together, then the most important thing you should do is to add an Instagram icon in your email campaign. You shouldn’t forget about this step because it will help to encourage the subscribers to follow your Instagram page. It is best to add this icon to the top of the middle of the email so that people can easily find it. Adding a tiny icon at the end of the email will not work.

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2. Send Invites through Emails

Some people never pay attention to the icons included in the email campaign so you should try to do more. If you want to invite your subscribers to Instagram, then you should send an email message regarding this. With the help of sending the invitation through an email, you can get a good response to your social media account. You should also try to give a reason why they should follow your page on other platforms.

3. Offer Incentives for Your Subscribers

If you want to add more subscribers on social networking platforms, then you should try to grab their attention. You should provide some incentives to your subscribers who will follow you on the other social networking sites. With the help of doing this, you can encourage the subscribers to connect with you on the other platforms.

4. Promote Email Sign up

Combining email marketing with Instagram is not all about inviting subscribers to connect with you socially. You can also enlist help from your strong following on Instagram by asking them for new email subscribers. In addition to this, you can also promote your email-sign up page if you want to increase the list of your subscribers. Most people are using this strategy to make the best out of the marketing channels.

5. Add Instagram Content in an Email cCmpaign

To integrate Instagram with email marketing, you should include the Instagram content in the body of an email newsletter. You should add some interesting content in the newsletter to encourage the subscribers to check your Instagram page. You should ask the subscribers to check the interesting content on the other pages. It is an effective tip that will help subscribers to connect with you socially.

With the help of all the tips mentioned above, you can easily integrate Instagram with email marketing. The use of this marketing strategy will help you to reach your target audience in a short time. In this way, you can easily achieve your business goals and enhance the growth of your brand.

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The Final Words

To promote a new business, you need make a lot of effort if you want to succeed. Most people prefer to use Instagram marketing for promoting a brand, but it is not possible without getting a good number of followers for Instagram. However, you can integrate Instagram and email marketing to get the best results.

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