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How to Look Stylish Wearing Dance Clothes

If you ever wore a bodysuit, leg warmers, leggings or tights, you can thank a dancer.

All of these fashion trends began on the dance floor. Bright and colorful high-top tennis shoes took shoes used on the basketball field, added color and style for hip-hop and began a raging trend that is still burning bright.

In the past few decades, dance attire was mostly copied for use as casual wear. However, 2019 is taking it to a whole new level. Let’s look at some dance clothes as fashion that you will see this year.

Full Tulle Skirt

How to Look Stylish Wearing Dance Clothes 1

Whether you are going out to dinner or to a lovely party, the full tulle skirt will be beautiful to wear. It has the feminine charm of a ballerina with chic, understated charm. The full ballerina skirt works best with a soft blouse. If you choose to wear it with a sweater, go with an off-the-shoulder cashmere.

Options for this look include:

  • Dinner wear
  • Combined with a high-neck, backless leotard
  • Worn with a silky tank with thin straps


To make this look even more stunning, look for ballerina inspired heels with satin ribbons that wrap around the ankle and close with a classic bow.

Airy and Light Chiffon

How to Look Stylish Wearing Dance Clothes 2

Formal wear will feature airy and light chiffon. Embellish with crystals, beads, or pearls. The dance floor is alive with movement that flows around the body. This look can easily go from the studio to a formal affair. This look is trending for 2019 events in the dance world.

Points to remember include:

  • The dress needs extra material to drape over the body
  • In dance performances the colors may be bold, but a soft color adds to the look for the street
  • The dress can be worn with boots, flats, or heels

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Jumpsuits, Pants Suits and Biketards

How to Look Stylish Wearing Dance Clothes 3

From formal weddings to family barbeques, you will find jumpsuits and pants suits. The more formal the event, the more sequins there will be on the garment. Pants suits look like one-piece garments, but in fact, they have a high-waist pant and a matching top. Cold-shoulder cuts work well on the casual scene while tasteful off the shoulder tops with cap-sleeves are perfect to office events or meeting your future in-laws.

As summer approaches, the new biketard will be everywhere. This is a cute leotard with non-traditional bicycle shorts cut around the leg. These are cute and sexy. On the dance floor, you will probably see embellished tops. But people will see a traditional leotard tank-top style and an off the shoulder crop top. You cannot get any cuter than this.

Popcorn Sweaters

How to Look Stylish Wearing Dance Clothes 4

Popcorn sweaters are so popular right now, that virtually every retailer has them. The cardigans are thick and soft and are the kind of sweater you just want to wrap yourself up in. A long style popcorn cardigan over leggings and a leotard are comfortable and trendy. The sweaters come in selective colors so coordinate the leggings with the sweater. The more bulk, bump, and fuzz on the sweater, the better. Finish the look with high top sneakers and you are ready to walk out the door.

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How to Look Stylish Wearing Dance Clothes 5

Last year’s fishnet tights are still very much in fashion, but this year, they have kicked them up a notch. In 2019 hosiery will come in bold patterns. Watch for animal prints. Do yourself a favor and buy tights. The selection is wider. Add sex appeal to your outfits by wearing some sexy tights.  Pair these unique tights with short skirts, shorts, or a dress. Add a cute short denim vest and you are ready to hit the town. You may have a dozen pair of tights in your wardrobe, but we doubt you have printed tights. These are not your little girl tights. These tights are sure to bring out the adult in you and in a sexy way.

Elephant Pants

How to Look Stylish Wearing Dance Clothes 6

Elephant pants are back with some flattering adjustments. The loose pants have a high waist with a pull-string ruffle that flatters and camouflages the belly. The pants are gathered at the ankle with elastic and the silky material and bright patterns flow as you move. A newer version has the ankle held by a tight cuff. These have been seen with high heels or sandals. Tops are crop tops, tank top, or a sports bra. You are probably asking why we are listing these pants.

Elephant pants are a remake of harem pants and parachute pants. Harem pants have been worn by belly dancers for generations and ask anyone old enough to remember the M.C. Hammer days of the late 80s and 90s and they will tell you that he brought the freestyle right back to the dance floor. His glitz and glitter were striking as he wore his full and silky pants with a gold sequin vest and no shirt.

Elephant pants are also known as yoga pants. Basically, these pants are comfortable, cool, and easy to dance or workout in. While the 2019 pants may not have the bangles and beads of harem pants, they are made as casual wear. They have been seen on the streets of New York already this season and they look super chic.

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Insider tips

  • Dancers this year are stepping away from the metallic and techy colors of the past two years. They are reaching for rich burgundy, warm red, emerald green, and of course, black.
  • This spring and summer will have pastels but pay attention to the hues of white that you will see everywhere. Bright white or “diamond white” is at one end of the spectrum with soft ivory at the other.
  • Leotards with long sleeves are trending heavily. These also have a very low, V-shaped back to show the dancer’s curves in a sensuous way are the leading leotards being ordered.

The most wonderful thing about 2019 trends with dance clothes as fashion is the versatility. You can easily go from the dance studio to a social event. You’ll look breathtaking in the attire that was created to make you feel as beautiful as you look. This is the year for natural beauty and elegance. No matter what style you choose, carry yourself proud. So, start planning your outfits now. You don’t want to waste a single minute of this fashionable, exciting year.

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