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How to Make a Green Office with Technology?

Companies have sought different ways they can have their products or services be more eco-friendly and frequently promote “Go Green” campaigns in their marketing. However, many companies still struggle with making their offices greener. The following are some tips that incorporate technology to help you develop a greener office:

Go slow on paper use

Technology offers the best solution for going slow on paper in your office. You need to adopt digital ways of communication and storing data. For instance, if you need to do group communication it can be done through emails. The old way of keeping files in cabinets should be replaced with keeping files on computers.

When printing, it is crucial to set the printers in a way that they print on both sides. When reviewing documents, it is advisable to do so on the screen rather than on printed documents.

More work with less energy

In the office, the computer is the basic tool of work. We have computers in all offices that are made to ensure work is done in order. These devices can be a good source of energy saving in your company. The computers have energy savings settings such as going on sleep mode after 2 or more minutes of inactivity. Besides, it is crucial to ensure that all computers apart from the ones used for security purposes are switched off before leaving the office.

Devices that are used once in a while such as printers, scanners, and cameras should be switched off when not in use. Parts of your office that are not being used should have the lights off. When the practice becomes a daily practice in your office environment, your staff are likely to take ownership. The outcome will be saving energy hence having a really green office.

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Use Eco-friendly products

Recycled materials such as paper can ensure that your office goes green. There are other tools that can still be reused such as ink cartridges. It is wise to purchase such items because they will lower costs.

The lighting in your office is an important aspect to consider when setting the green environment. There are energy saving bulbs that can save much energy in your office. Besides, there are solar charged lighting systems that can lower costs besides making you eco-friendly.

There are stores that sell completely green products for offices. It is in order for you to visit such places and see what can work for your office environment.

Encourage work from home

There are basic things in the office that can be done from home. You do not need to make it a routine to have your staff come to the office every day. When they do not commute, it saves the environment from much pollution caused by cars.

Consider a casual dress code

In your office is not the strict one dealing customers one on one, it is appropriate to consider casual wear. Suits in the office come with high cooling costs. During summer months the air conditioners will always remain on if your employees are not dressed to fit the high temperatures.

Avoid use of air conditioners

An office can be designed in a way that cooling comes naturally without use of air conditioners. You need to consider natural ventilation and ceiling fans that will replace use of energy in cooling. You also need to inform your staff that continuous use of air conditioners has health risks.

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Avoid driving to work

If all the employees in your office drive to work, it means that you are greatly contributing to environmental pollution. There are alternatives such as biking and walking that do not cause any harm to the environment. You can also advise your employees to consider using public means to and from your office. As the boss, it is crucial to lead this campaign by probably getting a house near the office where you will have to walk to and from the office.

In conclusion, having a green office will have benefits that will go beyond what can be seen at a glance. For instance, the employees are likely to happier which in turn will mean higher productivity in your business. As the boss, it is crucial to lead these campaigns and have it become normal practice adopting eco-friendly means.

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