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How to Make a Hickey Go Away – The Best Home Remedies

Do you know when love gets speedy and more passionate what happens? Yes – In the heat of intimacy many couples show their love to each other through placing a hickey on neck.  A hickey arises when you nibble or bite down on the skin in the heat of passion, causing a noticeable bruise on the skin. The resulting bruise is a hickey.

What is a Hickey?

A hickey is a bruise which occurs when your loved one starts biting or sucking your skin for a prolonged duration. It is also known as love bite, love mark, a sign of love, bug bite, or some couple says that hickey is a sign of ownership. It happens when your partner sucks or bite hard on the skin, and as a result, the capillaries just under your skin break.

A hickey is nothing more than a bruise, but hickey can be embarrassing, especially if it’s a hickey on the neck, when it becomes prominent in public. So, many people who are marked with a hickey, probably asks how to get rid of a hickey fast. There are few tricks through which you can easily come to know how to get rid of love bites, but before that, you should be aware of how long hickeys last.

How Long Do Hickeys Last?

As mentioned above, hickeys are nothing more than a bruise, and it will take time to heal like other bruises. If a hickey is left untreated, then it will last with 5 to 12 days. There is no need to worry about hickeys as they will heal naturally without treatment. However, if you want to get rid of a hickey quickly, then you ought to follow some tips and tricks.

According to 100homeremedies, there are ample of home remedies for hickeys on neck. Well – get ready to unfold the question of how to get rid of hickey. Keep reading on to know about some simple tricks to get rid of hickey within no time.

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How to Get Rid of Hickey – The Fastest and Simple Home Remedies

1. Cold Compress

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a hickey on neck is also the simplest, a cold compress. Cold compresses are the best way to heal a hickey and can be applied through several different methods. Cold compresses help to reduce the rupturing of blood capillaries and also stop the clotting of blood in that affected area.

  • First of all, place a few ice cubes on a towel and wrap it very well.
  • Place this towel on the affected skin.
  • Hold this towel to the affected area maximum for 15 to 20 minutes.


  • Get a frozen spoon and apply it on the hickey until that frozen spoon gets warm

You should repeat both above methods twice or thrice a day and get instant results.

2. Applying Peppermint Oil to Your Hickey on Neck

Maybe you don’t hear about the peppermint remedy. It works great, as it helps to improve circulation of blood and effective for removing a hickey.

  • Get a small amount of peppermint oil and apply it on the love mark.
  • Start gently massage on the affected area as it helps to get rid of hickey.
  • You should repeat the peppermint oil remedy twice a day.


  • You can use toothpaste which contains peppermint
  • Apply peppermint toothpaste on the hickey.
  • Allow it to sit on maximum for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • You can use this method once a daily.

3. Rub A Coin on The Hickey

It’s sound strange, but a small coin can be very effective to heal the love bite you have. You can use a coin as a scrapper; it helps to break down the blood clots in the affected area.

  • First of all, you ought to stretch the affected skin with the help of using two fingers
  • Then, rub the edge of a coin on the hickey or use as a scrapper.
  • You should scrap the centre of bruise mark to the outward direction.
  • To get a better result, you ought to apply pressure while
  • You can repeat the same coin process once a day.

4. Massaging

Yes, it is the best and easiest method which helps to get rid of a love mark. Keep reading to know about how massaging helps to disappear love bite.

  • Take a warm cloth or warm water.
  • Before massaging, you should apply a warm cloth or warm water to the bruise.
  • Then, instantly start massaging the hickey area with your fingers.
  • You should apply excessive pressure from the centre of hickey to the outward area.

5. Intake of Oranges to Disappear Hickey

Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which can be very effective in the healing of various body parts. The reasons behind a hickey are the rupturing of blood capillaries. So, to get rid of hickey, you should increase your intake of vitamin C. As orange is a rich source of vitamin C, you can easily repair the affected skin.

  • Take fresh orange juice or vitamin C supplement.
  • After getting a hickey, immediately drink one or two glasses of orange juice.
  • You should drink fresh orange juice instead of packaged juice.
  • If fresh orange juice is not available, then you ought to take 500mg of vitamin C.
  • You should take vitamin C supplement three times a day.
  • You should continue the increased intake of vitamin C for a week to see the best results.


You now know about three simple things about hickeys:

  • First, a hickey is not more than a bruise, and it heals within a few days on its own.
  • Second, a hickey can be a cause for embarrassment. So, to get rid of the bruise you should follow the above methods.
  • Finally, if you get a hickey, it shouldn’t be a cause of conflict between you and your partner.

Thankfully from the methods listed above, you have come to know a few of the fastest methods to get rid of a hickey. You should follow the above remedies to get effective results within no time.

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