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How to Make Your Car Look Luxurious on a Budget

Everybody wants to take care of their cars as much as they can. Even when you can’t afford the most expensive or fancy car, you still like to show off the one you have and pass it off as a luxurious ride. If you’re looking for ways to make your vehicle look like a luxurious car but you’d like to do so without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Leather or Pleather Steering Wheel Covers

The part of your car that you touch the most is your steering wheel, therefore it’s the best place to start. As you might know, some of the most luxurious cars in the world have all-leather or pleather interiors. Get a fake leather or real leather cover for your steering wheel – or get it reupholstered. You can pick from many options of materials, stitches, textures and even prints. Flashy colors are great for sport cars, while black pleather is ideal for sedan cars. Not only will it look amazing, it’ll feel smooth and cool against your hands.

  • New Audio System

Nowadays, one of the most accessible car parts are stereos. If you want to make your car look more luxurious, expensive and new, you can buy a new audio system with a set of amplifiers. These shiny electronic devices are very inexpensive and you don’t even need to change your car’s original wiring, if you have a knack for electronics you can install it yourself. Take advantage of the several emerging technologies and update your audio system to one that has MP3 or Bluetooth technology. There are even some audio systems with touchscreen displays.

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  • Tint Your Windows

A limousine, a bodyguard’s SUV and some expensive cars have all one thing in common: a very fancy window tint. If your car is a bit old it’s probably already showing some ageing signs such as fading, chipping or cracking. When this happens, the best thing you can do is replace your old windows for ones with a luxurious and safe window tint. With a sleek and modern appearance, tinted windows can raise the appearance of your vehicle AND keep it safe at the same time. Other great benefits of getting a window tint are that your car keeps cool on sunny days and the interior of your car is hidden from outsiders who might notice it’s a little dingy and worn out.

  • Polish the Wheels

The tires of your car say much about its owner. A fancy car needs a set of fancy and shiny tires. Brand new tires can be super expensive, especially since you probably need to purchase a set of 4. So if you want to show off your car and make it look luxurious but you’re on a budget, you can give your wheels a nice polish. There are several products designed to “paint” your tires so they look like new. And asides from a new color, wheel polish can also protect from UV lights and cover them with protection from debris and dust. Remember that giving your tires a makeover doesn’t guarantee they’ll also work like new; for safety you need to replace your tires when they wear out.

  • Chrome External Details of the Car

There’s something that distinguishes most luxurious cars. It’s not a big thing, it actually comes in very small details here and there on the outside and inside of an expensive vehicle. We’re talking about chrome details. You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks on a new set of wheel rims, luxury shows in small and minimalistic details. A cover for your side mirrors, a frame for your license plate or a fine border surrounding your headlights will instantly make your car look more luxurious. The best thing about chrome details is that it doesn’t even have to be metal, it’s a thin plastic that ends up being very cheap.

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  • Custom Car Floor Mats

Since your feet (and your family’s) are in constant touch with the flooring of your car, this is probably the first part that wears out. Brand new car floor mats are characteristic for some of the most luxurious cars. If you want to give your vehicle a much needed update and make it look newer and more expensive, get a set of custom car floor mats to match the color of your car or even to highlight your personality. Make sure to clean your floor mats constantly so they don’t wear out or stain, this will also help your car smell great.

  • LED Headlights

If your car had a face, the headlights would definitely be the eyes. Asides from giving the covers a nice and thorough polish to remove scratches and dirt, there’s another thing you can do for your car’s lights. A new set of LED headlights can give you an improved appearance and even better illumination for the roads you travel, which translates into a safety upgrade. LED headlights are cheap, easy to install and they even consume less energy, so it’s a win-win situation. Give your headlights a luxurious change!

  • Wax and Polish Your Car

Here’s probably the best kept secret for all luxurious cars: they’re ALWAYS spotlessly clean. Do you remember seeing a dingy and dirty expensive and desirable car? Nope. That’s because a fancy car always looks clean and shiny. If you want to give your car the same appearance you must start investing in some car wax. Getting your car washed often (or doing it yourself) can guarantee the painting will last longer and the car will look more valuable. There are many brands of car wax so you can apply it yourself, or you can take your car to professionals and make it look literally like new.

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There you have it. Whether it is by installing a brand new audio system, getting a custom leather cover for your steering wheel or applying car wax, there are many ways in which you can upgrade your ride’s appearance. Don’t forget the first step to care for your car is to always keep it clean, organized and free of scratches and bumps.

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