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How to Make Your Home Cozy with These Ceiling Ideas

When you’re creating a space where you and your family will live, you want every inch of it to be perfect, and even though it seems strange this can also include the ceiling. Not many people pay attention to that part of a room because they wonder who even takes a closer look towards the sky; but the truth is, just by having a pretty ceiling you can instantly brighten your mood and create a harmonious room for you and your guests. Check out these ceiling ideas to make your home a cozier place.

1. The height of your ceiling and the effect it has on your room

While most apartments and houses have a standard height, there are still some ways to adjust it. But what’s the importance of having low or high ceilings? According to interior designers, high ceilings are important to let air flow more freely and light come in easier, which is why they’re recommended for bedrooms. However, tall ceilings are not recommended for main areas since they can increase heating and cooling costs and they can make acoustics troubling.

2. Colored ceilings

Some say the ceiling is considered a “fifth wall” of your room. With this in mind, you should think about using this space to include a color that fits the rest of your decor or that even creates an intriguing contrast that’ll make your guests look up. You can go as simple as painting your ceiling a few tones lighter or darker than the color of your walls or you can seize the opportunity and paint it a bright blue or green color.

3. Pick the best type of ceiling for you

If you’re building your own house, or you’re remodeling your space, it’s the best time to think about the type of ceiling you want to make so it can stand out and immediately make your space look stylish. There are plenty of ceiling styles and add-ons you can apply to either all of your place or some of your rooms to help them stand out in spite of the size of the space.

  • Conventional ceiling


A conventional ceiling is the one most houses and apartments have, with a standard 8 feet in height. A conventional ceiling has a straight, flat surface but there’s nothing conventional about it. This type of ceiling is perfect to let your imagination fly with different paintings, colored borders, lampshades, chandeliers and fans to help it stand out at a more reasonable construction cost. Conventional ceilings are the perfect blank canvas for you so, don’t think of them as a boring type of ceiling.

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  • Tray ceiling


This type of ceiling is typically installed or built into elegant dining rooms or kitchens because they serve as a perfect frame for a centered piece of furniture like a family dining table. A tray ceiling is “built up” and cut out to look like a service tray -hence the name-. These ceilings pop out or are inverted to create a three-dimensional effect that shakes things up a bit. A tray ceiling can make any room look instantly bigger, and they can have more than one “tray” installed and sometimes even decorated with moldings.

  • Transparent ceiling


In interior design, the concept of translucent or transparent objects speaks about clarity and openness in life. Some people want to include glass in their home decor by adding vases, big windows and clear lampshades; but if you want to take it to another level a transparent ceiling might be the choice for you. Glass or perspex ceiling is ideal to bring tons of light to common areas of a home, but it’s definitely not recommended for bedrooms or bathrooms.

  • Mirrors on the ceiling


Some people say that mirrors on the ceiling can be tacky, but when done right they can actually help make a space look bigger and they add a nice elegant touch to any room. The trick here is to choose a small area and an uneven shape to apply the mirrors, just enough to make them an accent in your ceiling.

  • Drapes and fabrics on the ceiling


Another inexpensive item that can turn around the way a room looks is fabric. By draping some lightweight drapes to the center of a room you can create a comfy and intimate vibe, perfect for kids’ play rooms or even a master bedroom with high ceilings.

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  • Ceiling panels


A classic piece that we’ve all seen in modern and family houses is ceiling panels which are a great way to make your ceiling look less boring and even more expensive. There are panels with patterns that go from square to uneven shapes to give it a modern spin.

4. Mix ceiling styles all over your house

You think your house needs to be all the same? Think again! The cool thing about ceilings is that they can, in fact, be very different and serve a specific purpose in each one of your rooms. For example, you can create a tray ceiling on the living room, paint it a different color in your living room and add flowy drapes in your bedroom to add a more intimate touch. It’s all about what you’re looking for in each space.

5. Add accessories to your ceiling

The construction process is not the only way in which you can transform the ceilings in your house or apartment. If you have a low budget or you can’t make any permanent changes to your ceiling, there are plenty of accessories you can add and still make your rooms stand out. You can purchase hand painted paper strips or rolls to “wrap your ceiling” – think of oriental or exotic motives! -, you can hang delicate linen strips to make it more comfy, get some golden ceiling fixtures to make your room look luxurious and you can play with the lighting using original and long lamps.

As you can see, decorating or changing the look of your ceiling with these ceiling ideas listed above is not that complicated. With just a few touches here and there you can turn any room into the coziest space in your house, so remember that looking up must also be enjoyable!

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