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How to Make your Workout as Green as Possible

The fact you’re already aware of the importance of working out says a lot about you and your attitude towards health and life in general. Like millions of people from all over the world, you’re doing whatever you can to keep yourself in shape, delay problems that come with older age, and to make yourself feel good. Regardless of whether you work out because you want to lose weight or stay fit, you’re doing your mind and body a great favor. However, have you ever thought that you could also contribute to a cleaner and less polluted environment by making some slight changes to your workout routine?

Well, in case you’ve never associated being green with working out, we’ve prepared several tips that should help you realize that all of us can make a difference to the well-being of our beloved planet even when we exercise. So, working out has become one of the most recent additions to the family of eco-friendly practices and we should embrace the benefits.

Staying Hydrated

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated during the whole day and especially when we engage in physically strenuous activities. That’s why you should always have a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated. However, the bottle should be reusable so that you can refill it whenever you need. Ditch plastic bottles that end up in landfills for the sake of our planet and opt for a fashionably designed bottle you can take with you not only to the gym, but also to school, university, or work.

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Green Diet

One of the aspects of life that is most commonly associated with living green is diet. Eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy diet helps you lose weight and look great, but it also has fantastic effects on your overall health. Sustainable diet and increased demand for more ethical agricultural practices can also contribute to less pollution, i.e. to the protection of the environment.

In terms of meals, breakfast is of vital importance and simply has to be included in your morning routine. Choose nuts, proteins and healthy fats over unhealthy, greasy and sweet food. Knowing that the food you consume has been farmed or produced in a way that is eco-friendly will make you feel better and you’ll support those who really care about our planet.


A lot of people who work out also take some kind of supplements to maximize the effect of exercising and tackle certain issues. Supplements also help them boost their performance and get better results. Unfortunately, there are many supplements out there that are anything but green. That’s why you should always go for natural, plant-based supplements that are rich in vitamins, healthy fatty acids, and amino acids that will distribute your energy properly and improve your endurance in a natural way. One compound that is both natural and efficient is definitely yohimbine, which comes from the yohimbe tree, an evergreen tree found in central and west Africa. Since leading a vegan life is better for the planet and reducing our use of animal products has the power to make a difference to our carbon footprint, it’s important to choose plant-based supplements to our daily routines.

Home Workout

It goes without saying that gyms are great because they have everything you may need when it comes to equipment, but they also produce a lot of carbon footprint, which is something you want to avoid. If you work out at home, you’ll avoid having to pay a hefty gym membership and you’ll also contribute to protecting the environment. Investing in some equipment will soon pay off and you’ll be able to save a lot of time by having a home workout. You also won’t have to drive to the gym or take public transport, which is another way of preserving our planet. However, you do need to have enough space that is well ventilated where you’ll be able to find your peace and quiet to focus on exercising.

Outdoor Sessions

If the weather is not too hot or cold, you should use the opportunity to exercise outdoors. To begin with, you’ll have much more space than in any gym and you can use park benches, grass areas and walls for a wide range of exercises, such as squats, planks and push-ups. You’ll also save some money by not paying for the gym. Most importantly, you’ll spend more time outdoors, enjoying cleaner and much more pleasant air than what you have at the gym.

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Eco-Friendly Clothing

If you’re serious about green workouts, you shouldn’t neglect the clothes you wear to the gym or park. Eco-friendly gym clothing, such as durable and breathable socks, will ensure you have a comfortable and sweat-free workout session. Apart from choosing the right type of clothes, you should also make sure that the brand that produces the clothes you need uses organically grown, eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and cotton.

Green Cosmetic Products

Each time you go to the gym, you can expect to get very tired and sweaty which means you need to take a shower as soon as possible and apply deodorant. That brings us to the problem with many cosmetic products on the market today, which are not eco-friendly. So, focus on brands that are cruelty-free and use organically derived ingredients when choosing your shower gel, shampoo, and deodorant. Make sure your deodorant is free of aluminum and other potentially dangerous substances. Similarly, your shower gel and shampoo should not contain sulphates, parabens, and silicones. Luckily, there are a lot of cosmetic products out there that will allow you to be eco-friendly when it comes to your post-workout routine.

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If you manage to introduce an eco-friendly workout into your daily routine, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. First, you’ll be reaping the benefits of being physically active and fit. Second, you’ll be caring for the planet and become more environmentally conscious. It is very difficult to change habits overnight but if you introduce even small alterations at your own pace, you’ll be on the right track and eventually be able to commit to an eco-friendly workout regime.

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