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How to Pick a Diamond for Your Lover

In a world thats already filled with replicas and clones that look almost like the real ones, diamonds are also victims to one of the greatest fake markets that cover many countries. Whether you pick it for yourself or you want to give it as a gift for that special person, you want to make sure that the diamond earrings, or piece youre about to purchase, is original. Follow our handy guide so you dont get ripped off and you have the best shiny stones in your hands.

Choose the Shape of the Diamond

How to Pick a Diamond for Your Lover- Diamond Shape

The first step towards purchasing beautiful diamond rings is to think of the shapes. Keep in mind that theres no perfect shape, and it really depends on your taste and your preferences. Some of the most known diamond shapes available are round, princess cut, cushion shaped, oval, emerald, pear, heart shaped, radiant and marquise shaped. The diamond shape can affect the shine and the way the light reflects on it, but more than that you should pick a shape that goes with your hands and your style. A traditional woman might opt for a classic shape such as the emerald cut, while a modern woman might prefer a more unique shape such as the pear cut. 

Learn about Cut Quality

How to Pick a Diamond for Your Lover- Cut Quality

The quality of the cut of a diamond is probably the characteristic that could affect a diamonds beauty the most. The cut quality is not ruled by any general regulations or standards, so you might need to look for diamond earrings in different places to check their cut quality. Some of the most common cut qualities youll find at diamond and jewelry stores are the Ideal cut, the Excellent grade, Astor Ideal cut, True Heats cut and even the Premium cut. Cut quality is very important because it can completely make a diamond look expensive and fancy or cheap and poorly made. 

Try Different Carat Weights 

How to Pick a Diamond for Your Lover- Carat Weight

The carat weight of diamond rings define the size of it, and it could also affect other aspects of the stone such as the shine and the shape. Keep in mind that the bigger the carat weight the more expensive the diamond will be. So you might want to consider an appropriate carat weight that fits your budget as well as your special someones needs. For example, you might be able to pay for a 2 carat diamond (considered big in size and expensive), but maybe your lady prefers to wear small and discrete diamonds.  

Choose the Diamond Color and Color Range

How to Pick a Diamond for Your Lover- Color Range

Diamonds in their purest form are, or should be, white. In spite of this, there are very different ranges of diamond color for the same white tone. For example, you can pick a D or E range diamond and get a practically colorless stone, while the G and I range appear whiter and cost much less than the first ones. Another important thing to keep in mind is that different diamond shapes make the color stand out in different areas of the stone, so you should check all shapes available to see how the diamond color reacts under the light.  

Check the Diamond Clarity

How to Pick a Diamond for Your Lover- Diamond Clarity

The diamond clarity is how clean it looks to the naked eye or even under a microscope. High-graded diamonds are usually free of inclusions, blemishes or any sort of spots on the inside when you look closely at them. When picking a diamond, make sure to ask for a close inspection so you review that it has no stains of any kind on the inside” structure of the diamond. When purchasing a diamond, your goal is to find a diamond that looks clear and clean to the naked eye at the best price available, in disregard to how it looks up close.

Pick Several Diamonds and Compare Them 

You might be presented with several diamonds that all have the same shape and carat weight, but theyll look very different to you in terms of shine and diamond clarity. Other aspects to take into consideration when comparing diamonds are polish, fluorescence and symmetry. 

Always Verify the Certificate of Origin

How to Pick a Diamond for Your Lover- Diamond Certificate

As you may already know, illegal diamond trading is one of the most serious problems in the jewelry industry. Illegal diamonds might come from war zones or be obtained in mines with inhuman conditions. Even worse, some diamonds could actually be fake and produced in a lab to look exactly like the real deal but costing a small fraction of a real diamond, and of course, being sold like a legitimate one. Keeping this in mind you should always look for the certificate of origin of a Diamond, to see that it comes from an ethical company and its certified as authentic. We recommend you looking for GIA or AGS certifications rather than IGI, EGL or HRD certifications.  

Ask for an Expert’s Opinion

Our final and most recommended piece of advice when looking for the perfect diamond is to ask for an experts opinion. There are people who could come with you to jewelers and make more thorough evaluations and finally help you decide if youre making the right purchase. Having an experts opinion will always ensure that youre getting the best diamond according to your budget and your preferences. 

Now you know some of the most recommended tips to pick diamond earrings or diamond rings, so that they fit your standards and you budget perfectly. Make sure to follow these steps in order and youll have some of the most precious stones in your accessories for the best price available. 

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