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How to Save a Crumbling Marriage

Are you trying to save your crumbling marriage? If yes, read on.

According to associates at a family law firm in San Jose, about 60% of marriages end in divorce. That’s almost 1.1 million people in the U.S. Most failing marriages nowadays are caused because couples take their work seriously without putting enough priority on their marriage. Couples nowadays work longer hours, causing lack of communication and spending time together which leads to a broken marriage.

Saving a falling marriage is not as easy as a following a guide or reading a book. There is no charm or formula to regain the love couples felt for each other during the early stages of their relationship. Saving a crumbling marriage is a slow and gradual process that needs the cooperation of both couples. Here are a few tips to save your crumbling marriage:

1. Start having conversations again

Remember when you first got married to your spouse – you were always talking about how you want to spend the rest of your life together. Now you only talk via text or phone and that is not very romantic. What happened to normal talking and chatting while together?

Although, you may now have kids which are busy taking care of,  you still need to spare some time for your spouse and you to connect as a couple again and not just be busy parents who are always focusing on your jobs.

Take time to discuss more things together as a couple. This will help relieve the stress on both of you and prevent a broken marriage.

One great way of doing this is to have a few fun date-nights away from home to enjoy your time together to bring back the romantic lifestyle you once had.

2. Seek professional help

If you are in a marriage and things seem like they are not working, you may need to seek the help of a marriage counselor. Marriage counseling will give you the professional advice needed to save your crumbling marriage.

A falling marriage could be caused by lack of communication, trust issues , lack of time, addiction, financial problems, arguments, or lack of intimacy. If your marriage has reached this level, then this is the best time to seek professional help because you may be one step away from a broken marriage.

But as long as you and your partner want to save your failing marriage, then visiting a  Marriage Counsellor, Relationship Coach or attending marriage therapy is the best option. With these you will definitely recive homework to do as a couple, couple activities or some other things to learn from which will help promote marriage improvement.

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3. Rekindle the romance

Do you remember the last time you went on a date with your spouse? To sustain a marriage, you should always keep the romance alive because if your spouse misses romance in life, they may tend to seek it somewhere else so, always find ways to be romantic — just because you are married does not mean your love life has to be stagnant.

Renewing the romance in your marriage can make a big difference to your marriage and save you from an unhappy marriage.

Here are ways to rekindle the romance in your marriage:

  • Make your sex life a priority
  • Laugh together
  • Always share positive comments
  • Hold hands more often
  • Travel to new countries together
  • Develop new feelings

4. Rekindle your passion

When you are trying to be good in everything, being a good parent, running a home, and being good at work, it is hard to feel as sexy as you once were. This is normal, but your brain should be focused more on your marriage than it is on the passion in your relationship. You have to renew the passion you once had for your relationship and continue to develop it for your marriage to work. Here are ways to renew the passion in your marriage:

  • Sit down and talk about your marriage.
  • Go on a romantic vacation or getaway to spend time together without distractions.
  • Always talk every day to reignite the passion.

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5. Do not give up

Facing marital problems when in pain is challenging. But couples can restore their failing marriages. Things may not work out as fast as wanted and may take some time so, couples need to be patient and never give up on their efforts of saving their marriage. In reality, it takes less energy and is worth the time invested rather than than having marriage problems! Couples should be committed, compassionate and reconciling to sort things out together no matter what it takes.

6. Pay Close Attention

Pay close attention by communicating with your spouse and always be ready to hear what he/she has to say. Never be far away from each other, share your feelings and thoughts. Doing this will help regain the love and passion in your marriage. Do not shout at your spouse and never refuse to hear what he/she has to say. Refusal creates a a feeling of irrelevance, which often causes marriage problems.

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7. Avoid feeling jealous

Jealousy is not always a bad thing, it’s human nature but, it should be controlled. Couples should avoid feeling too jealous, a little jealousy is good because it makes couples feel how loved they are, but too much jealousy is bad. It becomes a problem when it creeps into the marriage.

Here are some ways to avoid jealousy:

  • Stop comparing
  • Do not question your spouse
  • Do not accuse your spouse
  • Be Open & Honest
  • Focus on the Good and not the Bad

8. Support your Spouse and Make them feel important

Many couples take supporting their partner for granted. Couples should support each other to showcase the value they have for each other. This is a great marriage motivation. This can be done by finding a way of appreciating each other every day. When couples support and make each other feel special, this gets them together emotionally.

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In Conclusion

If you want to save your failing marriage and make your love endure and survive the many hurdles of life, these are some great ways as to how you can save your crumbling marriage. Your marriage is something you should value and not let slip away.

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