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How to Save Money on Roof Repair Like a Pro

As the highest part of a house’s exterior, the roof is frequently exposed to harsh weather elements. However, it’s also what protects homeowners from adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains and winter storms. 

As the helmet of your house, a roof has to be sturdy enough to prevent it from causing other parts of your home to fail. That’s why, if you spot any sign of damage or if you notice that your roof is in poor shape, you should perform the necessary repairs immediately. Here is some useful info on what you may need to know before doing any roof repairs.  

Generally, the minimum cost of roof repair is USD$150, with the maximum cost reaching USD$8,000. However, the average national cost is USD$750, with an average range of USD$400-1000.  

Nevertheless, your specific situation and the work required will dictate the total cost of repair, so expect it to vary. However, if you don’t have enough funds saved up for a roof repair, here are some smart ways to save on costs:

1. Find out if You Need Repair or Replacement 

Before deciding to perform any repairs, it’s essential to call roofing contractors who can inspect your roof and help determine if there’s damage in any of your roofing structure’s underlayment or decking. Most roofing repair and replacement service providers will do the inspection free of charge. If they find out that the damage is extensive, replacing your entire roof would usually be the better move in terms of value. 

Below are some of the things to consider before deciding between repairing or replacing your roof: 

  • The Age of the Roof

A repair might be okay for relatively new roofs or those still in the middle of their life cycle. But if your roof has a 25-year warranty and it’s already 23 years old, replacing it may be the better way to go. 

  • Size of the Area that Needs Repair

Repair would probably be a better move if only one or two small regions in your roofing need to be fixed. You can even do the fixing yourself. But if the area that needs repairing is around 40% or more of the full surface, consider a roof replacement instead. 

  • Cost of Replacing an Entire Roof

A roof replacement will provide better value for your money if repairing your home’s roofing will cost you USD$750 while replacement would cost USD$1,000. With such a slight difference, it would be best to go with a roof replacement instead and receive a brand new structure. 

2. Get the Timing Right 

The busiest time for most roofing companies is from late summer through the fall. Since it’s the peak season, performing repairs is more costly because of the increasing demand for roofing materials and services. Hence, homeowners are encouraged to repair their roofs during spring, summer, or even wintertime to save money. 

However, waiting as long as you can to avoid peak roofing seasons could, at the end of the day, still mean shelling out more money because your roof’s condition has likely worsened. Don’t wait for spring, summer, or winter months to come if you have the budget to do it now. 

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3. Refrain from DIY-ing Major Repairs 

Many homeowners look for opportunities to DIY when it comes to scheduled maintenance and small repairs to save money. There’s nothing wrong with DIY-fixing minor roof issues, but it’s essential to note that there are complicated problems that should be best left to professional roofing Burlington contractors.  

Here are some of the roof repair projects that only pros should do: 

  • Roof Inspection

Annual roof inspections that are meant for hard-to-detect signs of trouble, especially ones that might not be easily visible from the ground or by an amateur. 

  • Replacing Lost Shingles

Missing or damaged shingle replacement requires skill and safety precautions. Although it may seem like a minor issue, hiring roofing contractors for the job could prevent you from paying for more significant repairs later or even end up getting hurt.  

  • Roof Replacement

When it’s time for a brand-new roof, homeowners definitely should determine the kind of roofing that’s best for their needs. Ensuring correct installation could also save you from repairs that require higher costs in the future.

4. Reuse Roofing Materials if Possible 

When restoring or repairing roofs, many homeowners don’t realize that not all roofing materials need to be replaced, at least not all the time. The truth is that quality roofing materials can sometimes be reused. 

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The cost is definitely a significant issue in a roof repair job. However, postponing the project is often not an option due to the roof’s vital role in your home. The good news is that there are ways to save money when repairing your roof, such as the ones mentioned and discussed above. Hopefully, what you’ve learned here can help you reduce your repair expenses significantly.

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