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How to Stop A Dog From Barking

Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures in the world, and they make for some of the best companions for people. In spite of them being playful and cheerful, sometimes dogs can bark nonstop for reasons we sometimes dont understand. Keep reading to find out why dogs bark and how to stop them from doing so. 

Why Does my Dog Bark? 

We might feel like dogs are very simple; but the truth is, like any other animal, they have very complex behavior patterns that you need to keep in mind to understand them. Lets explore some of the main reasons why dogs bark. 

  • They Want Food

When your dog is feeling hungry the most basic instinct is to look for food on its own. If you keep the dog food stored then they might start feeling a little anxious and look for you and start requesting” food, so theyll start to bark. 

  • They’re Being Territorial 

As you might know, dogs can get very territorial, especially male dogs. When a dog feels their territory is being invaded, either by another dog, or by a person they dont know, theyll start to bark to mark their territory, and as a warning that they might get more aggressive if you trespass. 

  • They’re Excited

You have to keep in mind that dogs bark as their only means of communication, so barking could mean danger but it also means excitement. When your dog is extra happy and pumped theyll start barking animatedly and jump around in a playful manner. 

  • They Have Fear or Suffer From Anxiety

Some dogs that have experienced trauma or suffer from constant anxiety could bark non-stop at random moments. An anxious dog barks but also shows other signs such as a low head posture, the tail between the legs and ears bent.

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  • They’re in Pain, Hurt or Sick

Naturally, a dog thats hurt or in pain will bark asking for aid from its pack, letting them know they need assistance. The barking of a hurting dog will sound much higher than usual, like a high-pitched sound. When your dog is sick and is feeling particularly bad theyll also bark gently to let you know they need some help. 

  • Canine Dementia 

Elderly dogs start to develop some cognitive deterioration, which is usually known among humans as dementia. Dogs with dementia might start barking for no reason at places where no one or nothing is around, and at random moments like in the middle of the night. 

  • They’re Bored, Feel Lonely or Need Attention 

Dogs are very playful and social animals. Whenever they dont have a companion -human or animal – theyll start barking to ask for your attention and engage in some play time. Bored dogs will also look for whoever they have nearby and bark at them to get attention. 

  • Responding to other Dogs 

Barking is the way dogs communicate with their surroundings. When two dogs run into each other they might start barking at one another. Dont panic and think theyre going to engage in a fight, most times theyre just getting to know each other, or introducing themselves. 

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How to Stop Dogs From Barking?

Even though barking is part of a dogs nature and you cant really stop them from doing it in normal situations or for their natural instinct, there are a few dog trainer tips you can follow to keep them from barking uncontrollably. 

  • Remove Whatever’s Making Your Dog Bark

Its very likely that you dog is barking because of a very particular stimulli near them. For example, if your dog loves to bark at passersby, you cant really stop people from passing in front of your house, but you can take your dog to a different room for a few hours a day so they wont bark that much. 

  • Ignore Them Until They Stop Barking

Paying attention to your dog when they bark makes them feel that what theyre doing is all right, so you might want to start ignoring your dog when they bark. Dont engage with them at all, dont touch them or even look at them. 

  • Desensitize Your Dog to What Makes Them Bark

Instead of taking your dog away from whatever makes them bark, you can try and desensitize them to the stimulus. Whatever is making your dog bark like crazy, you can gradually introduce them to and get it closer each time until they get used to it and eventually stop barking at it. 

  • Make a Warning Sound 

A very popular way of training dogs to stop barking is by emitting a warning sound and letting them know this means they should stop barking. Whenever they respond correctly they can be rewarded and this sound will let them know to be quiet. 

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  • Leave Your Scent Around When Youre not Home 

Dogs that feel lonely or bored might bark like crazy. When youre not around, you clearly cant pay attention to your dog and get them to stop barking. Rub your hands on your dogs toys so, whenever youre not around, theyll enjoy the taste” of you and engage with it instead of barking. 

  • Distract Your dog With a Different Activity that Doesn’t Involve Barking

Luckily, dogs have a very short attention span. This means that you can easily distract them from barking by getting them to engage in a different activity like fetching the ball or scratching their belly. 

  • Get Your Dog to do Extenuating Physical Activity

A dog that has the right amount of physical activity will be mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day, leaving them very little energy to bark. Make sure your dog runs around, plays a lot and gets their proper food so they dont store extra energy. 

  • Punishment/Reward 

One of the most successful strategies to make your dog stop barking is to apply the punishment and reward method. Dogs who feel threatened will bark and growl as a sign of warning. Whenever your dog barks, force a small, harmless punishment like squirting water on them, and whenever the behavior stops you might want to have some treats at hand to give to your dog so they stop feeling anxious or in danger. 

  • Hire a Dog Trainer 

If you have very little time to train your dog to bark less, you might want to consider a dog trainer. Theyll manage any type of situation even if you have tried  every tip in this list but nothing seems to work. 

Now you know some of the most common reasons why dogs bark and how you can act in order to stop them. Be sure to try every point in this list and enjoy your dog being happy but quiet! 

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