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Interior Design and Home Decor Tips with Flowers

Flowers are one of natures best gifts. They embellish every garden but they can also be the best addition for the inside of any house or apartment. If you want to learn how to decorate your different rooms using fresh flowers or artificial flowers keep reading this article!  

What is the Purpose of Flowers? 

Flowers come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and even scents. They are beautiful to look at and smell good, but they actually serve many specific purposes when used in interior design. 

  • They Add a Touch of Color to Any Room

Flowers are the perfect household item to add a touch of color to a room. It doesnt matter if youre trying to go for a neutral color scheme in your living room, its always a nice finishing touch to place bright flowers and make them the protagonist of the place. 

  • Improve Your Mood

We cant deny that flowers are an instant mood booster. Whenever you enter a room your eyes, inadvertently, start looking for color. Thats because the brain identifies colors as visual therapy. 

  • They can Help Fight Stress 

At the end of a long day, its normal to come home stressed and tired. When someones experiencing daily stress flowers are an amazing element to calm down. All flowers are a pleasant sight to see, plus they’re soft and nice smell acts as some form of aromatherapy. 

  • They Remove Unpleasant Odors

Flowers not only look good, but they also smell good when theyre fresh. Flowers as natural fragrances help fight bad odors around the house. You can place fresh roses in your living room for your guests, in the bathroom to fight unpleasant smells and you can even make potpourri with chopped petals to add scent to your drawers. 

  • They Improve Oxygen Circulation in any Room

Just as with plants, fresh flowers are a strong source of oxygen around the house. Keeping recently-plucked flowers all over the house can increase oxygen circulation and improve the quality of the air in any room. If you live in a city with very polluted air, fresh flowers will do wonders. 

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The Best Locations to Place Flowers 

Placing flowers isnt as difficult as youd think. While using flowers is a big part of doing interior design correctly, you can follow your instinct as well as some basic tips, such as matching the flowers with the color of the room. 

  • Living Room

Your living room is probably the first place you should take care of when placing flowers as a home design. This is a place where your guests usually go and it needs to look on point.

  • Dining Room

Flowers go great as centerpieces of the dining table. You can pick a color that goes smoothly with the rest of the decorations and you can even rotate them in different areas of the table to refresh your mood.  

  • Bedroom

It may seem unusual to place flowers in the bedroom, but its actually great to wake up and admire a fresh bouquet of roses along with the sunrise. Place your flowers on a side table or on a shelf by the window. 

  • Kitchen

A kitchen is an unexpected place that can instantly brighten up by placing flowers. You can mix the scents of food with the fragrance of flowers and create an amazing ambiance. 

  • Entryway

Flowers in the entryway are the best first impression for your guests. You can create an elegant bouquet and place it on a long table in front of a mirror to enjoy the view.

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  • Office

The office doesnt have to be your least favorite room of the house. You can cheer up this place and make it pleasant to work there, simply placing a fresh stem of white roses or even a pot with a live flower such as a gardenia. 

  • On a Table Next to the Stairs or the Stair Rail

The stair rail usually draws attraction to people because it divides the floors of a house. You can add a nice touch to this area by placing a long flower garland all across the rail of the stairs. You can also place a nice vase with flowers on a side table next to the stairs on the first floor.  

  • Shelves

Smaller and delicate flowers are perfect for placing on shelves since these pieces of furniture cant stand that much weight. Placing flowers here will also draw attention to your walls to make them stand out. 

  • Corners of Walls

Have you ever seen cornered” flowers? An original idea for interior design is to place a round, tall table and top it off with a beautiful bowl with flowers or a fresh flower bouquet. 

Home Design Tips Using Flowers

Now that you know some of the best places where you can place flowers around the house, youll want to check out these home design tips using flowers in an original way. 

  • Frame Flowers and Hang Them on the Wall 

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- Frame Flowers and Hang Them on the Wall

Flowers dont always have to come in the shape of bouquets. You can take your favorite flower such as roses, pick off the petals, and neatly frame them so you can hang them on the wall. Asides from a nice touch, they can be used to cover up something unattractive such as electrical boxes or cables. 

  • Create a Flower Mirror Frame

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- Create a Flower Mirror Frame

Flowers in unexpected places make people happy because they brighten up their view. You can purchase several artificial flowers and place them on your mirror frame or fully cover the frame.

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  • Make Floral Monogram Letters for the Door of Your Children’s Bedroom

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- Make Floral Monogram Letters for the Door of Your Children’s Bedroom

Flowers are perfect for your children, too! Simply carve the initial of your childs name in styrofoam, cut the stems of fresh flowers so they measure ½”, and start sticking them all over the letter. This monogram can go on their bedroom door or a side table. 

  • Floral Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- Floral Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

As we mentioned, the dining table is the best place to put flowers on. Let your creativity fly and arrange colorful centerpieces in bowls or unexpected items such as small teacups. 

  • Place Fresh Flowers in Baskets for Your Terrace

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- Place Fresh Flowers in Baskets for Your Terrace

If you dont have a flower garden but youd still like to enjoy the beauty of flowers on the outside, simply take big baskets and fill them out with a nice combination of fresh flowers. 

  • Make a “Flower Wall”  

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- Make a "Flower Wall"

For this piece of home design, youll need artificial flowers. You can pick out a bright color palette and purchase several types of flowers, which youll glue to the wall. Good places to create flower walls” are long hallways or entryways or places that are hard to fill” with decorations. 

  • Flowers and Candles 

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- Flowers and Candles

A nice and aesthetic touch to decorate using flowers is to mix them with candles. Not only do they look romantic, but they also look harmonious together. You can place them neatly on a tall display shelf or a dining table when no one is using them. 

  • On Top of the Fireplace  

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- On Top of the Fireplace

Most people dont know what to do with the surface of a fireplace, and so it usually looks a bit naked”. Create a long and assorted flower garland to place on top of the fireplace, and you can change it according to the season of the year. 

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  • In Front of a Floor-to-Ceiling Window 

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- In Front of a Floor-to-Ceiling Window

While floor-to-ceiling windows can look gorgeous and make a house look spacious, theyre not ideal in terms of privacy. To prevent others from peeking in from outside, place a tall and attractive flower arrangement in a long vase. The view will be amazing from either side! 

  • Create “Hanging” Flower Arrangements for Your Kitchen

Home Decor Tips With Flowers- Create "Hanging" Flower Arrangements for your Kitchen

Sometimes the kitchen can get a bit crowded, but if you still want to make it look nice you can create beautiful hanging flower arrangements and place them over your countertops or near a window so they receive enough daylight. 

Flowers can become your ally in decorating every room in your house. Let their bright colors and sweet scents fill your home, and do it like the pros!

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