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Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

There are parts of your house that serve utilitarian purposes and must be in there for a reason. You have a bathroom to cleanse yourself, you have a kitchen to make your meals and you have a bedroom to rest. But there are some areas of your home that are designed specifically for your pleasure or leisure times, and one of them is reading nooks. These places not only are ideal to curl up in your blanket and read a nice book, they’re also perfect for some relaxing time on your own or to bond with your family in a quiet manner. If you’re looking to create a reading nook in your house but you need some interior design ideas, check our list below. 

1. Add a bookshelf to store your books nearby

As the name suggests, a reading nook is a place where most people retreat to get some quiet time and enjoy their favorite books, so it’s only natural that you invest in a bookshelf to keep your books nearby. Some reading nooks are very small but you don’t necessarily have to purchase a bulking bookshelf; there are plenty of other ways to keep your books. You can hang a small shelf on the wall to place the books you and your family are reading right now, you can have a knitted basket on the floor near the couch and carefully store them in there, or you can even have a coffee table where you arrange them neatly.

2. Look for the softest chair 

Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook- Find the Softest Chair

The first and most important thing a reading nook must have is the perfect seating area. Since these places are designed for rest, relaxation and some quiet time, it’s necessary that you take your time looking for the softest chair or couch. Make sure to sit on it and test it before buying a piece of furniture you want to rest in. Some chairs look really chic but once you sit on them you find out they’re very uncomfortable and make you want to stand up right away. It’s also a great idea to find a sitting furniture for two, since reading nooks are not only for yourself but for your family or partner as well. You wouldn’t want to miss some bonding time because the two of you can’t sit in the same place would you? 

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3. Place your reading nook in a corner or small place

Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook- Place it in a Corner or Small Space

The location of your reading nook is crucial when it comes to interior design. A reading nook is a place for complete relaxation and even some meditation, so you must keep it away from common areas or places where there’s people going in and out all day, like near the kitchen or the main entrance. A reading nook placed in a corner, or a small place, will make you feel like you’re in your own bubble, and let you concentrate on your reading. Another idea for your reading nook is to place it near the window, that way you’ll also be able to enjoy the view (if you have a good one) and do some contemplation or deep thinking. 

4. Add a pop of color

Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook- Add a Pop of Color

A reading nook is something so personal that it needs to express your personality correctly. Thinking of this, you must add a pop of your favorite color, or some shade that you really find attractive or even relaxing. Reading nooks tend to look very chic, so make them stand out from the rest of your room by adding a nice touch like a colorful lamp, a shiny pillow or even painting the wall against the reading nook a bright color. 

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5. Hang the right type of curtains

Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook- Hang Curtains

Your reading nook must be a place you can enjoy no matter the time of the day, so something to keep in mind when designing your space is how you want to keep natural light in -or out- of the area. When it’s nighttime and you want to keep the annoying streetlights out of your face, hanging some thick curtains can help you. However if you use your reading nook during the day and you’d like to diffuse daylight in an elegant and comfortable manner, you can hang some sheer drapes that’ll also look like a great decor accent.  

6.Hang pictures of family and friends

Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook- Place Family Pictures

Some decor experts say that nothing boosts your mood as effectively as looking at pictures of your beloved ones. Since a reading nook is a safe space that must be filled only with positive vibes and memories, it’s important that you place at least one picture of you and your family or friends. These pictures will also serve as great decor if you find some cool or chic frames to place them in! 

7.Place good lighting 

Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook- Choose the Right Lighting

As we’ve mentioned, lighting is everything when it comes to designing a reading nook. Nobody will want to spend time in this place if it’s too dark for people to enjoy their favorite book. To create the ultimate comfy space for reading, make sure to find the best lighting you can. You can invest in a good foot lamp and place it next to your chair, you can find a small reading light to keep in a small table, or you can even find a ceiling lamp that illuminates the room in a nice way. 

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8.Keep a plant nearby

Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook- Put a Plant Nearby

Plants are -besides dogs- a person’s best friend. Why? They have the ability to cleanse the air around you, they bring some oxygen to you and they instantly give more life to any room. Find a nice plant that is ideal to live inside your house, and make sure to place it in a place where it has access to some sunlight and fresh air at least a few hours of the day. Plants are also the ultimate decor accent among interior design enthusiasts. 

As you can see, creating the ideal reading nook is super easy following our advice. Some small items and the best pics for furniture can make up for the most comfortable space in a chic manner. How will you create your reading nook? 

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