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London Travel Guide – Vacation & Trip Ideas

London is a fabulous city packed full of culture and history with thousands of hidden gems unknown to people. It is a mystery city where people all over the world dream of visiting and exploring all of its unique fabulous features at least once in a lifetime. This article aims at giving you some insights about the places you might want to visit in London, for your next Christmas vacation, spring break, or summer travel. Let’s get started.

1. To start the day off, you need a good breakfast or maybe even a champagne breakfast. If you’re coming into St. Pancras International Train Station and want to relax before venturing into the grand city, then the St. Pancras Grand Champagne Bar is the perfect setting for this. The bar is situated in the upper concourse of St. Pancras International and is below Barlow Shed, allowing full appreciation of the incredible architecture of the historic Victorian station.

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2. An excellent way to see the city of London from a new perspective is with the Premium Bus Tours. Starting at Victoria Station, you climb aboard a vintage red double-decker bus for an adventure around London. Once on board, you get to see such sights as St. Paul’s Cathedral Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

The tour guide explains all the historical aspects of London and thrills passengers with fun facts and trivia along the way. But all the best elements of the tour aren’t confined to the bus; at each of the landmarks, passengers are taken on a guided walk with the expert tour guide, giving you an entirely interactive experience. The tour times are from 8 am – 1:30 pm, so it makes a perfect start to the day, or a great afternoon touring London.

3. If the history of London is what you want to explore in a fun and dynamic way, the London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs brings it to life for you. The attraction is housed in the vaults of the world’s most famous bridge is 2000 years of history. The Experience offers you a stunning combination of Hollywood-style special effects, CGI, real actors portraying characters and animation with some surprising shocks along the way. Once you’ve gone through the fantastic experience of the London Bridge, you can venture down into the London Tombs.

The London Tombs has been voted the UK’s Scariest Attraction, and it certainly lives up to that. Down in the tombs, your worst nightmares are brought to life before your eyes with the help of animatronics, interactive surprises, and special effects. Weekdays it’s open from 10am-5pm, and weekends are 10am-6pm.

4. After that fright-fest, you may want to have a bite to eat, and a perfect setting for a great meal is the Fakhreldine Restaurant overlooking Green Park. The restaurant is a fine-dining experience that specializes in Lebanese food. Set in the heart of Mayfair, the restaurant offers a great, relaxed atmosphere for any London traveler. You can enjoy their great range of exotic food coupled together with the breathtaking views of Green Park. You could also book a hotel nearby to have the fabulous view any time you want.

If you like traditional English cuisine then the Larder Restaurant is the ideal place for you to dine. Their menu frequently changes but you can always find classics like British Haddock and Chips, which Larders loyal customers deem the best in London.

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5. While in London, a big aspect for any tourist is taking pictures of the fantastic landscape that the city has to offer, but finding the views of these landmarks can be tricky. You start outside the Royal Exchange Building at the Bank tube station with a tour guide explaining the nature of the tour. Come prepared with a snack and a fully charged camera as you embark on an adventure around London.

The unique aspect of the tour is that it’s different every time, taking tourists down different parts of London in a fun, interactive way. The tour is a 3-hour informative walking tour discovering the most beautiful and hidden photographic treasures of London. This is ideal for both tourists and people that are really into photography and want to capture a picture of their great Christmas vacation.

6. Any sports fan knows that the game of cricket is closely associated with England, and that the most historic cricket ground in Britain is Lord’s Cricket Ground. For anyone wanting to see this historic ground then Lord’s Tour is a must-see. The fully guided tour offers an exceptional opportunity for you to experience the unique atmosphere of Lord’s, the world renowned ‘Home of Cricket.’

The expert guide leads you to round many sights that include; the famous Long Room, Players Dressing Rooms and all around the other parts of the Pavilion. An attractive aspect of the tour is the chance to see the MCC Museum where the Ashes Urn is on display and the futuristic Investec Media Centre displaying classic moments from cricket history.

7. For anyone ready to party in the evening and do a little dancing, Bar Salsa is the place for you to get your groove on. Bar Salsa is London’s top authentic Latin venue, bringing all the color, style, and culture of Central & South America together under one roof. The bar has a great atmosphere inside featuring live music, dance classes, and dance shows. Enjoy Latin nibbles and fantastic selections of cocktails that will make you want to stay all night.

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8. Traveling all over London can leave you very tired and tense, if you feel like this at the end of a jam-packed day, then you need a Floatworks session. Just a walk away from The London Bridge Experience, The Floatworks Centre is the ultimate in relaxation and stress-relief. You enter a floatation pod containing a liquid bed of Epsom salts and water that you float weightlessly on.

Safe in your private floatation capsule you can escape the outside world and embrace a world of blissful relaxation. As the music softens and the lights dim you experience an hour of uninterrupted rest and meditation. With the Floatworks experience, you can allow all your stresses and strains to float away.

Welcome to London, check these affordable hotels in London before your adventure and have a lifetime experience for your Christmas vacation, spring break, or summer travels.

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