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Makeup Tips – 8 Amazing Ways Of Using Cosmetics Efficiently

The average woman invests around $15,000 in cosmetics in their lifetime. There are many ways to opt to get the most worth out of your investments. Nowadays, there are numerous cosmetics that comprise makeup and skincare. Therefore it is vital for you to select the best cosmetics and follow steps that can help your face look beautiful and healthy.

Have you have ever wondered about when to use concealer? Is it best before or after foundation? If yes, then you’re absolutely right. Don’t know how to apply it effectively? Explore 8 unique ways of using cosmetics efficiently to get picture-perfect makeup looks with ease.

1. Know Your Skin

To apply the right cosmetics, it is essential for you to know your skin type. There are numerous ways to check your skin type. New York dermatologist Eric Schweiger, MD, suggests: “When you wake up, take a tissue and press it against your face. If you feel translucent and oily spots, you probably have oily looking skin”.

He further adds, “If the tissue comes clean and you feel tight, then you have dry skin.” This expert also said that, “Combo skin is oily in T-zone areas, that is chin, nose, etc. Whereas normal skin might show slight oil and sensitive skin which often gets easily irritated and red in no time.”

2. Follow the Right Order

There are right and traditional ways which you can follow to apply cosmetics. Use cleanse, tone, facial serum, moisturizer, and then makeup or a cosmetic of your choice. The general makeup tips rule to apply cosmetics is to apply it from thinnest to thickest.

However, Illinois dermatologist Amy Taub, MD, advises, “apply prescription lotion first and skincare products. The product you apply must consist of glycolic acid, retinol, salicylic acid, and skin-brightening ingredients as well. In addition, she concludes, “follow the cosmetic with other beauty care products for moisturizing and soothing, from thinnest to thickest”.

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3. Toss it on Time

Most skin and beauty care products have a 6 to 12-month life. So, make sure to use your cosmetics within one year from the date of manufacturing. You must make sure to check the expiry date on the package before its usage.

New York dermatologist Eric Schweiger, MD, says that “if the cosmetic you are using changes the consistency or color or smells unpleasant, then it’s time to throw it out.” He further recommends to store products in a dry and cool place and keep them away from direct sunlight to help them maintain efficiency.

4. Choose Beauty Products as Per Your Skin Type

Always choose a beauty product as per your skin type and avoid investing in cosmetics that irritate your skin. Wrong products can also make your skin look duller and unattractive.

“You do not need an overflowing cabinet to take extra care of your skin beginning from head to toe,” Barba said. You can follow simple ways to leverage the multi-use of the product.

Use baby wipes to remove makeup and baby shampoo for a gentle facial cleanser.

Mix foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer.

Many such ways help you make effective beauty care products and cosmetics. A sulfur-based or clay-based mask can help to treat blemishes effectively. Petrolatum-based ointments help to soothe sunburns, wounds, chapped lips, cracked skin, etc.

There are numerous beauty and skincare products designed for the same purpose; you can use lipsticks and lip tints to get a glorious look and beautiful lips that every individual will love. You can use your finger to apply lip color on your cheeks. You can even use other ways; like mixing it with cream blush and powder with lip balm to apply it on your lips for beautiful and colorful lips.

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5. Give Beauty Care Products Time to Work

Undoubtedly, instant happiness and the results can be excellent, but if you don’t get an immediate impact, wait for 6 to 12 weeks. Use the product regularly as per the listed instructions to enjoy the results in no time.

To help your skin leverage products, exfoliate it with retinol and glycolic. Before applying your cosmetics to the skin, and make sure to clean your skin. Then use the cosmetics as per your skin type so that it absorbs efficiently. Make sure to apply the first layer of moisturizer then serum, especially when your skin is damp.

“It’s easier for moist skin to absorb all the active ingredients,” concludes Schweiger. He further added, “you need to let each cosmetic absorb completely before you move on to the next one.”

Once you complete the color-correcting, it’s time to finish the cover-up process by merely applying a flesh-colored-toned concealer. Choose and apply a super blendable concealer which will ensure to match every skin tone and undertone. Use the included applicator to buff the concealer flawlessly into your skin.

6. Use Facial Masks & Stamp Your Lashes for Best Results

You need to customize your routine to get the best result for the applied complexion or any other cosmetics you use. New York City aesthetician Cecilia Wong explained, “Multi-masking is when you use multiple facial masks or apply different layers of cosmetics simultaneously on your skin to combat varying skin concerns at one time.” 

For example, if you have oily T-zone but dry cheeks, you can use a hydrating facial mask or a charcoal one on the forehead, chin, and nose. It’s quite similar to going and enjoying the beauty and skincare treatment at a spa.

One of the best ways to add depth to your eyes without using eyeliners is by using mascara stamping on them. Press your mascara gently against the underneath area of your lashes to provide them with a darker and fuller look. It’s almost like eyeliner but gives a much more natural makeup look to your appearance.

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7. Scrub Away Dead Skin and Use Lip Liner to Last Longer 

Before applying cosmetics on your lips, you need to consider cleaning them with a gentle scrub as it helps you get rid of dead and dull skin around and on the lip area. After cleaning your lips, make sure to apply lip balm to your lips to enjoy a long-lasting result. Finally, select a lip color that helps you complete your look. Use lip liner to identify your lips if they are uneven and thin.

For a long-lasting lip color, swipe the shade, lay a tissue over your lips, and then dust a translucent powder across the top to set the lip color from bleeding. The process is 100% worth it, as the translucent powder could help protect the dulling and lighting of your colorful lips.

8. Avoid Glitter Eye Makeup & Sweep a Single-Color Eyeshadow

Take extra care when using glitter, metallic, sparkle powder, or any other makeup. Flakes can fall into the eye and cause irritation to your eyes and get into the tear film. Glitter eye makeup is a primary cause of corneal infection, especially for those who wear contact lenses. Even the inclusions and large glitter in makeup can scratch the eye; it’s quite similar to getting dirt in your eye.

You need to follow a simple routine that helps you to get unique makeup looks. You can prefer to sweep a soft eyeshade at the lid. You can try “o” in nude or dull pink shades. If you’re not comfortable with using eyeshadow, then you can choose to use eyeliners instead.

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Follow the above-listed beauty tips to set your look and make your day. Ultimately, making sustainable choices to get a picture-perfect glow and skin, the right cosmetic choice, and use will help you leverage the fantastic result you desire.

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