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Makeup Tips for Older Women

Regardless of age, we all want our skin to be dewy, plump, and fresh. As we age, the skin gains texture, fine lines, and wrinkles, but don’t let that stop you from looking fabulous. Great makeup products can easily help flatter your skin, smoothing out all those marks caused by time. The right makeup will act as a second skin to your face, flattering it and covering up any imperfections. 

Our easy fix is to seek assistance from Rageism Beauty make-up, which is developed for mature women who want something uniquely designed for them. When you have products like concealers, correctors, lip and cheek tint, studio fix powder, makeup setting spray, and so on, there is no need not to look your best. Keep reading to find out all the beauty tips: 

Always Keep Your Skin Hydrated

As you age, your skin tends to become drier. So, be sure to hydrate your skin and then move to the makeup routine. You can use serum and moisturizer or a simple moisturizer with retinol, ceramides, Vitamin C, and several other nutrients and high-end ingredients to mask the signs of age.

Go for Multifunctional Primers

Use a makeup primer to even out your skin tone while creating a perfect base for the foundation. It also reduces pore visibility. A multifunctional primer with priming, lightening, and moisturizing functions will enhance the effect you are after.

Color Corrector Boosts Your Natural Beauty

Use a color booster to lighten those unwanted dark patches, spots, and scars on your face. Do ensure to check your skin tone and undertone before choosing the right corrector tone.

Eye Concealer Should be Hydrating

Do not apply concealer all over the face as that will create a cakey look, ultimately highlighting wrinkles instead of hiding them. Instead, opt for an eye concealer and use it under and over the eyes to hide dark circles further. In addition, ensure it is hydrating.

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Always Use the Correct Blending Brush

All these makeup layers need to be blended with perfection. Get a complete set of makeup blending brushes and use the right one to mix everything to achieve a seamless look.

Go for a Lightweight Liquid Foundation

Since your skin might have wrinkles and look slightly saggy, go for a lightweight foundation. It will keep the skin color as natural as possible without making you feel like you had applied white paint on the face. Use a warmer foundation to bring out the glow on your skin in the right places.

Setting Powder Should be Fine

Always use a delicate setting powder to reduce the excess oil on different face spots and lock the base makeup layers. Coarser powder particles will create unevenness on your face.

Use Radiant Powder Blush

Don’t go for just any powder blush. Instead, use a radiant powder blush with a subtle glimmer that will add a touch of glamour. Besides, it will add slight color to the cheeks for natural results instead of making you look like a doll.

Bronzer and Highlighter will be a Bonus

A bronzer and highlighter will help you sharpen the facial structure and add more attention to the significant spots, like the tip of your nose, cheeks, and jawline. Ensure the color tone matches that of your foundation.

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Focus on Lifting Your Eye Makeup

Focus on the eyes because you can easily lift your look with well-defined eye makeup. Do not choose very bold and loud makeup, though. Instead, go for subtle smokiness or winged liners with colored pens to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. 

Do Not Forget to Line the Lips

Line the lips with the most appropriate lip liner and ensure to draw the perfect shape to enhance your face. If your lips are thin, make them plumper but only to a certain extent.

Go for Liquid and Cream Lipstick

Apply the cream lipstick first, especially on the outer edges of both lips. Do not choose bold and bright colors. Instead, go for a matte finish to maintain sophistication. Once done, apply liquid lipstick all over your lips and smudge it with your fingers gently.

Seal Makeup with Setting Spray

Seal your makeup with a setting spray for 10 to 16 hours. This product will help the makeup last much longer and avoid unwanted shine or smudges as the day progresses. 


As you can see, there is no reason why an aging woman doesn’t look beautiful. Brightness and beauty can be shown at any age and, with just the right makeup tips, you should be able to impress everyone around you. Make sure to take care of your skin hydration at all times to prepare the face for your glam look, and also look only for the best make up for mature women, try Rageism Beauty and watch your face come to life once more.

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