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Maternity Fashion: Maternity Clothes Ideas for Modern Mothers

Women go through many changes during pregnancy. The belly grows day by day, which makes it impossible to fit into old clothes. It’s time for you to change your clothes and fill your wardrobe with maternity clothes. In fact, maternity wear is a whole new avenue that you can explore on your way to look chic and fashionable. From a short black maternity dress to rolled-up jeans, there are tons of options to mix and match with your favorite clothing items.

1. Rock Your Bump in a Pair of Jeans and Shirt

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Do not make the mistake of switching to the mom jeans shelf at the clothing store. Skinny jeans can be comfortable, all you have to do is switch sizes. For the duration of the pregnancy, you are going to need one basic attire that keeps you looking stylish but is also available when you want to dress casual. Pair dark skinny jeans with a t-shirt and comfortable shoes. The best part is that not only is this outfit super comfortable, but it is also very versatile.

If you can get your hands on stretchable jeans with an elastic waistband, it’s a pair that’s a keeper. This may become an outfit that you want to keep wearing even after the baby arrives. Although mom jeans can be comfortable, there are other options for the modern mom!

2. Think Long Term Short Sleeve Shirts

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You want a top that will fit you as your body changes through the months. A neat idea is to invest in a short sleeves long top that covers your bum. This allows room for the belly to grow and looks great above black pants that end just above the ankles and a pair of comfortable boots. It is the easiest outfit to put together and it makes you look like you have it all together even on days when you are exhausted. It requires minimal effort and can go with a variety of different accessories.

3. Shirt Dresses

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Once you get a bigger belly, you will be surprised how much you enjoy wearing long shirts and shirt dresses. They can look like long dresses and they are stretchy which means they will last through the trimesters. You can pair these with wedges for a dinner date or sneakers for a more laid back look.

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4. Cover Your Bump with Layers

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When it comes to picking new maternity clothes, get outfits that require layers to complete them. For example, a sleeveless top and a floral lace cardigan. The best thing about this is that its boho appeal can be brilliantly taken forward to after the baby arrives.

Most moms-to-be, prefer layers in their outfits to give themselves a slimmer silhouette.

5. A Spacious Yet Stylish Kimono

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A kimono is an excellent way to style around the baby bump. Something about the cut makes one look like they are glowing. You can get them in materials you are comfortable in, and the best part about the outfit is that you can continue to use it when you begin to nurse your child.

It is super comfortable and airy, which means if you are going to have your third trimester around summer, stock up on a couple of these. Style these with loose Capri trousers and flats, or simply straight pants and sandals.

6. Comfortable Sleepwear

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When you are in the middle of your second trimester, you will realize that out of everything, you just want comfort when you go to bed at night. You want to get yourself a black lace trim top and pajamas to match. Soon you will realize that not only are you preparing breakfast in these but find these are the ideal clothes to be in through the weekend as you lounge around. This is also another piece that can be carried forward after you have delivered the baby. It would be a good idea to invest in several of these outfits. This is known to be the most comfortable set of maternity clothes.

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7.  A-Line Dresses

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If you are a working mom, you will require a whole set of wardrobe for the office. It helps if you know what cuts to stick to, but before you embark on a trial and error spree, one safe and sophisticated option is to invest in a couple of A-line dresses. You can pair these with pointy-toe flats and if it gets a little chilly, layer up with a baggy sweater or jacket.

It will cover your silhouette beautifully. The best part about the dresses that cut mid-flow outward is that you don’t have to deal with wearing pants, and you will find that it makes life so much more comfortable and you are able to concentrate better on work too.

8. A Ball Gown to Feel Good

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Why should you stop yourself from feeling good about the way you are while you are pregnant? If you have planned your pregnancy this will definitely come in handy. Gowns have a more sophisticated fall to them which makes the belly bump look like it’s cherished. You may want to work your way around the size or get one altered, but this is one fashionable outfit that you will not regret investing in.

After all, why shouldn’t you? Growing a human inside of you is tiring, you accept and watch as your body morphs right in front of your eyes. The modern mom should be able to treat herself to something that makes her feel great!

When you get really far along you may feel like nothing works and that you might as well give up as nothing fits this far along. Well, you are wrong and are  probably just tired. There are plenty of clothing items that you can get that will fit like a glove and make for the perfect baby shower. Think stretchy lace and non-confining fabrics. If you want to wear a dress but not seem like too much of a spectacle you can always pair it with a jeans jacket and enjoy lunch with your lover.

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