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Naturally Flawless: How to Perfect the No Makeup Look

The “no makeup” look has been one of the favorite makeup looks amongst celebrities for years. Although glamorous party looks are always fun, you are now more likely to see actresses and models posting pictures that are deliberately untouched by photoshop. Other than making you look gorgeously dewy; this simple and subtle aesthetic has the benefit of being perfect for any occasion. When you have a naturally pretty look, you can easily go from day to night or from the office to drinks, without ever feeling like you are trying too hard or not at all. A fresh face is a beautiful face so here are some beauty tips on what you can do, using a minimal product, to brace this natural movement and embrace your natural beauty.

Your Skin – The Greatest Basic

Out of all the cosmetic basics you know, flawless looking skin should be on the top of that list. To best achieve that barely-there makeup look, you need to invest in proper skin care. Glowing skin is a must-have and the reason why this look is so popular. If you are feeling a bit lackluster though, fret not. With the right skin care routine, you can feed and prep your skin in a few easy steps. You just need to clean, exfoliate and moisturize. Gentle exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells and prompts your face to grow new, healthy ones. For extra radiance, try using an oil-based moisturizer. This will revive your overall look and allow the makeup to blend better, leaving you flawless.

Having said that, there are still those of us who can’t simply splash our face with a few cosmetics and fix everything that’s wrong. If that’s the case, consider some surgical options for your skin. There are plenty of simple procedures a surgeon or dermatologist can perform on your skin to replenish and treat what seems untreatable. So, before you give up on that glow, try consulting with a professional to get your confidence back on track.

Conceal Imperfections but Don’t Hide Your Face

On good skin days, you could skip this step completely and go bare. If you do have some imperfections or spots on your face that you want to hide, there are ways to do it and still look like you aren’t wearing anything at all. For starters, skip the foundation and go straight for a liquid concealer. Use just enough product to cover any discoloration. The lighter the application the better. If you want to minimize the amount of product you use on your face, try a BB cream or other multitasking tinted moisturizers that will give you coverage and hydration at the same time, while keeping things light. The added bonus of a BB cream is that it usually contains SPF and anti-aging ingredients, both of which will do wonders for your complexion.

It isn’t always easy getting a perfect skin tone match, which is important if you want to look completely fresh-faced. When you can’t decide between two shades, opt for the lighter one as it will help you achieve a more natural look. Whatever cosmetics you decide are best for you, just make sure that they don’t feel too greasy.

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Add Just a Hint of Color

Add depth to your cheeks by using just a touch of bronzer or blush. A creamy blush is usually a nicer choice than a powdery formula because it blends in a more natural way. To best achieve that natural glow with a bronzer, you should apply the product to any place where the sun would naturally hit your face. Be careful though, because there is a fine line between being sun-kissed and looking like an orange. Make sure you pick a tone and texture that isn’t going to look caked-on in broad daylight or under that fluorescent glow of your office.

Leave Your Brows Be

Your eyebrows affect the way your entire face looks which is why you need to keep them clean. That’s all you need to do with them for this look. The best way for your eyebrows to look natural and stay put all day is for you to use nothing but a bar of soap to wash them – one of the oldest beauty tips in the book. If you don’t have a brow brush, use an old toothbrush for grooming like a real makeup geek.

Lashes for Days – Literally

Once your skin is flawless and your eyebrows nice and neat, the most important feature to focus on are your lashes. Eyelashes have that magic power of not making you look like you are trying too hard, regardless of how much effort you put into them. They have the ability to define your eyes and bring out their natural sparkle almost seamlessly.

However, as a lot of mascaras have a tendency to get clumpy or runny, one of the best makeup tips to combat that is getting professional eyelash extensions for a cleaner, more natural look. They are customizable, and a specialist can always help you choose the perfect length and volume depending on your eye shape and what look you are trying to achieve. Opting for extensions can cut your morning routine in half because it takes away the need for curling, applying mascara and sometimes wearing eye makeup altogether. Long, full lashes can make you feel like you don’t need anything else around your eyes – not even concealer! They take the attention away from dark circles and make you look wide awake even when you barely are.

The Highlights

Put the finishing touches on your face in the form of a highlighter. Add definition to your cheekbones with just the right amount of shimmer and showcase that bone structure and glowing skin! Accentuate your features with a highlighter but don’t use too much because the whole point of natural makeup is to show off your natural radiance.

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Applying less makeup and using these makeup tips may make you appear more attractive. Confidence is really the key to nailing this natural look, so embrace those freckles, splash on some gloss and enjoy the effortlessness – those are all the beauty tips anyone needs.

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