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Nursery Ideas That Will Last Beyond a Toddler’s Lifetime

As much as we would like our children to stay babies forever, they tend to grow up quickly, sometimes making it difficult for us to keep up with the pace.

Most of us as parents get carried away in the early stages of a baby’s life. We design the nursery in a way that it lacks nothing for a crawling child. However, today we will help you create a nursery that will last beyond your toddlers’ years. Now, isn’t that fantastic news? However, we will still make sure that you get to enjoy the existing nursery and still be involved with diaper changes and late-night feeds, but it won’t be forever, and that’s for certain.

When designing a nursery for a baby, the first rule you need to follow is investing in nursery furniture and nursery décor that will see your child through high school, graduation, and beyond. With us guiding you on a few useful nursery ideas and plans as well as critical pieces to add to this space, you can still decorate your child’s nursery to look fun and whimsical. Our goal is to maintain a light-hearted feel while investing in the right features for a nursery that can be used a long way into the future.

1. Look Beyond the Pink and Blue Hue

The blue and pink theme colors are classical nursery ideas. However, your toddler will decide that they don’t like this color over the years, thus leaving you in feeling stranded. Therefore, we suggest you comply with neutral shades in a nursery that will make it easier for you if your toddler discovers his love for jungle animals or the aquatic world. Here, the neutral shade will allow you to add in a few features to the room’s design thus keeping you within your budget. The best neutral nursery design ideas which create a gender-neutral and not baby-like, are soft palettes – yellow and grey, or even a yellow and white combination.

2. Art Rules Almost any Room

Stimulate the child and the place through art. Investing in a great piece of art is another way to lay the footing for a space that will grow with your child through the years. This does not mean you go all out and put a hole in your pocket buying suitable nursery décor. Instead, choose pieces that are timeless and which speak to you. It would help if you also center the art piece in a permanent place to create depth to the room. Above the crib or over the dresser are two common areas you can display that perfect frame.

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3. Buy Furniture that Your Child can Grow into

Child-sized pieces are indeed charming additions to a nursery, but these pieces of nursery furniture have a shelf-life and, ultimately, will either have to be stored away or sold. Instead of this sad waste, opt for furniture that has endurance. Consider cribs that turn into toddler beds and changing tables that convert into dressers.

Always purchase furniture that allows you to change its function. This way, it will save you on expenses and match your décor in the room for an extended period of time.

4. Lighting Makes a Difference

We suggest you invest in timeless fixtures rather than cute butterflies and baseball bat-shaped lights. Geometric wire pendants and mid-century fixtures are attention-worthy and serve a purpose in a child’s room. They also bring a space style, glamour, and a more grown-up look.

5. Get Involved with Patterns and Textures

In your nursery ideas remember a nursery designed with a ton of patterns and textures will draw attention to the room. Stripes, polka dots, flora and fauna, chevrons are some of the patterns we suggest, which have a staying power that will grow with your child.

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6. The Right Nursery Décor Makes it Complete

When you decorate a nursery, don’t fill it with nursery furniture  and décor that is expensive and difficult to replace. Since toddlers navigate the world by touch, keeping delicate décor out of reach is the best option. In your nursery ideas, choose toys instead, but don’t splurge on toys that have no longevity.

7. Invest in a Rug

Adding a rug to the nursery will help your child all the way through the years. Invest in a high-quality rug and stay clear of colors that seem overly trendy and patterns you might get bored of in time; therefore, we recommend you opt for a rug that has a timeless motif. Also, investing in a rug is a safe choice as your child will be playing on it right through toddler years – so make sure it’s soft, plush, and has style. You can also go in for a layered rug – a sheepskin textured one that provides your little one with that extra padding and, in turn, gives the room a more layered look.

8. Have you Thought bbout an Artistic Wall?

One of the best nursery design ideas to assist your child growing into is leaving them one space in the nursery to display their creations and most significant accomplishments. We suggest floating shelves displaying their art-work, crafts, and other décor. No doubt this idea is very tempting, so make sure that this creative wall doesn’t get cluttered with too much décor, as it will be challenging to move them when your child grows out of it.

 So, remember mums and dads, however, and whichever way you plan to design a nursery for the little one, it will be perfect – because this space will hold many precious memories as you watch your little one grow.

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