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Planning a Kids Party? Use These Tips to Make it Extraordinary!

Planning a kids party takes effort, patience, and plenty of planning; it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the details and decisions you need to make before the day of the party arrives. But it doesn’t have to be an impossible task! If you are planning on hosting a kid’s party in the near future, consider the following tips and kids party ideas to put you on the right path.

Know when to party at home (and when to host the party elsewhere)

Kids party places can vary from your home to a rented party space to venues that allow for kid’s parties to be hosted, such as arcades, play places, and so on. The right kids party places for your child’s party will depend on a few things: how many people are coming, your budget, as well as how complex the party will be. If you are planning on inviting a lot of guests, it’s best to host the party elsewhere so that there is enough room. By contrast, if you are on a budget, then hosting the party at home is the better option.

There are times when you may have too many guests coming to a kids party than you have room in your home, or you simply want a more exciting option when it comes to things to do when the party is taking place. In those scenarios, it is often best to rent a larger party place that has room for a bounce house or other large item, or a facility that has a little gym or other fun equipment already set up to use.

It is important to note that any party place that you choose will charge you for the package that you choose and that extra children in additional to what is included within the package will be more. The time of your party will also be limited, as most party facilities have a time limit when it comes to the parties that they rent space out for.

Use a party theme based on what your kid loves

When it comes to kids party ideas, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to choose a theme. Party themes help everything from the kids party favors to the kids party food stay cohesive—it’s also much easier to plan when you have a theme to guide you. Pick a theme based on something that your kid is interested in, such as a favorite movie or book or hobby.

Common themes include categories such as “pirates,” “princesses,” “Disney’s Frozen,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and much more. It is easier than ever to buy themed party supplies in bulk, so if you are set on a theme that you can easily purchase supplies for at the store, have your child take a look at what is available first and then ask them to choose from the party store selection.

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Prepare gift bags for guests (and don’t forget to make extra!)

Kids party favors are essential for children’s parties, so don’t forget to prepare gift bags for every guest. A party bag is a great way to show appreciation for the kids (and more importantly, their parents) for showing up and bringing a gift for your child. Party bags don’t have to be expensive, and you can usually find bulk party bag gifts at party shops and dollar stores. Small items like rings, candy, and stickers make perfect additions to gift bags. And don’t forget to bring a few extra just in case additional guests arrive or someone loses a bag!

Decorate the party space with plenty of accessories

Children’s parties should be fun to be at, which is why decorations are a must! If you are hosting at home or a rental venue, decorate the space as much as possible with streamers, balloons, colorful table runners and anything else you can think of; if you’re hosting the party at an arcade or similar venue, ask the venue about decoration policies so you know what you can (and can’t) bring.

Kids love it when their parties have a theme, especially when it is their favorite cartoon character or action hero. Therefore, use decorations that relate to that theme or something else that your child loves.

If your child loves to act and put on shows, you can create a small stage with a curtain to the party space. You can even add some dress up clothes and an area where photographs can be taken throughout the party. The kids will love dressing up and creating their own plays and other performances.

Children who love to sing will also love a stage, as well as pretend microphones, recording booths, and pretend gold records showing their achievements. The possibilities are endless when it comes to kids parties, so use your imagination and create the party of your child’s dreams!

Choose music that will keep the party lively

Kids party music should be based on two things: music that your child enjoys and music that will help the party guests get some much-needed energy exercise. Kids party music should encourage kids to dance and jump around, so make sure that you have a clear space for dancing before you start turning on the tunes. If you have music that fits the theme—say “Let it Go” if your child loves Frozen—you should add that to your playlist as well.

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Plan games and activities

Kids party games are a must-have for any children’s party. Games help keep everyone occupied and turn an ordinary party into something new, fun and exciting for the children who attend. There are a lot of kids party games out there but sticking to the classics is usually best: games such as pin the tail on the donkey, piñatas, limbo, hot potato, musical chairs, sack races and three-legged races are all great choices for games. If you have to stay indoors, look for games that can be easily adapted for an indoor setting.

Create a menu that is kid-friendly

Kids party food is one of the most important components of the party; after all, no parent wants to deal with a child who is frustrated because they couldn’t find anything they like to eat at the party! Creating a menu for the party will involve some prep work, especially if you are hosting the party at home rather than at a venue that will take care of the food options for you, but a little prep work goes a long way at a children’s party. The most important thing to remember is to create a kid-friendly menu; finger foods like chicken nuggets and pizza bites are great options, as they don’t create much mess and don’t require everyone to sit still for long periods of time.

While those two options are excellent choices, there are other ways to make your party foods easy yet fun. Movie-themed or performance-related parties can be filled with subs, popcorn, and candy. Little girl tea parties can include little sandwiches, veggie platters, and fruit trays. Add some real iced tea or lemonade in tea cups and you’ll have your very own tea party without a problem.

A super hero party can include super hero cupcakes, poison ivy seeds, which are green Skittles, M&Ms, and smarties, plus any other food that you can think of to create a perfectly themed super hero party.

Remember to ask all guests to inform you of any allergies or dietary considerations well in advance before the party so that you can be conscious about any issues guests may have with certain ingredients or food.

Consider hiring a party entertainer

Hiring kids party entertainment can be a great way to liven up your child’s party with something fun and exciting that is sure to keep all the little guests entertained. Kids party entertainment comes in many different options nowadays, ranging from traditional choices such as clowns all the way to fairy tale princesses and action heroes who will visit the party, play games, sing, and interact with the kids. If your kid has a favorite movie or TV show character, this may be the perfect way to surprise them with a special visit from a character they really love.

Hiring an entertainer will increase the cost of your party budget, but the benefits of bringing in an entertainer to provide a special experience to guests can be well worth it. If you are concerned about prices, look for companies that let you hire entertainers for shorter periods of time, as this will reduce the cost.

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Planning a kids party does take a lot of work, but if you keep the above tips and ideas in mind, you’ll find it much less stressful—and more fruitful—than trying to plan the party without any guidance. Just remember to begin planning the party well ahead of time so that you can plan for any changes that need to be made regarding the menu, entertainment, and other aspects of the party.

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