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Plus Size Women’s Fashion Styling Tricks You Should Know

For too long, plus size women have found themselves on the fashion world’s fringes when shopping for plus size clothing, but not anymore. They are now taking the stage and reclaiming the fashion world as their own. Styling curves don’t just have to be limited to frumpy blouses that do everything but flatter us. Instead, there are many silhouettes that you can work with to create a dynamic wardrobe. After all, fashion isn’t just about following trends anymore. Instead, it’s about making a statement with the way you dress.

Your dressing is a reflection of your personality, so there’s no reason for you to restrict yourself and bog yourself down with all of these old rules when it comes to plus size fashion. That said, some styling tips can help you highlight all of your best features. These tips will help you dress comfortably while giving you enough space to express yourself. So, without any further ado, here are the best tricks to dress for your size.

Build Your Shapewear Arsenal

The first step to dressing well for any body type has a well-curated shapewear collection. Gone are the days when we used to have just one kind of shapewear, which was incredibly uncomfortable to wear. Now, in the plus size clothing section you have a wide range of styles to pick from, and each can be exceptionally comfortable. Shapewear can help smoothen your body and give you a lift, elevating any fashion look. Shapewear can help cinch us in all the right places and give us extra support. This support is vital for plus size women, who usually don’t get the support they need from regular undergarments.

Plus Size Dresses are Your Best Friend

Dresses have primarily been the go-to clothing option for a long time, but with all the wrong reasons. Like most plus size clothing, traditional plus size dresses for women used to be dowdy, unflattering, and dull. However, things are changing now. Overly long, baggy dresses aren’t just your only option anymore. Instead, you can pick from a wide range of styles that can let you feel sophisticated, elegant, sexy, or beautiful, depending on your mood.

In particular, the wrap dress can cinch your waist and balance your body out, creating an incredibly flattering shape. Midi dresses can help you add more length to your figure too. Plus size dresses for women can help you emphasize your favorite areas while drawing attention away from spots you don’t like. Overall, plus size dresses are a timeless and elegant addition to any plus-sized girl’s wardrobe.

Choose the Right Pencil Skirts

Most plus-sized women imagine that anything too tight isn’t for them, but that isn’t the case. A pencil skirt is a great way to make any outfit look so much sexier. The dress can highlight your curves in the best way while elongating your frame. When picking a pencil skirt, make sure you select one that ends at your knee. You can pair pencil skirts with a variety of shirts. Furthermore, you can also style them up or down, depending on the occasion. With their unique shape, pencil dresses are some of the most important staples to add to any wardrobe.

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Good Tailoring can Elevate any Outfit

One should never underestimate the power of tailoring when it comes to making any outfit look drab or fab. A poorly-tailored attire can look frumpy, no matter how high-quality the fabrics are or how good the design is. It can be challenging to find clothes perfectly tailored for plus-sized bodies, so sometimes the safest route to take is tailoring. Tailored clothes will flatter you in all the right places, letting you feel confident in whatever you wear. Furthermore, tailored clothes often give the most comfortable fit, after dresses. Hence, you don’t have to worry about chafing or feeling suffocated in your clothes if tailored to your size.

Carefully Select Your Accessories

Accessories are essential to tie together your whole outfit and can give you that wow factor you need. A statement belt can help your waistline look smaller, and it’s something that you can add to any outfit. Statement jewelry is another great way of elevating any dress, whether it’s casual or formal. Vibrant, eye-catching jewelry can help draw attention away from any minor flaws and focus the viewer’s attention on your stunning, statement pieces instead.

When accessorizing your plus size fashion, be sure not to go overboard, in a way that makes your outfit shine instead of overshadowing it. Accessorizing well is one tip that’s important for any woman, regardless of size. Adding statement pieces to a dress is a great way to push boundaries and be more experimental. This experimentation can help you embrace your body and your authentic self.

Play around with Stripes

As a plus-sized woman, stripes can be challenging to work with. However, picking the right design can help you look more elongated and slimmer. Horizontal, thick patterns are a no-go, and they can make you look broader and shorter. However, thin, vertical stripes can add a lovely, whimsical element to your outfit and enhance your body shape. Vertical lines will make you look longer and narrower as they draw the viewer’s eye up and down instead of across. If you want to look svelte, pick a fabric with a darker background and lighter stripes for the most flattering look. You can style your stripes any way you like, such as a dress, striped pants, or a shirt.

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Go Vintage

Vintage clothing is a fantastic way to add extra oomph to your wardrobe. Some vintage silhouettes are incredibly flattering for plus-sized bodies, and they can help you look put together and sophisticated. Additionally, vintage clothing is also eco-friendly and allows you to put your spin on old clothing styles. Vintage trends such as slip dresses are some of the chicest options you can go for, and printed scarves, corsets, and vests are other vintage trends that plus size women can get on board with as part of the plus size fashion.


Plus size women know better than anyone what it takes to push the boundaries. These styling tricks give you the best outline you need to build your wardrobe around. With these plus size dresses for women tips, you can enhance and highlight your body instead of covering it up. However, the most important and empowering styling tip is to embrace your body and curves and feel comfortable in your skin.

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