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Positive Parenting Tips: Fun Things To Do With Your Kids For a Bonding Relationship

Taking care of your children can be quite a time-consuming job. Feeding them, getting them ready for school, and taking care of them when they’re sick are some of the main tasks of a parent, but none of them can really help you achieve strong bonds with your kids. If you truly want to be a good parent, you should be looking for those activities that help you build a healthy and close relationship with your children. Don’t miss this article in order to learn some positive parenting tips to create a bonding relationship.

1. Play Board Games

Modern parents have forgotten all about classic board games; they can only think of video games that don’t really help to improve your communication skills. If you want to connect with your children and have a great time as a family, look for some of the most popular board games such as Monopoly, Bingo, or puzzles. By playing board games as a family, you and your partner will learn new things about your kids’ likes and dislikes, and be able to engage in casual conversation to get to know your children better.

2. Cook Together

In many cultures, lunch and dinner times are a time where families get together and share the day. Why not make good use of this opportunity by looking for a delicious dish to cook like; a Mexican rice recipe to cook with your kids together? Even if the kids are too young you can involve them in the cooking process with simple tasks such as rinsing the rice, setting the table, or squeezing some fresh orange juice.

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3. Watch Movies

Many people enjoy watching movies because they can sit quietly in front of the TV and immerse themselves in the story. However, watching movies with your family can also be quite a rich experience, because you can share some precious time together and learn more about the genres and likes of the kids. Make sure each movie night a different member of the family picks a movie so no one feels left out. Don’t forget to make some popcorn for everyone!

4. Teach Them a New Skill

Doing fun things and playing around isn’t the only way to get close to your children. There’s a lot you can learn from them (and they from you) while you teach them a new skill or pass on knowledge to them. You can give them music lessons, teach them how to paint or even take some classes together so all of you can learn a new skill and you can all practice it in your free time as a family.

5. Camp in the Backyard

Outdoor activities are not only great for the whole family because they provide some fresh air and help you disconnect from the “real” world, they’re also the perfect opportunity to deeply connect with your kids. The best part about this activity is that you don’t even have to leave the house! Set up a camping tent in your backyard and get all the essentials: sleeping bags, marshmallows for roasting, and a giant, warm blanket to cozy up together with at night. Everyone has to leave their phones inside the house so you can chat, swap anecdotes and even tell some scary stories!

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6. Have a Picnic in the Park

Another fun outdoor activity that will only take a few hours of your day is setting up a family picnic in your local park. This will be the perfect opportunity to connect with your children, teach them how to play a sport, or have everyone play with the dog, creating memories that will last forever.

7. Do Crafts Together

Everybody appreciates a handmade gift, especially children who are very involved in school crafts and projects. If you want to bond with your kids by doing something they enjoy and might find of use, you can plan an afternoon of doing crafts together.  Benefit from a particular holiday, like Valentine’s, Halloween’s, or even Thanksgiving’s, and purchase some colored sheets of paper, crayons, and lots of glitters and let your imagination fly. When kids see their parents involved in activities they like they trust them more and draw closer to them.

8. Travel Together

One of the most enriching experiences for families is when they travel together. Creating memories while getting to know a new place will give you all the opportunity to be yourself freely. It’s important that you plan your trip according to the needs of the whole family. Pick a destination that fits your kids’ age, with activities they’ll actually enjoy. A half-day snorkeling trip or an interesting walking tour are good options if they are at school age.

9. Write Letters to Each Other

Have you ever wondered what your children really think of you? Do your kids know how much they matter to you? If the answer is no, this is the best activity to help you create a bonding relationship. Plan a special evening where every member of the family will write a letter to their parents, siblings and other relatives. It can be as brief or long as they want, but no one can be left without a letter. You don’t have to read them out loud, but having your kids’ feelings for you written on paper will definitely mean the world.

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10. Exercise Together

Exercise is not only the perfect way to live a healthy life, it’s also a valuable opportunity for you to bond with your children. You don’t even need to excel at the activity you perform, it’s even better if all of you are at the same amateur level. For example, you could sign in to parenting yoga classes or join a family soccer team.

With these positive parenting tips  , creating a strong and close relationship with your kids is easier than you think. Don’t take them for granted, they are human beings with personalities, likes, and dislikes and they’re just waiting for you to take the first step and get closer to them. A strong relationship with your kids is worth more than anything!

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