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Pros and Cons of Installing Double-Paned Windows

If you are stuck on your next home improvement project and want to make your home look polished, then you should look into renovating your windows. When it comes to selecting the right windows for your home improvement or business, there has been a lot of raving on double-paned windows. It has been said that these kinds of windows offer a lot of benefits, so we decided to take do a little digging and see what the benefits and the downfalls of double-paned windows are. Following the pros and cons advice from our window expert will make your window selection a no-brainer.

The Pros

Pros and Cons of Installing Double-Paned Windows-1Double-paned windows are two pieces of glass with a gap between them that is filled with argon gas. This provides an extra layer of insulation that allows home owners to save money by reducing energy costs. With these types of windows in place, you can save up to 24% on heating costs during the cold winter months and up to 18% during the warm summer time. This kind of energy saving is not only good for your wallet, but it is also good for the environment as less fossil fuels need to be burned to produce the energy for heating and air conditioning.

Double-paned windows also help insulate homes and businesses from unwanted, outside noise, giving more peace, quiet and privacy. Unlike other new and improved types of window glass, double-paned window glass can easily be made in different shapes, sizes and style to work for any type of window frame, allowing the home or business owner a diverse choice when it comes to windows. Double-paned windows also limit the amount of condensation that normally gets into a building through single-paned window glass.

Double-paned window glass is also a much safer glass when compared to regular single-paned glass. This is because it is a much tougher glass to break, making it ideal for homes with children and businesses with many windows or glass fronts. The last benefit which we found is that double-paned windows allow for less damage to happen to furniture, carpeting, photographs, and paintings that would usually happen from light and heat.

The Cons

The only problems that we found when looking into double-paned windows are that they tend to be an expensive investment. Double-paned window glass will cost you anywhere from $600 to $850 and in order for this to be an effective investment, you wouldn’t be able to only buy one window, they would all need to be double-paned. Double-paned windows also need to be expertly installed to make sure that they are air tight when sealed. If not, condensation can build up between the two pieces glass and the window will lose its effectiveness.

If a double-paned glass window happens to break, crack, or be chipped, the entire window would need to be replaced as they cannot be repaired. The last downfall when it comes to double-paned window glass is that it is a modern looking glass with modern framings that would cause older styled homes to look mismatched if fitted with this kind of glass.

When it comes down to brass tax and our opinion on double-paned windows, the long-term investment out-weighs the primary cost of having the windows installed. Not just that, but the number of pros are much higher than the number of cons, making your home improvement project of installing double-paned glass windows a great choice for both home and business owners.

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