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Pros and Cons to Buying a Penthouse in Dubai

Do you know why penthouses are popular for most Dubai investors? These reasons may also apply to you. If you’re looking to buy your own penthouse, it’s difficult to make a mistake because most penthouses are exceptional. However, you need to make sure you get optimum bang for your buck or Return on Investment (ROI). This is the reason why it can be profitable to find the ideal place to live. For many people, owning this type of property signifies having the best residence in town. From luxurious features to exceptional sights, your home will make you genuinely feel like you have “arrived.” That being said, all residential places, including penthouses, can have a few shortcomings and there may be other things to consider too, when planning to reside on the top floor. Before you commit to buying that penthouse, below are a few points to consider.


1. A Terrace or Deck

Having a view adds a significant amount to your life and experience. Looking out over the waves of the sea, or feeling that you are living among the clouds, can make you feel like you are in heaven. Dubai is undoubtedly famous for its human-made landscapes and wonders; and you can easily enjoy some of the best vistas of the city, including up and down views as well. You can welcome the sun every morning with a clear view which sometimes also includes the moon. You can see planes in close proximity, something you don’t often see in outher cities. Let’s face it; it’s all about the views when buying this type of housing! If you purchase such a place in an apartment building that is taller than its neighbors, then you will experience some of the best views in town.

You can enjoy the view even more if you are able to walk outside. That’s the reason why balconies, as well as terraces, are extremely appealing. However, these out-of-doors areas aren’t usually made the same.

Generally speaking, a terrace will be more expensive than a balcony. Terraces tend to be constructed on elevated, toned spots so that they have a tendency to provide a lot more living space. Most terraces are only available from the best floor, or floors, so they are an additional part of the thing that makes several penthouses special.

So, terraces can usually improve a home’s value a lot more than balconies. However, both of these open-air areas may add considerable worth to a property.

2. Tranquility

Penthouse residences are also places of tranquility giving their residents almost no interruptions and added pleasure from the complete level of privacy and a quality night’s rest. In your towering palace you are free from such things as the noise from traffic, no shouting children or barking dogs, not even the sound of slamming gates. You can even have your own lift for exclusive accessibility to your floor giving you complete separation from your nearby neighbors ensuring your complete privacy in your own personal area.

3. Spacious and Bright

Penthouses are on the top of buildings so they often are quite roomy structures in designs that give you a larger space to live in so you get greater flexibility. Most of these residences allow more sunlight into the whole property so that it can make the house more spacious in living and make the space brighter. Having all this brightness during the day means less artificial lighting and less electricity consumed, lowering the cost of this utility.

4. A Symbol of High Status

Symbols of high status are not so apparent at the street level, even if a person is rich and dressed in brand name stylish clothing. However, residing in big housing high up in the sky, and flaunting this, makes any person stand out from the crowd of ground dwellers. As the owner of a penthouse, your status is automatically elevated and you have a greater reputation in the market and in society as a whole.

5. Strategic Location Providing Greater Benefits

Penthouses are the most strategically placed structures and are located on the top of buildings with amazing benefits not available to most other residences. From a penthouse you can usually access the best views of the city, greater sunlight exposure, cool winds and luxurious amenities. These types of living places sell like hot cakes in the market because they entice many wealthy communities in Dubai who want to raise their standard of living by living in the top places of the city. In reality this type of house is like a crown jewel of any building, so you can demand high prices for its selling price because anyone who wants to own a crown jewel won’t think twice about buying it.

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1. Specific Upkeep

Many of these type of residences have an open-air area and roof accessibility.  However, open-air areas have upkeep problems that various other houses don’t have. One of these is that your garden area needs to be able to handle issues like stronger winds and intense temperatures.

2. Rooftop Accessibility

Situated at the top of buildings covering the whole floor area means that penthouses are the only entry spot for development upkeep and building staff to access the rooftop. As a result, the penthouse owner needs to give accessibility as required, which can certainly have an effect on his or her regimen and level of privacy – plus it may take place more frequently than you imagine. So, take into account that you should give accessibility when there’s an upkeep problem on your rooftop or for routine matters, such as when the glass windows require maintenance, cleaning, and the like.

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3. Street Accessibility

Keep in mind that residing in the highest level of a building means that it will take you a lot longer to get to the ground level. There will be longer delays for the lifts during peak hours, furthermore be aware that in urgent scenarios, such as a fire, you need to allow more time for the very first responders to reach you as compared to some other residences in the building.

Nothing is perfect because everything has some good and some bad, but if the management of your chosen building is more prone to respond quickly before any disaster occurs, then you must trust them which will enable you to live peacefully in your home. So, to help you in deciding, we have listed these pros and cons for such properties to help you decide whether it is worth living on the top of a building or is it too risky for you.

Another consideration is, if you, or somebody you reside with, is limited in their mobility due to a handicap or incapacitation of some sort, then residing in this type of condo is probably not a good choice to suit your needs, particularly if the elevator stops working or an urgent situation arises whereby you need to use the stairway. In case you own dogs and cats, this may even be a problem.

4. Greater Exposure to Climatic Conditions

Living on the top level of a building means that you will certainly be more prone to, or affected by, climatic conditions such as the rain, winds, and thunderstorms. You will be more prone to face leakages due to rain on the roof.

5. The Crowd on The Roof

Probably the most frequent problem every penthouse owner faces are people on the rooftop. The roof is usually used by people living in other apartments who come to dry their clothes or arranging parties, events or some formal occasions. This type of continuing annoyance infringes upon your privacy and isolation. So, it’s advisable to discuss the particular access to your roof for others with the community members or society to ensure the privacy of your house.

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Penthouses no doubt have very lucrative and attractive perks, but at the same time, there are some cons to consider too. Ultimately, if you feel you can manage, or are capable of compromising some of your desires without too much difficulty, then this property will be the best bet for you for your future. Why? In Dubai’s market, there are a number of wealthy people who only want to elevate their statuses in the community, so they won’t think of or bother to consider some of these, in their mind, minor cons or drawbacks. The living conditions for them are far better and more luxurious, which translates into more enjoyable and comfortable living thus overshadowing for them any other hazards we discussed in the cons section. So, buy your next penthouse now while keeping in mind that you will fix or get rid of the issues or problems such properties may have.

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