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How To Protect Your Eyes From the Sun: 8 Effective Hacks

Summer is here and so is the mighty sun. You may be craving for some great beach moments this holiday season. Amid all the fun, one thing you need to be serious about is your eyes.

Eyes are too vulnerable to the sun. The UV-A and UV-B rays in the sun are deadly to your eyes. UV-A harms our central vision by damaging the macula which is a portion of the retina. UV-B is even worse. It hurts our cornea and the lens in our eyes. Anything less than proper care can result in some serious damage to your eyes such as; cornea sunburn, blocked vision, and even cancer in the eyelids. So along with the recommendation to protect your skin well you also need to protect your eyes even more.

Here’s a list of the 8 super effective ways to protect your eyes from the sun.

1. Get the perfect sunglasses

Sun protection of eyes starts with perfect sunglasses. The first thing is to block the UV rays. Pick nothing that has a UV protection level of less than 95 percent. Also, your shades must cover your eyes from every angle. Next, get the tint right. Make sure your glass tint blocks more than 80 but less than 90 percent of transmissible light. You need a good block but with proper vision. The best color you can go for is the G-15 tint. It’s a blend of gray and green used in the authentic Ray-Ban for Pilots.

2. Wear UV-blocking contact lenses

A lot of people with issues in eye sight need to use contact lenses. So if you are one of them, make sure your lenses are good quality and you can use them for sun protection too. A lot of contact lenses today use the UV protection technology. Only buy lenses with UV protection. You can use these even if you have no issues with your eyes. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses while you wear lenses. As far as UV protection is concerned, a color like G-15 would be good in contact lenses as well.

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3. Glasses aren’t only for sunny days

Most of us wear our glasses only when the hot sun is shining outside. However, UV rays attack even on cloudy and hazy days. This is the time when we often neglect sun protection for our eyes. So if you have put a lot of effort in choosing the most stylish and safe sunglasses, flaunt your style in all weathers.

4. Wear brimmed hats

Team you sunglasses up with a brimmed hat for added protection. Brimmed hats can be a great investment in your eye care. The brims of the hats cover a lot of your eyes from the direct sunlight. Go for a hat with at least three inches of brim all around. It can block up to 50 percent of the UV rays reaching your eyes and eyelids.

5. Wear helmets with tinted visors

Helmets save lives in case of accidents. They also save your eyes in the event of bright sun.  Hopefully you wear a helmet all the time while you are riding. If you care for your eyes, wear a helmet with tinted visors. These visors protect your eyes from wind and dust and, if tinted, from UV rays as well. So invest in the right kind of helmet.

6. Beware of reflected light

It’s a fact that the rate of UV exposure goes up many fold in the presence of reflected light. So keep a safe distance from these rays as well. You encounter reflected light near water bodies and snowy places. So take care while fishing, boating, snowboarding, and other such activities.

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7. Seek shade and avoid times of intense sun

Another way to protect your eyes from UV exposure is to find shade whenever you’re out during the day time. Also, realize that the UV levels are highest during periods of bright sun which is mostly from 10 am to 2 pm. Try to be indoors during this time.

8. Protect your kids

Kids are more prone to damage from the sun. According to scientific studies more than 50 percent of our lifetime exposure to UV rays happens before the age of 18. Also, any sun damage that occurs up until this age stays for life. So it’s vital to take care of the eyes of your kids. Protect the eyes of children in the same way you do for yourself. Also, never leave the eyes of infants exposed when out.

Taking eye care for granted is like suicide. Eyesight is the most valuable gift from the Almighty. Take good care of your eyes. Use these top tips to maintain healthy eyes in the sun.

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