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How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

The year is coming to an end and everybody is talking about new year resolution. There are many new year resolution ideas that people are considering with some even displaying their ideas in social media platforms. At the end of the year, many will have come up with a new year resolution list. However, this is never the problem. Many people are very creative and can come up with hundreds of ideas. The challenge lies when it comes to sticking to the resolutions. The following are some crucial tips to consider in order to stick to your new year resolution list:

Seek support

There are some new year resolution ideas that are perfect but go beyond our strength and ability. We may try to use much energy to fulfill them that is not necessary. There is a need to seek support whenever we feel overwhelmed. For instance, when one of your ideas in the new year resolution list is to quit smoking, it is important to consult with a psychologist or any other health professional. These professionals have a better understanding of the connection between the mind and the body. Therefore, they can give ideas that can see one quit smoking or any other behavior without engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

Do not make it personal

As the old adage goes, a problem shared is a problem half solved.’ The same happens to new year resolutions. It is advisable to share experiences with friends and family members. When we have someone to talk to about our struggles, it becomes much easier and less intimidating to achieve set goals. Besides, one can consider joining groups such as a gym or smokers with same goal at hand.

Learn from your failures

Many people end up stressed and cursing themselves when they make small mistakes. For instance, one may have going to the gym daily as one of his new year resolution ideas. When they get committed for a week and fail to go to the gym they start cursing themselves. It is important to understand that there are ups and downs. One should only resolve to recover from the mistakes and get on the right track.

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Change behaviors simultaneously

Some people will want a complete change within a short period which becomes hard to achieve. Unhealthy behaviors in most cases come as addictions, and thus, they are not easy to replace. It is crucial to consider changing one behavior at a time. This also ensures that one does not get overwhelmed.

Start small

Many people have much anxiety when it comes to setting of new year resolution ideas. They fail to recognize the need of starting small. Changes in behavior best happen when they occur in small steps. For instance, instead of fully quitting smoking, one may decide to smoke thrice in a day for the first few weeks.

Track your progress

The only way to know that you are on the right way to achieving your new year resolution is by keeping a record. The records show where one started, current position, and probably where one will be in days to come. They also act as a source of motivation. Besides, one can identify areas of weakness and work on them to ensure that they do not hinder him from achieving the set goal.

Reward yourself after achieving a goal

Most of the goals people set as their new year resolution ideas tend to be things that they have challenges with. These in most cases include behaviors that we find uncouth. Therefore, when one achieves such a goal it is important to reward themselves. This may mean small things like going for dinner with friends and sharing your achievement. It is crucial as it gives motivation to achieve the other new year resolutions. Besides, psychologists have found rewarding to be a key motivator.

In conclusion, make sure to follow your new year resolution list promptly. There are chances that you will betray some of the resolutions even in the first week of the new year, but you should not give up. Keep on trying. Besides, you can have different tactics to handle a behavior such that when one fails you change to the other.

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